Love And Fear


There are only two types of thought: love and fear. Thoughts of love are all good-feeling thoughts. They are love, happiness, security, joy, fun, excitement, relief, exhilaration, passion, interest, camaraderie, hope, glee, etc. Thoughts of fear are envy, hatred, jealousy, boredom, apathy, discrimination, anger, insecurity, etc. Every decision is made out of love or fear. Fear is the potential for loss of love.

Hatred is not the opposite of love, it is a component of love. You cannot hate anything without loving something and having it purposely taken from you. You do not hate terrorists unless they have purposely taken something from you that you love. You cannot hate a hurricane even if something you’ve loved was destroyed because the hurricane did not purposely destroy the thing you loved. You can only hate your spouse because you once loved him or her. You believe your spouse purposely took the love you felt for him or her and now you hate this person.

In this physical reality you are guided by how you feel. Your actions and decisions are based solely on how you think you will feel as a result of the decision. You move toward feeling good and away from feeling bad. Most feelings are based on your experience of love for yourself. You love yourself more than you realize and when something happens to temporarily prevent you from the feeling of love for yourself, you feel bad. If someone calls you fat, you feel bad because you want to love yourself and now your judgment temporarily distracts you from loving yourself the way you did just moments before.

If you say something stupid and others laugh, it makes you feel bad because you love yourself a little less than you did moments before. If you say something smart and others compliment your intelligence, you feel good because you feel the love for yourself more than you did a few moments before. If your child says something stupid and others laugh you might feel a bit sad, but it is a much less painful feeling because your love for your child has not diminished. If your child says something clever, you feel proud because your love for your child has been reinforced.

When you make a decision, you do it to feel good or to avoid losing a good feeling. You go to an amusement park because you know you’ll have fun, which feels good. You have a glass of wine because you know it will make you feel good. You eat a meal because you know it will feel good. You are designed to move toward good feelings and away from bad feelings. That is all you are really ever doing. You want a better house, car, mate, job, meal, sex, all because it will feel good or will feel better than you’re feeling now. Everything is motivated by feeling good.

You can easily see that the moving toward good feelings and away from bad feelings is part of the design of physical reality. You feel bad when you are hungry and you want to feel good so you eat. Eating keeps you alive and it feels good when you eat. Starving will kill you so hunger feels bad. You eat and you feel good unless you eat too much, then you feel bad again. The system is simple.

Your every intention is to feel good. You want to feel good in every moment. You will even risk feeling good to feel even better. You invest your money in things because you believe that more money will make you feel better. You might lose the money which will make you feel terrible, but it’s worth the risk. The risk is not in losing the money, it’s in losing the good feelings that you now feel. But you could feel better. You could always feel better. You could feel great and that’s worth the risk.

You sacrifice all kinds of things in the attempt to feel better. You might spend time at the gym sacrificing time that could be spent creating other types of good feelings. But, you believe that a better looking, better feeling body will make you feel better than almost anything else you could be working towards. You might even experience pain or discomfort as you work to improve your body, but this pain and discomfort actually make you feel good as you work toward creating a better body.

Under everything lies the feeling. The desire to feel better is the only real motivator. Everything is based on the possibility of feeling better. You strive to feel better, but you do it backwards. You believe that the conditions create the good feeling. Your basis is reactionary. You see the conditions that exist in the present moment and you react to them by feeling good or bad. If you determine that the conditions are good, you feel good. If you believe the conditions are wrong, you feel bad. It is you, through your judgements of and reactions to the present conditions that force you to feel a certain way either good or bad.

You want to feel good and you do not want to feel bad, yet you allow the conditions to dictate how you feel. You are reactionary in a universe that yields to your every desire. The system was not designed this way and human is the only form of consciousness that allows the conditions to dictate the feelings. The animals do not react to the conditions and feel bad. The trees do not react. The cells of your body do not react. They all allow the well-being to flow and they accept the conditions as they are. They allow the conditions to be jumping off points for new experience and to further desire.

You have control over feeling love or feeling fear (fear is just the potential for the loss of the feeling of love). You can purposely choose to feel good and you can consciously ponder the conditions and find a way to feel good regardless of the present circumstances. You can be proactive and not reactive. It is in your best interests to consider how you want to feel and then deliberately change your perspective on everything in order to make yourself feel better. Since this reality is really only about how you feel, is there anything better than feeling good more of the time?

You cannot really stop your desire to feel even better. You will always want more. So it is now time to get used to the feeling of longing for more. That does not have to be a bad feeling. It does not need to cause conflict within. You can accept that this desire for more will always be a part of your experience no matter how high you climb. It cannot be alleviated by any level of achievement. You see athletes win world championships and in the very next moment they want more. This desire for more is never-ending.

