Which In-game Mode Have You Chosen?


The Game has no restrictions. You can be, have and do anything you want in the game. Because you are a player of the game, like any player, you are worthy enough to play the game. You could not play the game if you were not worthy. The way you play the game must be unique. You cannot play the game like any other player. The purpose of the game is not beating other players, but discovering who you are.

Authenticity is key to playing the game effectively. Authenticity unlocks secret hidden powers known as Talents, Special Attributes and Unique Abilities. Authenticity is the only way to reach the Expert level.

Fear is the limiting factor in the game. At the lower levels of the game, fearlimits what can be explored. The playing field appears smaller. The game expands greatly as the player is able to push past fear in order to pursue new Interests and Passions. Most players never make it out of the beginning levels of the game, because they do not realize that the subject of their fear is just an illusion. This is a hidden feature of the game and even when the beginning players are told this fact, they don’t believe it. They must experience it for themselves in order to understand this key aspect of the game.

Like any game, you can play it any way you choose, but fear limits most people from moving forward in the game. Beginning players tend to play the game at very basic levels, because this is how they were taught. They effort and struggle to accumulate “Trinkets” known as Status, Money, Possessions, Security and Achievement, etc. Each player creates a personal profile that they believe will allow them to gather more Trinkets and to be seen as a good player. They become attached to playing the game at lower levels in order to stay safe and to earn the respect and validation of other low-level players. The advanced players are able to upgrade their profiles mid-game from inauthentic profiles to authentic ones. They don’t care what the beginners think of them. Expert players realize that the Trinkets offered in the early stages of the game are not what they seem.

Beginners earn Trinkets by working hard and struggling. Expert players find that the Trinkets come easily just by playing the game as it was designed. The Trinkets are unlocked automatically at the advanced levels. Therefore, they do not focus on earning Trinkets, instead they focus on pushing past the illusion of fear. This is accomplished by setting up their profile in a way that is more authentic to who they truly are. In doing so, they move rapidly to the more satisfying advanced levels and thus the beginners are naturally in awe of the experts.

All of the expert players have a partner in the game who guides them through each new level. This is why it is easier for the experts to ascend to higher levels. The beginners have guides as well, but they don’t utilize those guides. They think the guides are not real and they ignore the guidance that is being offered. They tend to play the game without any guidance. They do not realize that their game-partner is actually vital to playing the game at all levels. Mid-level players realize they have partners, but do not always access or act on the guidance coming from their partners. Expert-level players act in tandem with their unseen partners.

Expert players know they are playing the game well and feel the thrill of the game. Beginners think they are poor players, yet they strive for the respect of the other players. That’s why they are so focused on working hard to accumulate Trinkets. Lower-level playerslike to give advice to other beginners. Their low-level advice is often accepted, because the newer players have fewer Trinkets. Helping other players makes the beginner player feel like a mid-level player even though they are not. Expert level players don’t requirerespect or admiration from entry-level players. They don’t compare Trinket accounts, because that comparison is meaningless. It’s not even how the game is scored. It’s a minor aspect of the game. How one feels when playing the game is all that matters.

There are two feelings offered in the game; Relief and Satisfaction. Most beginning players go for the Relief experience. In order to have this experience, they must place themselves in conditions called “The Realm of Drama” or “The Illusion of Lack.” If they can get out of these situations by blaming anotherplayer (or the game itself), they will feel Relief by earning Trinkets. However, the other players or conditions will not be so easily controlled and thus the condition continues. If a player lacks Trinkets, they will feel a bit of Relief once a Trinket has been earned or stolen. Beginning players occasionally steal Trinkets. However, this does not help the player achieve more Relief, because it adds more Drama. Expert-level players achieve the feeling of Satisfaction, which also gives them associated feelings of Excitement, Exhilaration, Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, Oneness, etc.

