What is truth? Truth, like fact, is a strong belief that something, as seen from your perspective, is as it is perceived. What is the difference between a truth and a fact? They both require some evidence, don’t they? Why do you look at something and say, “That is a fact,” and you look at something else and say, “That is the truth?” Can anything really be a fact or a truth? Is it all perception, or is it reality? Or, rather, is it a perception of reality?

The truth can be limiting or it can be enormously beneficial. It all depends on your perspective. The truth is reality from your perspective. But if it is the reality you do not prefer, then the truth is limiting. It will hold you where you are. If you are constantly telling the “truth” about your situation, you’re not going to move away from that circumstance into a preferred condition. Telling the truth when you do not like your reality will cause you to remain focused in that reality. Telling the truth about the reality you prefer will lead you to that experience.

You have been conditioned to tell the truth, but the truth is not as glimmering as you think is. There are flaws in your premise that the truth should be upheld as a standard of behavior. There are few instances where the truth is actually beneficial. Mostly, you tell the truth of an unwanted condition and you tell the lie of a wanted condition. It would be more beneficial to do the opposite.

What is the benefit of talking about something you don’t like? Is it simply because it’s true? Why is that good? When you talk about what is when you don’t like the present condition, you ground yourself in that present state of reality. If your desire is to move to a different, improved reality, it would be more beneficial to talk about what is wanted rather than what is.

When you complain about aspects of your life that are true, you bring more of those things into your life by your focus on them. The Law of Attraction does not know or care what’s true. It only brings more of what you’re feeling, thinking, and talking about into your experience. Since you are the creator of that experience, your complaints come across as desires and your actual
desires, which you consider not yet true, come across as fables or lies. Can you see from the Law of Attraction’s point of view that your complaints, because you see them as truth, have a stronger signal than your desires?

When you wish for something wanted that does not presently exist in your reality, you think of it as a nonexistent thing. Since it is not real to you, it is neither a fact nor a truth. Therefore, it is a lie. If you wanted a million dollars and said “I have a million dollars,” you would consider yourself a liar. But if you said “I am poor,” you would consider that to be the truth. Because the Law of Attraction responds to what you believe, your truth is a strongly held belief and the lie is not believed and therefore has little attractive quality.

So, how can you change these beliefs? How can you live a different truth? Simply change your perspective.

You cannot see yourself as the center of the universe, as the creator of your own reality, as worthy beyond measure, and as poor at the same time. Surely, if it was true that you were worthy, you could not be poor. The truth is either you are worthy or you are poor. If one is true then the other is false. If it is true that you are worthy, it is not true that you are poor. Therefore, you are not poor. Your present state is simply a starting point and, as a worthy being, you are on your way to the life of abundance that is your divine right.

You would not look at a child and say that the child is beautiful and worthy but also poor. The aspect of the child’s being poor, while true because the child lives under the care of its parents, is not considered. When you look at the child, all you see are the wonderful possibilities for its future. Just because something can be seen as true does not mean it is true or that it needs to be analyzed. The only truth is that which benefits the beliefs that will help create a wonderful life experience. Anything less need not be noticed.

What is the real difference between consistently looking for the good in everything and picking out the reasons for the bad that exists now? Why would you be better off focusing on the positive over the negative? Even if the negative appears true, what is the benefit in seeing the truth if it is a negative thing? There is no upside in looking at the truth of anything if that truth does not help you live a richer and more exhilarating life experience. There is no purpose in analyzing the negative aspects of your past in order to determine the cause of your unhappiness today. Look for the positive in everything and your life will become more positive.

The truth is that you are far more than you believe you are. The truth is that this universe was designed to support your joyous expansion. Anything less than the best life experience for you is not the truth. It is a lie.

If you are living in poverty, you are living a lie. You are meant to live in abundance, and what you think about yourself is not the truth. The truth is that you are absolutely worthy, but if you are not living the life you prefer, then what you’re thinking about is not the truth. The truth is that you are unique to all of existence. If you are not thrilled by how wonderful and special you really are, you’re simply telling yourself a lie.

The truth is what you desire to be true, not what is true. The only truth about your current circumstance is that it is part of your journey of self-discovery. When you are traveling from one continent to another, the truth is that you are on a trip, not trapped in the ocean. See yourself as in the middle of a journey and the truth is that you will soon arrive at your destination. Your present situation is just a dot on the map. You might explore this area for a while, but soon you’ll be on the road again and headed toward the life you prefer.

Don’t believe in any truth that does not serve you. Only when something unwanted is noticed does it become true. Do not pay attention to the truth of anything unwanted. Simply realize that the unwanted thing is really an illusion and that when you change your perception, you can change the validity of the truth of anything unwanted. Believe in the truth of your worthiness and of your journey. Believe in the truth of your desires. All of your desires exist in your probable future, and therefore they are true. If something wanted exists, even if it exists in your probable future, then it is absolutely true.

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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