However, you can feel good now if you choose to. You can feel better by feeling good more often. You can feel better by appreciating and loving the conditions that surround you now. Your desire for more is taking your attention away from how good you feel now. In your current state in this life you have many things to feel good about and you have many things that you could feel better about. You strive to improve those things you feel good about and, more importantly, those things you feel bad about. You want to feel good about everything, but your perception does not allow it. Your beliefs won’t let you feel good about the conditions you feel are wrong. So you must change your beliefs.

How does one change a belief? The easiest way to change a belief is through the alteration of perspective. This is a mental game. You change the way you think about a given subject and your new perspective helps to lower the intensity of your limiting belief. If you feel something is wrong in your life, you have just uncovered a limiting belief. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, any conception of something you judge as wrong uncovers a limiting belief.

A limiting belief is one that holds you apart from what you want. Since all you really want is to feel good, this limiting belief causes you to feel bad. Beneficial beliefs keep you feeling good and limiting beliefs make you feel bad. Once you accept the wrong condition as right, you can stop feeling bad and return to your natural state of feeling good.

You probably do not believe that everything in your life should be judged as right. Clearly there are many things that are wrong or could at least be improved. We agree that things could be improved, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong in this moment. Your limited perspective causes you to think the condition is wrong, but if you can broaden your perspective, you can see how it might be right.

There have been events in your history that people, at the time and still today, view as wrong. But, from a broader perspective and even after some time, you will come to see them as part of the perfection of the system. Your perception of wrong is made out of fear. Your perception of right is made out of love. If you perceive a school shooting as wrong, you fear for your safety, the safety of your children, and the safety of others. The school shooting makes you feel bad. Your bad feeling indicates that you have a limiting belief which is born of fear (fear of losing love).

This belief that a school shooting is wrong is so strong within you that you might not ever be able to imagine the possibility that it is right. We are here to tell you that it is right. That everything, no matter how bad you think it is, is right. It’s all perfect. Even school shootings.

Let’s take a fresh look at this subject and see if we can alter your perspective. If we can change the way you look at this subject, you will, as a result of your new perspective, lessen the intensity of your limiting belief. If you can do that, you will not feel so bad about the subject ever again. If you feel it is right to feel bad about anything, you have uncovered another limiting belief. It is right to feel good unless you enjoy feeling bad and no one really enjoys feeling bad.

All school shootings, all tragedies, are created to bring mass consciousness to a higher level. That’s right, they are created. It is all on purpose. It is not random, for nothing is random in the universe. You have free will and in the midst of a tragedy your free will extends to how you feel about the subject. You have the free will to feel either good or bad.

In a school shooting, or any tragedy, you must see the participants as characters in a performance. They all have roles to play and they chose their roles carefully. They took part in the tragedy willingly in order to help you. Can you get your head around that one? They sacrificed their lives so that you (and all of humanity) might grow from the experience. They did what Jesus did. They did what all heroes do. Even the villains in these tragedies are heroes. The victims are heroes too. The families left behind are heroes as well for they sacrificed the most. But out of all tragedy comes good. Good that could not have come with out the sacrifice of all those involved.

If you notice a tragedy happening, you will notice that many more similar tragedies are happening within a very short period of time. Any tragedy you can think of has spurred a new level of focus and understanding. In the case of a school shooting (or many school shootings) the focus has shifted from the victims to the villains. The shooters might have been bullied and you now look at child conflict in a new way. They might have been abused and now you look at the subject of child abuse in a new way. They might have had access to guns and now you look at gun control in a new way. They may have been humiliated by their peers and now you look at childhood behavior in a new way. They may have a mental illness and now you look at mental illness in a new way.

The result of these incidents will do much to stop the suffering of millions of children who dare not fight back. They suffer in silence so there was no other way to change the norm of society. Many schools are adopting new approaches to these issues created in an effort to solve these problems. Now the children who might have suffered in quiet desperation throughout their school experiences are aided by these solutions and the course of their lives are radically altered as a result.

Many died in the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and before. The sacrifice that was made helped create a more cohesive society; one where discrimination based on perceived differences would not be tolerated. People are making more sacrifices which will always move the mass consciousness to newer and higher levels of love. It is always done to create more love.

In your lifetime you can see many occurrences of what you considered wrong and how they have brought more good and more love. If you can see the right in what others judge as wrong, you can feel better. When you feel good, you feel love. A good feeling is a love feeling. A bad feeling is a fear feeling. When you feel good, you bring in love. The more often you feel good, the more love there is in the consciousness of your planet. When you can make others feel good you bring in more love. When you make others feel bad you increase fear in the consciousness of the planet.

At this time in your planet there is more love than fear. This is the crossing point. This is the time of awakening. Those who think thoughts of love, who feel good consistently, who are aware of the importance of feeling good, will be ready. Those based in fear will not. Judgment is fear; acceptance is love. Judge not and love all.