Dear Joshua,

I just got some shocking news and would really appreciate some guidance on this. My best friend with whom I have shared so much with over the last 4 years has begun to pull away from me. It couldn’t be worst timing (or could it?) as things have been shaky in my marriage and I am considering divorce. I have also been through many things with her and I would say that we have been equally intimate and vulnerable with each other.

She said that she felt overwhelmed by my emotions and that I should seek other friends out to share with. Then she said she preferred not to speak everyday as we had been doing. Also, she said that she would not being sharing things in such detail as she had previously. OUCH!

My question is How is this for me? I believe that it is happening for me, for my highest good and yet I can’t help but feel rejected and a bit sad.

Thank you so much for choosing my question!

Dear Nikki,

You emit a vibration and within that signal is everything you desire. The universe is responding to your vibration in detail and as long as you allow it, you will receive everything you want. This is the basic design of the system and the Law of Attraction is the fundamental law. You are a being of love and in a loving and supportive universe, everything that comes to you is based in love. It is fear that causes resistance. Fear causes you to adopt a perspective that things are not working out, when in fact they are.

You have an inner self and your inner self is holding on to a perspective that is very high. If you can maintain the same perspective, then you will be able to see how things are working out (or at least have faith that they are). So when your friend pulls away, you do not feel that she is being wrong or bad, you know that this is for your highest good at this exact time. You know that her pulling away is part of the process of receiving everything you want. You have faith that the universe knows what it is doing and everything is working out for you, because that is the fundamental mechanism of a loving universe. You either believe this or not, but there is no evidence in the world to suggest otherwise.

Your inner self is aware of every thought you think and knows every desire you hold, even if you do not. Your inner self holds onto the exact perspective that will bring you all you want. When your perspective matches your inner self’s perspective, you feel good. However, when you drift to a lower perspective, you will immediately feel negative emotion. This is your guidance system at work and it never fails ever. If you feel that your friend is pulling away from you and this fear causes negative emotion, then you know for a fact that your inner self does not see it the same way you do. Therefore, you can know for certain that it is absolutely right for her to pull away at this crucial time. If another friend steps in and this makes you feel good, then you know for sure that this is supposed to happen because you are in full alignment with your inner self’s perspective.

All that you want is coming to you, but you can’t picture and you’re assuming that some things are going wrong. We assure you that it’s all working out and after a little time (because this will be from a higher perspective) you will see how it all worked out perfectly. You can either go along with what’s happening and have faith by maintaining the higher perspective and working to feel good, or you can resist it every step of the way. It’s always your choice.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.

We are Joshua