Dear Joshua,

I have a question about resistance. I have been having this pain in my neck and back and tingling down my arm into my fingers.

If this pain is caused by resistance how do I figure out what the resistance is? I do not know what I am resisting. Do I need to know what it is that I am resisting to release the resistance and be pain free?

Thank you for your guidance.

Dear Tracy,

All unwanted physical conditions are a sign of some resistance. In fact, when you determine that a pain is unwanted, that too is resistance. It is resistance to the message your body is sending you. You are telling your body that the message in this form is wrong and often, instead of listening to your body, you carry on as if the pain is a nuisance and unnecessary. There is nothing wrong in this approach, it is simply not an optimal way to look at the communication that arises from within.

If you have a negative thought, the fact that you think it’s negative is resistance to whatever the thought is. If you have a thought that you should be doing something other than what you are doing, the thought is neither positive or negative. You choose to judge the thought as wrong. You might think, “I should be doing this rather than what I am doing. I should be doing something differently.” The reason you think this is due to resistance to what you are actually doing right now. You can only attract this thought because you have moved into a vibration of wrong. You are emitting an inner conflict.

The first indication of inner conflict (the difference between what you are doing and what you think you should be doing or what is happening compared to what you think should be happening) is a resistant thought. If you handle this thought properly and receive the message right away, then you shift your vibration and a new thought comes to you. If you want to know how your vibration is, simply pay attention to your thoughts. If you receive thoughts of love, joy, interest, excitement, ease, calm, etc., your vibration is aligned with love; who you really are. If you receive thoughts of fear such as worry, doubt, distraction, wanting things to be different, etc., then you are currently aligned with fear. That’s all it is. You can shift your vibration by noticing and actively processing the fear-based thoughts.

Once a form of resistance has made its way to your body, it is an indication that you have been attracting negative thoughts for a while. That means that you were not actively processing the negative thoughts and instead you were ignoring them or even agreeing with them and actively participating in the negative thought itself. There’s also nothing wrong with this. It’s just that you will feel better when you actively process negative thoughts and move your vibration to one of love and acceptance. Inner conflict creates the attraction of negative (resistant) thoughts. The thoughts are not inherently negative, they are simply negative as perceived and judged by you. You personally deem them to be wrong and this is what resistance is (as you well know).

You do not want to get rid of the pain in your body. That is saying that the pain is wrong and it should go away. You cannot push anything away. Once it is with you, it is with you in some form forever. What you really want is to turn down the intensity of that pain. You do not want to eliminate the music forever before you go yo sleep, you simply want to turn down the volume so that you do not notice it with your physical sense of hearing. You do not want to deactivate pain (even though you try and try). You want to turn down the intensity so that you do not feel it physically. The pain is a humble and loving messenger. The pain is part of your guidance system. The pain is very good and necessary. Without the pain, you would not understand what you are vibrating.

You might have built up some resistance in the past and now you are releasing it. And so the pain may be leaving your awareness. However, you might have some resistant thoughts about your new life and this might be working its way through your body. Pain is a sign of resistance. You, like all humans, resist what is happening and wish for some aspects of your life to be different than it is. But your life is perfect as it is in each moment. You might have some fears that you are not addressing. You might be wishing for things to be a little different than they are. Notice each time you wish for something and then realize that if it is for your highest good, it will come at the perfect time. If it is not for your highest good (and the good of those you love) then really, you do not want it to come. Be as accepting of all current conditions and people as you can and the message will be received and the intensity of the pain will be reduced.

With our love,
We are Joshua