The truth is that your power is in the present moment. You have determined what you prefer. Your future is a set of probabilities based on your current vibration. The Law of Attraction will lead you to one probable future based on the essence of your vibration. Your current vibration is a mix of all your beliefs, desires, and fears. What you are presently focusing on and how you presently feel will give rise to one probability over another. Change how you feel and what you’re thinking in this moment and you’ll change the probabilities for your future.

There is momentum in the path you are on as it was one of the probable paths of a past present moment. Each moment of your life was a present moment at one time. Then it became a past moment. The trajectory of your life was created with each moment. Only the present moment itself has the power to alter your trajectory. The past moment is gone and has no more power.

Imagine a rocket with several stages. The first stage lifts the rocket from the ground. It burns out and is dropped by the rocket, having spent all of its power. A new stage is ignited and lifts the rocket farther into the atmosphere as it creates even more momentum. This stage burns out and is released while a new stage ignites and causes further momentum. See your life as a great rocket where every moment is a stage igniting and causing further momentum. But, in your life, each moment has the power to shift the course of the rocket and thereby alter your future.

You can see by this analogy that each moment pushes you along the trajectory of your probable future. You can alter that future by changing course in the moment. It is unlikely that you can stop the momentum in one single moment. However, you can certainly stop the momentum in just a few conscious moments. It could take as little as thirty days to completely alter the course of your life and create completely new probabilities for your future.

If you will look to your past with only the intention of seeing events that caused great expansion and progress, you can change your course. Only see the positive aspects of past experiences. If a past experience does not seem like a particularly helpful one, then try to see how it was ultimately beneficial because it brought you to this moment and to this new level of understanding. See the positive in everything past, present, and future and you will begin to radically alter the probability of an enhanced life experience.

Present experiences create future probabilities. When you create a new desire, you can alter the course of your life in this present moment by focusing on that desire. Once you focus on what you now want, in the moment, you set a new probability for your future. The course of your life will immediately shift as a result. The trajectory of your life has taken a turn, and your future has been modified. Your life will now unfold differently as a result of this new desire.

When you are excited about the desire in the beginning, you have the most power. As soon as you have created the desire, the Law of Attraction starts working to bring you the realization of your desire in physical terms. At the moment the desire was born within you, the universe created the reality of that desire. Your desire, in nonphysical terms, is now the truth.

All of your desires are truth. This means that there is a 100 percent probability of any desire being manifested in physical reality if you allow the universe to do its job. The desire will be realized by you as long as you follow the course that leads to it and do not do anything that will block the desire from coming into your reality. The desire is created and is a fact as soon as you give birth to it. The universe will make it happen as long as you cooperate. You are the key component.

If you believed completely in your dream becoming reality and did not allow fear, doubt, or impatience to impede your progress, your desire would manifest in your reality. If you did not care how long it took or what obstacles had to be overcome, you would receive the most elegant physical representation of your desire. If you enjoyed the entire process, if the journey was fun for you, you could get anything you wanted. This is the mechanism of the universe and the basis of the Law of Attraction.

There are several key elements to the manifestation of any desire. The first element is your belief that what you want is already created. You must know that it is the truth. You must believe in the fact that your desire exists, and you must come into alignment with that fact before you can see it with your eyes. Believe that it exists and you will simply be morphed into the version of you who is able to see it.

Since everything is vibration, you can come to the understanding that physical objects and conditions can only be sensed by you, in physical reality, if you’re on the same vibrational wavelength. There are many things in your environment that you cannot perceive because you are not vibrationally aware of them. Once you become vibrationally aware of something, or rather, once you have tuned yourself to the frequency of the vibration, it will appear in your reality.

Let’s see if we can come up with an analogy. You are familiar with night vision goggles as used by your military and police. Your vision is tuned to what is reflected off of objects by light. If light is present, your eyes can translate the vibration of the object. If it is dark, you cannot visually interpret the object. The vibration of the object is still there, but you cannot visually align with that object. The night vision goggles alter your perception of the vibrational frequency of the object. Once your perception has been altered, you can once again translate the object’s vibration visually.

It is the same with a desire you want to manifest physically. The object of your desire is there, you are just not aware of it yet. Your perception must be altered so you can come into alignment with it and thus perceive it physically. If you were already tuned to the proper vibration, your desire would already be in your life. Because you do not perceive it in your life, in the vision of it that you hold mentally, you must change your perception. The universe will work to change your perception so that you can see the object of your desire.

The second aspect of the physical manifestation of your desire is the reduction of doubt and fear associated with the attainment of your desire. It is natural for you to notice some doubt and fear as you ponder your desire. Fear and doubt hinder knowing. If you doubt something is possible, you make it impossible. If you know it already exists and all you have to do is align with it, doubt can be reduced and eventually removed.

If you fear the consequences of your desire, you hold the object of your desire away from you. The fear, if you allow it to enter your mind, will either block the manifestation of your desire from ever coming into your reality or it will alter the desire in such a way that it will not manifest as the fullest and most elegant version that was intended. It is better to leave fear out of the equation or wait until the fear subsides. If you are really afraid of getting what you want, you aren’t going to be ready for any part of it and your journey will not be enjoyable.

The third and most important aspect of the manifestation of your desire is patience. Patience is the act of enjoying the journey as much or more than the physical manifestation of the desire. If you really want something big, it will take the universe a while to alter your perspective so that you will be ready for the realization of it. Your perspective must be changed. There is no getting around this aspect of reality. If you don’t see it yet, you’re going to have to undergo a change in order to perceive it in your reality. This process usually takes a little time.

Your journey can be fun or painful. The universe will need to modify your belief system so that you will have the proper set of beliefs to allow the desire to come to you. You are going to be changed physically and emotionally. Some of the changes you will find pleasing, and some will be more difficult. This is why it is so important to see the positive aspects of every situation. If you can see that setbacks are simply lessons necessary to broaden your perspective and you can learn from those lessons, you can move swiftly and painlessly to that which you desire. When you allow the change to occur, you make the journey more enjoyable.

So the manifestation of every desire starts with its birth in your mind. It is then a truth that you cannot yet see. You remove fear and doubt by understanding that it is already alive in the universe and is coming into your reality. You begin your journey of change and are patient. You realize that manifestation events are occurring every day and that they are helping you change your perspective. You are not worried or concerned with perceived setbacks, as you realize that lessons must be learned and beliefs must be changed or adopted. Soon, your perspective is altered in such a way that you are led to the physical manifestation of your desire.

If you can understand that your desire is a fact the moment you create it, you can come to a stronger belief in its inevitability. When you have faith that unseen universal forces are at work to bring you anything you want, you create probabilities that will manifest if you allow them to. When you understand that what you are thinking and feeling in the present moment is the only thing that matters, you can direct your thoughts to what is wanted and to what feels good. Ask for what you want and allow the universe to alter your perspective so that you will be able to experience the fullness of it. Have faith that all of your experiences along the path toward your desire are working to alter your perspective in order to align you with your ultimate desire.

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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