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Business Mastermind

We are all on our own journey of self-discovery, but we do not have to travel alone. We can walk together and assist each other. The Alignment Club is a wonderful group of powerful creators who are choosing to approach life in a new way. They are on the leading-edge of thought embracing new ideas, practicing novel techniques and choosing higher perspectives. They are committed to supporting all those who are ready to leave victimhood behind and embrace the new paradigm of love and acceptance.

Imagine weekly gatherings with a group of like-minded people from all over the world sharing their triumphs and break-throughs and even their obstacles and challenges. We are fundamentally changing the way we view our world and ourselves. We are constructing pathways to authenticity. We are helping each other to discover and develop our unique talents, attributes and abilities that will aid us in our journeys of self-discovery. And most of all we are sharing laughs and having loads of fun in the process. Remember, nothing serious is going on here.

All humans are moving from fear to love, but most are still stuck in fear based on their perception of themselves as victims. If you are reading this now, you are moving from fear to love. You resonate with Joshua’s teachings. You enjoy the podcasts and the books. You know there is truth in these leading-edge ideas. You are ready to move into a life of love, but you will need a little support along the way. The Business Mastermind has been created to provide the support you need. You are ready. Release yourself from the cycle of victimhood.

The Business Mastermind is hosted by Gary Temple Bodley, Tracy DeLuise, Jerry Mastellon and Rob Turner. It consists of people who are brand new to these teachings and others who have been involved for years. People at every stage of their awakening are invited to join Business Mastermind.

What we do – the group meets every week via Zoom to discuss topics relating to personal growth, expansion, self-discovery and the new approach to life. People will discuss their successes, issues and challenges. It will be a place to learn new techniques and to share break-throughs. We will develop lasting friendships and help each other in all areas of our lives.

4 Calls Per Week

2 x Joshua Live calls, Limiting Beliefs Workshop & Business Mastermind call. Recordings are available to group members.

Joshua Meditations

Access to all existing and new Joshua meditations

Club Discounts

Discounts on all courses, retreats and other events

We are all limitless and magnificent beings of love who have come to discover who we truly are. We all have great potential, but it is very hard to see that by yourself. We need help and support to uncover our limiting beliefs that have been holding us back. It’s so much easier for others to see how we limit ourselves.

Imagine being in a group of loving, like-minded people who want to love, assist and support you. This is something I have wanted to create for a long time. I can’t always see how I’m limiting myself, because my limitations are hidden from me. I’m attached to certain self-limiting beliefs, but you are not attached to the same things. You can see it easier than I can and this allows you to provide me with guidance and perspectives that I cannot see for myself. This is incredibly valuable and will help me grow. The same thing is true for you. I and others who are operating at this level can see things in you that you cannot see and we can provide you with the support and guidance you also desire.

We are exploring a new approach to life based in love and acceptance. We are seeking greater levels of authenticity and clarity. Most of the people in our lives are still in fear and attached to the old approach to life. They just do not yet have access to higher-vibrational thoughts and ideas and can’t provide the support we need. We want to surround ourselves with people at our vibrational level. This is how we will exponentially grow and expand together.

I have come to a place in my life where I now realize I don’t want to do this alone. I love being able to help others, but I now know I would be greatly assisted by your guidance and support too. I want to be part of a large community of loving teachers and leaders who all accept, love and support one another. This idea is so exciting to me. I’m finally pushing past my fear of needing support and so the inspiration for this group came as soon as I dropped my resistance. It’s about time!

Gary Bodley

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