Hello Joshua,

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with trying to link my previous “beliefs/faith” and my evolution to living on the leading edge and understanding all I’ve been learning in the boot camps.

I was previously Christian and am trying to understand if there is any way to conceptualize my previous faith in conjunction with this new way of life. The community I previously had as a part of my faith (mainly family) is where I’m having a lot of difficulties in balancing them both.

I’m curious if there is a good way for me to look at this issue or understand that my “old beliefs” are no longer valid.

Thank you,

Dear Shelle,

All beliefs are valid. All beliefs can be of service to you. Beliefs are neither true or false, they are simply limiting or empowering. There are beliefs that might be empowering to some, but limiting to others. In all religions, one can find empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs. Since no one has all the information, no belief can be true or false, only empowering or limiting to the individual. It is up to you to determine for yourself if a belief is empowering and beneficial or if it is limiting. You cannot know if a belief is empowering or limiting for another person and so you must allow them to believe whatever they choose. This, like everything, is about you. You can choose your perspectives and your beliefs and this is how you are the creator of your reality.

If one believes in the literal teachings of any religion and abides by those beliefs to whatever extent they choose, they have created a reality based on those beliefs. They are now exploring who they are (or are not) based on the beliefs and perspectives they choose to hold. If at any time they choose new beliefs and new perspectives, they will be exploring a different reality. Since this is always their journey, you need not judge another’s exploration. You need not allow yourself to feel judged either. You are on your exploration of self and they are all on their own explorations of self.

You might perceive that all members of a specific religion all share the same beliefs. Not only is this not true, it’s not possible. This system of physical reality is based on the unique perspective of each life so that no life is ever the same as another. All experiences of life are unique from the moment of birth to the moment of death and in every moment in between. No two people have remotely similar beliefs because no two people have the same vibration.

You have a family that shares a religious belief. However, no two people in that family share the same beliefs. Each person has a unique vibration and each of their beliefs vary in intensity and complexity. You assume that they all share a simple philosophy, but since each member’s beliefs are based on their own unique experience of life (and their own unique vibration), those beliefs are vastly different. You have a set of beliefs that are not fundamentally different from theirs, it’s just that you are now choosing to live in more love and acceptance and so you are choosing to raise the intensity of beneficial beliefs while lowering the intensity of limiting beliefs. Not because the beliefs are true or false, but only because they are either limiting or empowering for you. This allows you to live the life you intended prior to your birth.

You are never at conflict with another’s beliefs. You might want others to feel the same way you do about certain topics, but this desire is not meant to improve their reality, it is created to make you feel better about what you believe. If you and everyone else had the same set of beliefs, you imagine you would feel better. However, this is another limiting belief. You do not want anyone to have the exact set of beliefs you have because that would mean they are living the same experience as you and that’s not possible.

Allow others to believe what they want. Allow yourself to explore who you really are by leaving them alone. You simply do the work to adjust your beliefs from limiting to empowering. This will allow you to attain and remain in alignment more often. This will allow you to be receptive to inspiration and then push past the fear to act on that inspiration. This is the effective approach to life, because it allows you to live in love and act on inspiration. Others are sifting, sorting and exploring in their own way and that’s fine for them. You are on another level in this experience of life. You are here to lead others, not by doubting or arguing against their beliefs, not by doubting your beliefs, but by becoming a beacon for others to follow. When they realize that their approach to life is not working for them, they will learn by your example that another approach exists. If you believe that you are being wrong for living life differently than others, you will begin to intensify your limiting beliefs and move back into a state of fear. This is not what you intend prior to your birth. You intended to live in love.

With our love,
We are Joshua