Dear Joshua,

I just read Steve’s question about fear and alignment. The question was posed for a motorcycle experience. I am trying to translate the advise to a life threatening disease and am finding it difficult to do. I know the principal is the same but I need it in language and words that addresses having such a disease so that I may find peace and alignment to move to perfect health. Somewhere in me I know it is possible to create health but I stumble. Is there anything solid and simple that you can share that will help me in my journey..please?

Thank you,
Johnny K.

Dear Johnny,

There are two emotions; fear and love. Fear-based emotions such as anger, apathy, despair, envy, boredom, depression, sorrow, hopelessness, etc. do not feel good. Love-based emotions such as joy, pride, love, relief, hopefulness, satisfaction, etc, all feel good. This is a feeling reality. All that ever matters is how you feel. You are designed to want to feel good. You either feel good or you cut yourself off from that good feeling by allowing yourself to lose focus on what’s unwanted, wrong or missing. When you think about those things that you do not want, you feel bad. When you focus on what you want, with pure intention, you feel good.

Now, this is easier said than done. Wanting something is often wanting to be removed from some condition you are currently experiencing. You want health mainly because you fear your disease and you don’t like the feeling of fear so you think that feeling would go away once you became healthy. But this is not how it works.

You have this bad feeling and then the disease arrives in your reality. The feeling came first and the disease was simply the physical manifestation of the feeling. Now you want the disease to go away because you don’t like the feeling which is fear. So fear must have existed within you in some form before the disease arrived. Lose the fear and the disease will go away.

You have the ability to feel whatever you want to feel. You get to choose. You may feel bad if you wish or you may feel good if you wish. You are given free will. Your work is to demand to feel good as much as possible. This seems like an easy thing to do but you have been feeling bad most of your life and you have become numb to it. When we say that you can start to feel good, even in the midst of your current physical condition, you can’t quite understand what we are saying. You can’t go from how you’ve been chronically feeling to something so radically different than that. So you must take small steps.

We will not tell you what you must do for that is not the way you can change. You have the ability to radically alter your approach to life if you choose. You must first learn how the mechanism of physical reality works. You must seek to understand more about the nature of universal forces and how your feelings, thoughts and emotions affect your personal reality. You have a lot of work to do.

If you really want to bring yourself to perfect health, then you must abandon the way you’ve been living your life up to this point. Nothing is wrong with how you’ve been living up to now. What has happened in the past has brought you to this place which is truly magnificent. You are on the cusp of great and wonderful expansion. You have the ability to pivot toward a new level of understanding. It is a level that you could not have achieved if you were not brought to this place. Where you are now is the perfect place to begin.

So, let’s begin. What do you really want? Who are you really? What would you do if you could do anything? The answer is love, love and love. You really want to love. You truly want to love yourself and to love all others. You are love. This is who you are a your core, but you’ve been denying that you are love. You are worthy, you are unique and you are love. It’s as simple as that. If you could do anything, you would want to express your love. You want to express your love for yourself, for all others in your life, and for the conditions that surround you.

To start, you can express your love for this disease. Love your disease because it is simply a message which has brought you to this place in your life, to our teachings, to a higher level of consciousness, and to the expansion you so desire. Your disease is perfect, your conditions are perfect, now create the life you truly desire. You have all the power you need right now, you simply must alter your habit of reacting to life and resisting love.

The only thing you can fear is the loss of love. If you don’t love something, you don’t fear losing it. It you have nothing to lose, then you have no fear. One who does not love their life has no fear of death and so suicide is the next logical step. However, when you understand that you cannot die, that you are eternal, that you cannot lose yourself or anyone else, then the fear can be reduced. Alter you perspective on life and your beliefs will change. Once your belief have been modified, your life will improve. This is not an easy process, but it will be extremely rewarding.

There is a lot to learn. It would be helpful for you to read our first book A Perception of Reality. This book will help you to understand how you create the conditions of your life. As you come to understand that you create your own reality, whether you are deliberately creating it or not, you will see that you do have the ability to choose how you feel, what you think about and what you truly want. From this stance of empowerment, you can alter the quality and consistency of your thoughts. You can use the power of focus to move toward what is wanted rather than fighting against what is unwanted.

There is much for us to teach you, yet words are poor tools. You must start to alter your beliefs through conscious attention to certain experiences. You must learn to see what is really happening in your life and why things are as they are. You can learn to see that this universe was created for your personal expansion. It was all designed to serve you. You have all the power. Nothing happens to you. It all happens for you, including this disease. And, if you want, you can change your approach to life and your world must shift as a result. It is simply the laws of the universe and cannot be any other way.

Please ask more questions when you feel ready and we will happily share our perspective. You are love, you are loved, and you will always be love. This cannot be denied.