Dear Joshua,

I realized after I read your words and Gary’s that I am now a little confused about what being an allowing parent looks like. Does it mean allowing my 6 year old to light a fire in the woods (as he wanted to last night when he found a box of matches), or simply allowing him to feel negative emotion when I told him we weren’t going to be doing that (as I did)? Does it mean allowing him to watch whatever TV program he wants to watch, eat whatever he wants, etc… because it seems like he needs some element of cooperation from me in order to accomplish many of these things. For example, he is asking me for money to purchase the candy, or for me to connect my computer to WiFi so he can watch. I know I will let him to interact with people as he sees fit and play with his brother as they like. There are certain things that seem a bit more nuanced from where I stand. Could you help me clarify?

Thank you!

Dear Sirgun,

We would like you to see your children as an extension of Source, fully equipped with inner guidance and existing at a very high vibration. They are explorers who have come to earth at this exact time, choosing you as their mother, each to experience a life that has never been possible before. They set very powerful and thoughtful intentions regarding the life they are going to experience this time around. The are born free and abundant. They are expressions of love. And they are here to expand in joy. If you are aware of all of these things, you can make your decisions based not on their insecurity, based not on your own fear, but based in love and support of who they truly are.

If they do something that causes you to feel fear, you must determine if your fear is rational or irrational. Are you are asking them to be different than they are in order to solve the problem of your own fear? Could you find your limiting beliefs and prove them false first? Or must you react in the moment with urges to change the conditions? If you can make your way back to alignment before acting on an urge to change them, you will receive inspiration. Those inspired ideas will help you navigate your way through your experience as a parent. You will always know exactly what to do.

If you feel fear and unconsciously react with an urge to change the conditions, you will make your children wrong for being who they are. You will make them wrong for being the explorers they are. They have inner guidance, but you take it upon yourself to replace their inner guides with your own guidance. You assume that because you have been here longer, that you know more than they do. And in certain areas, this is true. However, your perspective will always be limited, because you do not have all the information. You do not fully understand the trajectory they have chosen.

If you believe that your children will hurt themselves, then the fear you feel could be called rational. It is responsible to change the conditions in these instances. However, if they cannot do themselves or another physical harm in the situation that brings forth fear, then you can stop and realize that your fear is irrational. You can wait to regain your alignment in order to receive an inspiring idea that will move you all forward to the lives you all intend to experience.

Know that you cannot make mistakes. You cannot get it wrong. You cannot be a bad mother. You cannot do any harm. It’s simply not possible. But you can navigate this time with your children consciously and effectively. You can act on inspiration. You can acknowledge your fears and process your limiting beliefs. You can allow them to push the boundaries of their exploration a bit more. You do not have to succumb to the limiting beliefs imparted by your society. You can do things differently. Your children are aware of your capacity to be a conscious co-creator with them and this is why they chose you.

With our love,
We are Joshua