Ease allows well-being to flow to you. Ease is the feeling that all is well and that everything will work out. Seek to feel ease and believe that all is right as it should be in this moment. Ease is the opposite of disease. Disease cannot survive in a body at ease.

Everything in life should be easy. Life is not meant to be a struggle. The phrase “Take it easy”should be your mantra. There is a rhythm to life and a natural flow. When you fight against the Flow of Life, you cause inner conflict and allow for the existence of disease.

You are here as the creator of your reality, and your creation is you. You are here to experience life, determine what is wanted, and attain whatever it is you want. There is a learning process involved. As you learn to use your powers of creation by altering your beliefs to attract what you want, you gain greater skill. When you are impatient and notice that what you want has not arrived, you allow fear, doubt, and worry to enter your thoughts. Fear, doubt, and worry, as well as other prolonged negative emotions, can manifest in the form of sickness, unwanted bodily conditions, and disease.

Relax your desire for the things you want and allow the universe to do its work. If you have a desire, simply go with the flow of life and allow the universe to bring it to you. You need not take action to make things happen. Uninspired action has little power. Wait for the inspiration to arise within you and your actions will be effective. There is a journey to be taken from where you stand now to the physical manifestation of the desire. Allow the journey to unfold and learn to enjoy it.

When you relax and allow what must be done to take place when the timing is right, you strengthen your belief in your own powers and the powers of the universe. When you judge yourself for not manifesting things faster, your cause inner conflict, which creates disharmony within your body. The more stressed you are about the current conditions, the more stress your body must endure. The conditions are right, and you are in the right place; allow things to work out, have trust that everything is going to be good, and you will live in ease.

You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. You do not have to be hard on yourself. You have set up requirements for your life that are arbitrary. You can relax and allow yourself to be who you really are, not who you want others to believe you are. You behave in a certain way not because it’s how you want to behave, but because it’s how you want others to see you. You rely far too much on the opinions of others. Don’t worry, almost all of humanity lives this way.

You are conditioned to act in a certain manner to conform with the norms of your society. This is very useful for the operation of a working society. But you and almost everyone you know, take it to extremes. You can be who you are and not worry too much about what others think. If you start living for you, you will allow more ease into your life.

Take more breaks, read more books, listen to more music, spend more time doing what you like to do. Find things you’re interested in and explore your passions. Take risks by doing what you have always wanted to do. Don’t do anything just because your society has convinced itself that certain things are right and other things are wrong.

Imagine if you lived in a society in which every individual was considered equally worthy, a society in which you did not need to define yourself through material possessions, career status, beauty, intelligence, or anything else. Imagine if everyone was equal and everyone was allowed to be or do whatever pleased them most. Imagine if there was no shortage of money and everyone took care of everyone else. Imagine if the world was a place where there was no work that needed to be done, but all work was done because someone wanted to do it. Imagine if everyone was completely unique and had completely unique interests and beliefs and that those unique interests and beliefs were perfectly acceptable and valid to everyone else.

Imagine that in this society, well-being flowed to everyone. You could choose to live in a mansion if that pleased you, or you could live in a small apartment, or you could sleep in the park. You could ride your bike or you could drive a sports car. You could go to school and study those things that interested you or you could simply read the books you found fascinating. You could wear glamorous clothing or you could wear something casual and comfy. No one cared either way.

Imagine if everyone who ever came in contact with you treated you with the same respect and admiration they would a king. Imagine if everyone treated everyone else this way because they all knew that every single person was unique and special. Imagine if everyone in the society allowed everyone else to be who they wanted to be and every desire was seen as valid and worthy. If one person desired to be a teacher and another desired to be an astronaut, both desires would be considered equally valid. If person one desired to be a housekeeper and another desired to build an empire, both desires would be equally valid.

You can live in this society right now, for there is no judgment that might come from another if there is no judgment within you. When you start to treat all life experience as equally valid and forgo the pressures of your society, you come into alignment with who you really are. If you can look at a homeless man and see that his experience is equally as beneficial for him as your experience is for you, then you are living in the society you want. When you believe that someone is being wrong in their behavior, you set yourself up to be wrong in your behavior. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, you cannot be wrong and another cannot be wrong unless you judge them to be wrong.

Your judgment of others and yourself leads you to live a life that is not in harmony with who you are. If you live a certain lifestyle in order to be accepted by others, you are living out of alignment with who you really are. If you feel you must work at a job you do not like simply because you want to keep up appearances and be accepted by those around you, then you are not living up to the life you intended prior to your arrival on this planet.

When you can completely drop all judgment of other people, you begin to live in the society you really want. When you see another person who is angry in this moment and you realize that they are currently thinking a thought that is contrary to who they really are, you can have compassion for them and understand that they are simply finding their own balance and are not doing anything wrong.

When you can realize that people do not have to agree with you or see your side of the argument,you move one step closer to living in that harmonious society. When you allow everyone else’s opinions to be as valid as yours, you allow your own opinions to be validated. You begin to want others to be different and, as you allow for their differences, you create ease within yourself. When you allow yourself freedom from your own judgment you live in ease. Living in ease is the best way to live free of disease.

Stop worrying what others think. Stop fearing failure or anything else. Know that you are taken care of when you pursue those things that interest you. Know that you can do anything you want when you really have a passion for it. As long as you free yourself from worry, fear, and doubt, everything will unfold in the most elegant way imaginable. Free yourself and others from your own judgment and start living the life you intended prior to your birth. Start focusing your energies on what interests you most and do not care what others have to say about it. You are here to live the life of your dreams, whatever they may be. Live within the belief that you are loved, that you are cared for, and that life is easy and all your dreams will unfold in the most elegant way imaginable.

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives.Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain English in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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