Hello Gary and Joshua.

The day of Joey’s transition is coming, June 16, two years ago. I know now, that without a year reading and listening to you and Abraham, I wouldn’t be here “standing”, hoping, believing. I really try to focus in Joey’s presence and not in his absence, and I actually feel him and maybe I hear him. I meditate everyday. I am also planning to do something fun on June 16, like going to his favorite roller coasters. But sometimes I have mix thoughts.

First, some days, I feel that the phrases some people say like “he is in a better place” or “god needed an Angel” (like you have to be very special to die), it’s like you and Abraham saying ” there is no death” “it is a transition” “it is a place without resistance” “very happy and positive” (like it is much better there than here) I feel like those phrases are the same?! If there, where we transition, is a perfect place, so special place, etc etc, why people who say that, do not want to die, or why they don’t want their kids to die so they can be in a better place too? and then I think, if I would have been in alignment before my son’s leaving maybe this wouldn’t have happened…do you think that any parent who lost a child could ever say “I agree for this to happened”?!

Thanks 🙂

Dear Valeria,

Think of the nonphysical realm as your home. Home is familiar. It’s easy and you are most comfortable there. Sometimes, you like the adventure of travel and so you go on vacation. You visit exotic lands and do adventurous and fun things while you’re away. Maybe you learn about other cultures and even though you like your home better, because it’s what you know, you appreciate the new culture and way of life while you’re on vacation. But soon you tire of the travel and you look forward to returning home.

The nonphysical realm is not better than the physical realm. You enjoy being here immensely. It’s quite different than your home in the nonphysical, but you can have experiences you never would if you stayed home without venturing out. Think of physical reality as a vacation. Sometimes you go on vacation with family, sometimes you go with friends, and maybe sometimes you go alone. You can always choose to come back home if that’s what you want. Sometimes people want to return home sooner than others. That’s okay because as soon as you want to return home, you can and you’ll all be together again.

But you very much want to be on this trip to physical reality. Before making your plans to come here, you intended for Joey to join you for a short while. It was just like meeting a friend while on vacation. You might be there for a few weeks, while a friend might join you for a couple of days and then leave. You are not saddened too much by the short visit because you know you’ll see your friend again as soon as you return home. You do not cut your vacation short in order to return home to be with your friend, you continue on your journey realizing that time is not important and you’ll have an infinite amount of time to be with your friend again.

If you like, you can call your friend and talk to him on the phone. You might be separated by thousands of miles, but the phone call is instant and you can feel together again. This is also true with those who return to the nonphysical realm. While you are here,you can communicate with them through the nonphysical phone lines of your thoughts and feelings. Think of them and speak to them and listen for their reply. It’s a very simple and easy form of communication. However, the communication can only occur when you reach their vibrational frequency. Just like a telephone, you’ll have to dial their number. The nonphysical operates at a very high vibrational frequency. When you are sad, angry, disappointed, depressed, or in any other lower emotional state of being, your frequency is too low for you to connect. You must raise your frequency as high as you can and then the communication channels will be open and you will be connected.

So each day as you see this situation in a new and more positive light, you will be raising your frequency. We see that you have done a very fine job of raising your frequency from where you stood just a short while ago. You are starting to sense the connection and this is great progress. Now, as you allow yourself to feel better more of the time, your frequency is rising even further and you will be connecting more often and in more significant ways. Keep focusing on what is good here on this vacation and then check in with Joey from time to time and begin to develop that connection. You will be surprised and delighted to find just how clear the connection will become.

You are loved more than you could imagine.