Hi Joshua,

Please help me get a positive spin on what is happening to my 11 year old son. He has a painful bone tumour on his neck and we are not sure how to help him. Normally I can put a positive spin on anything but I am terrified. Please help.

Love Lis

Dear Lis,

We know in times of contrast such as this that our words will seem strange and detached. We can offer only our perspective which comes from a vast understanding of the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. Understand that this is a world where you create your reality even though sometimes you are creating conditions which seem wrong. This is the illusion. Everything that happens is right, although you may not be able to see that from where you stand.

Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. The only way you can see something as wrong is from a perspective which, by its nature, is limited. You are close to the subject. You are attached to certain outcomes. You fear that if something you perceive as bad happens, the outcome you believe is best will not happen and so this causes the illusion of wrong. Nothing can be wrong. Everything is right.

Your son chose you as his mother, chose his father, chose the time and place of his birth and he chose his body. The conditions of his youth will set him on a trajectory to explore aspects of physical reality that are of interest to him. You may not see how this is working out for him, but it is part of what he chose to experience prior to his emergence into physical reality. Everything that happens to him is part of his path. You cannot create in his reality, but you can and do have influence over his beliefs.

If you express your fear, you will expose him to a limiting belief. If you express your love, faith and confidence, you expose him to an example of alignment. There is nothing for you to do. Any action inspired from fear will not engage the forces of the universe. If you can get into a better emotional state of being you will receive inspiration when it is time to act. The inspiration will be designed to move you forward to what you really want.

All you can do is to work on how you feel. Release the fear as much as you can and embrace a stance of love, acceptance and allowing. Everything will work out as it should as long as you allow it and try not to resist it too much. Nothing wrong is happening. It just seems wrong. Do what feels good and right and try not to worry. Negative thoughts are attracted to a worried mind. That’s just how the system works. Feel better and you will attract empowering and beneficial thoughts and ideas. From a stance of acceptance, trust and allowing, all that you want will flow to you. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

We hope our answer will help you feel better, which will allow you to enter the state of allowing. You are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more than you could count.