In the entry levels, players play for themselves, greedily accumulating as many Trinkets as possible. Expert players play for themselves,but also in cooperation with all other players. They are champions of the game in every sense of the word. They realize they are not in competition with other players and they fully understand that each player intrinsically adds more to the game. The more players, the more the game evolves and expands. New levels open up for everyone. The game becomes even more exciting and diverse.

Expert-level players seek to assistother players in achieving higher levels. They realize that new players help expand the game at the lower levels and that’s good. But they also want to expand the upper levels. They know that when a mid-level player reaches the advanced levels, a brand new expert level is unlocked. Therefore, expert level players all work with mid-level players. The beginning players (who account for 90% of all players), are focused on the fear aspects of the game. The mid-level players have accessed new levels because they realize that they have inner guidance and they get better at pushing past Fear. These are the players who will soon be ready to access the expert levels. The advanced level players work with the mid-level players, but not the beginners. They realize that the beginning players can’t move from early levels to advanced levels until they embrace their game-partners and the act on the guidance they offer.

The game is all about the Feelings and not about the Trinkets. Expert players realize that the Trinkets do not actually bring any true Feelings. The way you play the game activates Feelings. The beginners assign meaning to the Trinkets. They believe one Trinket will make them feel this way and another other Trinket will make them feel that way. However, advanced players know that the Feelings always come from how you play the game and not the Trinkets. This confusion is what keeps entry-level players stuck in the early and more basic stages of the game.

Effectiveness is determined by which approach you choose to play the game. Almost all beginning players approach the game in what is called Duality-mode. Expert players have ascended from Duality-mode and switched to Neutrality-mode. In Duality-mode, players must use their Judgment skill to label aspects of the game as Right or Wrong. They are furiously assigning these good/bad labels to everything inside the game and it takes much of their power and energy to do this. They avoid whatever they label as bad and try to activate the things they think are good. But every player chooses different labels for in-game items. One entry-level player labels an item as good, while another labels the same item as bad. Then each player expends energy to try to change the opinion of the other player and a stalemate occurs. The in-game energy is wasted on the futile effort to achieve the Trinket called “Agreement.”

Expert level players achieve the state of Satisfaction by approaching the game in Neutrality-mode. They assign “good” and “right” to all in-game items. They realize that the Agreement achievement is not worth the Energy. They rather choose to leverage the in-game Energy to manifest brand new items for the game. They access the “Realm of Potentiality” by choice rather than by accident.

Beginning players sometimes access the “Realm of Potentiality” accidentally through the engagement of “Intense Desire” derived through the experience of Lack or Limitation. All new in-game items and features are unlocked by entering the Realm of Potentiality. However, the resulting Feeling is not the same in Duality-mode as it is in Neutrality-Mode. The beginners experience Relief upon the manifestation of a new item, while the experts feel Satisfaction. Beginning players never experience true Satisfaction. They can only experience varying levels of Relief. Sometimes, they label Relief as Satisfaction, which is understandable because they cannot know what true Satisfaction feels like.

Beginning players can access higher levels of the game by going to Settings and adjusting their “Belief Profiles” from Limiting to Empowering. However, few entry-level players will ever do this, because it does not immediately result in Trinket accumulation and they consider it a waste of time. They can also engage the Meditation Pods at each level. However, once again, this will not result in immediate Trinket rewards and so it is often dismissed by beginners. Adjusting Belief settings and spending time in Meditation Pods are the keys to advancing to higher levels of the game. Ultimately, a player will have to switch Mode of Play to Neutrality-mode at some point, but this is made easier by adjusting Beliefs and engaging Meditation Pods.

The game is perfect in every way and no player can get it wrong. Playing at lower levels is not better or worse than playing at higher levels. However, the higher levels are where the most satisfying feelings are found. In the beginning levels, players operate as if they are in competition with one another and they expend Game-energy needlessly. In the higher regions of the game, players cooperate with one another to unlock new and exciting levels. All a player needs do is decide which levels they prefer and then choose the Mode of Play associated with those levels. It’s really as simple as that.

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