Hello Joshua,

Thank you so very much for this amazing website, it is truly a gift. You explain things with so much clarity, and I just cannot stop read your words. I have been listening for the last 10 years to so many people and channelers, and I love them all, but never with so much clarity and I love when you give specific examples from our world, which shows your understanding and not so much pushing and pressure to be on the high vibe, and that alone brings me on a higher level. And I so appreciate that.

Ok, so first of all I want to apologize for my english, its not my first language, but I’m sure you’ll understand my question despite my mistakes and hope you’ll answer it. I don’t really understand fully the thing with how co-creating works. I don’t want to control things or other people, I want to understand more my world and how it is organized. I already understand that everything around me is my creation and that there are the things that I want and my vibrations and that people/opportunities around me are just the reflections of that. One may think that he is god or rule the world etc.. which is kind of the truth, because if one controls his vibration, then he rules his own world/people/opportunities. But then comes a question – this message of the LOA is not only for me!! it is for all people of all around the world. And thus every one can be a god. everyone is able to control his vibes. right? (because sometimes when I am struggling with this question I start thinking that no one hearing it but me and all the people on the internet are maybe just puppets to make the show go on, and that I must see them just cause we are a match…and these thoughts disappear very quickly but they make me really not like the people that are participating, and sometimes I know it means I don’t like myself, but most of the time I see them as completely different, separated individual from me.

So back to the question, if every individual is potentially able to control his vibe, and get what he wants then I don’t understand the LOA in this case. I’ll just give an example: assume that my mom speaks nice to me, and I in response yell at her. She can tell me that I’m not nice at all. That can be true, but wait!!! I’m only a reflection of her. It’s her who needs to change for her not get that response out of me. I’m not responsible of her and her change and I felt really really good yelling!!

Recently, I came to an understanding that every feeling is ok and every response is just perfect and is teaching me something. I used to think that only “positive” responses from me are good but found that yelling and attacking and telling what’s on my mind and heart are necessary for me to make a progress. Why? because as much as I have learned so much about myself from my reflections, maybe it is about time they learn some things about their self from me!!! wow! I just figured this out now. It sat in my head but I had to write it down to understand it. Wow! So… I don’t know if that is a question anymore haaaaa, I understood what I understood, but I bet there are things here about co-creation that I missed.

Thanks again for e v e r y t h i n g , shira 🙂 what I mean is, we live in this world, but not really alone. We live here with other individuals.


Dear Shira,

Thank you for your wonderful statement about co-creation. It is interesting that you live here in this environment on Earth with many others who are all absolutely and completely unique. Isn’t that an amazing fact about your environment? Everything is unique and individual. No two people are alike, no two trees are alike, no two snowflakes, no two clouds, no two mountains are ever the same. Everything is unique.?

Another aspect of this environment is individuality. This is a remarkable feature of this form of reality. There are so many unique individuals all operating as if they are alone. Yet, this feeling of individuality and aloneness is sort of an illusion. You are all one, you all come from the same source energy, you all are part of a mass consciousness, and you all interact on infinite levels of communication. Your earthly form of communication, speaking, is the least effective. When you choose words to offer your position, you find they are ineffective. When your feelings are not properly expressed or received, you feel frustration. In your feelings of frustration, you are inspired to yell or attack. While you might feel some relief, it does not serve what you want to express. It is lacking.

We will not disagree that sometimes it feels good to express your feelings in a way that might be interpreted as negative. However, this is just part of the system of the survival instinct and is not a reflection of who you really are. Let us explain this:

If you were to touch a hot stove, you would instinctively pull your hand away and feel relief from the pain. If you are very hungry, you find something to eat and you feel relief from the pain of hunger. When you feel bad emotionally, you might yell at someone and in the same way eating relieved your hunger, yelling relieves some of the emotional pain or frustration around your feelings. But it comes from a low emotional state of being and does not serve who you really are or what you really want.

You, like all humans, are a being of pure love and positive energy. That’s just who you really are. In the nonphysical realm you live flowing in unison with others and feeling one with them in love and appreciation at all times. You never isolate yourself and you communicate through your vibrations. There are no secrets, there is only love and absolute expression. There are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings. You are a being of love living surrounded by pure positive energy.

On Earth however, you feel the illusion of disconnection, you feel fear, you hold onto resentments, you cannot properly articulate your feelings at all times and you dip into lower levels of emotional states of being such as frustration, anger, intolerance, etc. This is not who you really are. You feel bad and your instinct is to do whatever it takes to feel good. So you try to express these feelings through yelling or attacking. It might make you feel better initially, yet it does not give you the long-term emotional improvement you seek. It is simply a bandaid masking a wound.

You are a being of love and you love your mother (as well as everyone else on this planet). You want to express your love for your mother, but there are fears involved in that. You care what she thinks of you and when you interpret something in her communication that does not align with how you want to be seen or treated or loved, you feel negative emotion and you either hold in your feelings or lash out.

Here’s the lesson in all this:

You want her to be different than she is being so that you can feel good. If she would simply act and speak in ways that make you feel good all of the time, you think you would feel good all of the time. Since she is not behaving in a way that allows you to feel good about yourself, which you believe she should do since she’s your mother and she says she loves you, then you think she is wrong. You want her to change. You want her to be different than she is. If she was different, then you would not have to yell at her. It is her fault for bringing out the unpleasant side of you and if she was different, then that side of you would not come out. Do you see the flaw in your premise?

She should not change to please you. You must allow her to be as she is in every moment and take responsibility for your own feelings. You cannot ask her to change. You cannot wish that she changes. She will not change since she is a reflection of your opinion of her. You must change. You are not helping her to change by yelling, you are simply resisting the change that you need to make.

If you want to feel good, then you must find a way to feel good regardless of her or anyone else’s behavior. It is up to you to love the conditions as they present themselves to you. You can’t try to coerce the conditions to suit you. This just doesn’t work. All you can do is choose to feel good regardless of the conditions. This is unconditional love and it’s what you are striving for.

You are a powerful being based in love and you came here knowing that. You did not come asking for everything to be wonderful at all times. You left that environment for the challenge and fun of creating a life you wanted in this leading-edge environment. You wanted to use your own personal powers of creation to create something vivid and wonderful. You knew that the conditions would be a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and judgments. So then, start creating what you want by ignoring the conditions. Stop fighting against what is and accept that it is all perfect right now and think more about what you want, what you like, and what you appreciate and then you will notice the improvement. Stop condemning the things you think are wrong and move toward feelings of love, appreciation and oneness and your world will magically change to please you.

You are loved more than you could imagine.