Hello Joshua,

It’s my pleasure to have this conversation with you. I have sons (1 is 26 and 1 is 30). Both of my sons have shared with me that their opinion of their life has been sheltered and controlled by me or rules of society. At the age of 4 and 8 respectively, I parted from my husband and took care of the children on my own with no assistance physically or financially.

I had minimal digestive issues which accelerated after the stress level increased. This diminished the physical strength that was needed to take care of the children. When the children were at the age of 18 and older, their father tried to communicate with them by Facebook and both stated that there was no need for him in their lives at this point. I have tried encouraging them to release any hurt or anger they were feeling about his absence from their lives. They both discounted that as a factor.

My younger son has a LOT of anger especially when he’s driving and has had numerous car accidents. Several were drivers running into him. I am on a spiritual path for numerous years to discover my true self and in being on this path I learned that love and forgiveness has helped me to release most of my stress. I attempt to share what I discover with my sons, however they are not interested given a reason that one spiritual family I connected with was a fraud and they are distrustful of all in the field of spirituality.

My question: How can I clear a fear I experience that my younger son will be physically hurt or physically hurt someone or bring harm to himself? I know you say that it can only happen if that is in his reality. On occasion, he has stated to me that he hates his life because many bad things continue to happen to him so much so that whenever he feels good and excited about something he goes into a depressed state for fear that the excitement or joy will turn into something bad.

I have introduced him to Abraham cards on Law of Attraction, I have sent him the link to your Podcast and many other attempts to adjust his perception. He has no interest. I have spent many hours trying to pull him out of the hole he has dug for himself with no success. Only more stress on myself. I am working on releasing my fear of how this can influence my life (stress, financial, embarrassment etc.). I continue to listen to your conversations over and over to feel your presence and release any fears that I am experiencing. I am confident that change is taking place. This increases my desire to communicate with Joshua. Thank you for all you are doing and for your time to respond to my question and offer any assistance.


Dear Vivi,

You cannot create in the reality of others, but you can and do have influence. We understand that as a mother, you allow yourself to be influenced by the actions of your children. You want them to be safe and happy, but do you know why you want this so much? It’s because you think it will make you feel better. It will not. If you worry about them now when things appear to be difficult for them, you will still worry even when things are easy. It is your habit of worry that you must deal with.

The simple truth is that your sons chose to come to physical reality to explore life in their own unique way from their own unique perspective. They do not want to explore life the way you are exploring it. They do not want to understand how the universe works. This would disrupt what they are here to do. They want to figure it out on their own. They want to create strong desire that will either come in this life or in the nonphysical. It doesn’t really matter.

The simple fact is that they specifically chose you and their father knowing in advance that the conditions of their youth would cause them to birth strong desire. You can see the effect, but you are not realizing that it was all set up in advance. They knew this coming in. This is what they chose for themselves. You can see the difference in attitude between your sons and this is because they set different intentions and are here to explore different aspects of physical reality. The ages they were when their father left impacted them in different ways.

The only thing that matters in this reality is how you feel. You are meant to feel good. You can feel good. Worry causes stress and stress causes you to disengage from the forces of the universe. You are of no help when you allow yourself to dip into low emotional states of being. It is up to you (for their sake and the sake of all those around you) to feel good. If you can feel good, you will be inspired, not from a state of lack (worrying about your sons’ welfare), but from a state of acceptance and faith. Things are always working out. Nothing can happen to you, it is always for you. Nothing can happen to your younger son, it is always for him. Even if something happened that others might perceive as bad, you can know for certain it was for his highest good. That’s what you must keep in mind.

You cannot know how things will work out because your perspective is limited. It will work out and you will be able to see that in time. He will awaken from his seemingly negative state on his own, or something will wake him up. Either way, it will be right.

The one thing you cannot do is create in his reality. It just cannot work. It goes against the primary law of the universe. He has free will and he has the ability to choose what is right for him based on what he came here to explore. If he has experienced it, then he can choose a new direction. If he needs more of that experience, then he will dig deeper and deeper.

What you can do to maintain a positive state of being is to keep forgiving yourself and others for events that occurred beyond your control in your past. You might think you could have done something differently, but the events played out just as your sons knew they would prior to their births into this reality. Everything worked out perfectly to launch them on the trajectories that they needed to create the conditions that would allow each of them to explore reality in a very specific way.

So there is nothing you need to worry about. The past unfolded perfectly. You are able to feel better and realign yourself with what you really want. You can allow your sons to explore reality in their own way and know that everything is always working out for them. The illusion is that some things seem wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. From the higher perspective, it is always right.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.