fulfilled desire - horse sculpture There is a distinction to be made between motivation and inspiration. Inspiration calls you to take action that is enjoyable and will lead to that which you desire. Motivation causes you to take action that is not enjoyable in the attempt to create a certain result. Can you see how inspiration works perfectly within the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality, while motivation is counter to those laws.

We agree that action will create manifestation. But action without inspiration does not leverage the power of universal forces. Uninspired action is also likely to cause manifestations which do not quite align with what you really want. And action without inspiration is just not as much fun.

Your procedure of creating goals which are then used to motivate action doesn’t always get you what you really want. While you can achieve any goal, if the action needed to attain the goal is a struggle or painful, then what’s the point of the goal in the first place?

Here’s how we would approach a goal. We would start with the feeling we think would be nice to experience in physical reality. We would then make sure that whatever action would be taken would be fun, interesting, and enjoyable. The action would be more important than the goal. If we weren’t having any fun in the action, we would alter the goal. We would also be very general about the goal itself and we wouldn’t stick to any specific time period. Our goals would be loose by your standards.

Let’s say you had a goal to lose ten pounds by summer. You wanted to fit into a flattering swimsuit you could wear to the beach and feel attractive. So you decide you will eat healthier and exercise more often than usual over the next few weeks. This is the start of a goal that could work very nicely. However, the action side of it must be fun, interesting, and enjoyable.

You decide to make a chart which chronicles all of the meals you eat and the exercise you perform for each day of the week. This might or might not work depending on your approach. It will work as long as you keep your vibration as high as possible throughout the process. The feeling you are seeking is to feel attractive. You must believe that you are already attractive and it will be fun to push this feeling a little further. So, since you already feel attractive, the attainment of this goal is not such a big subject. You can have fun with it.

You decide that you will run three miles each day. The first day you run, you remember how much you hate running. It doesn’t feel good. It’s painful. When you’re running you can’t wait for it to be over. This is a sign that running is not the way to achieve your goal. You feel bad while running. In order to use running to achieve your goal, you must enjoy the overall action of running. If not, scrap it and move on to something you do enjoy.

You think you will enjoy swimming and so you find a pool and go swimming. You do enjoy this activity and as long as the pool isn’t too crowded, you really like swimming. So you pencil this in as one of the exercises you will do over the next few weeks. You also try biking, hiking, walking, and a few other sports which you add into the mix. You have now assembled a variety of actions which are enjoyable and align perfectly with your goal.

The minute you begin to feel dread at the thought of performing any one of these exercises, you must put it on hold until you’re inspired to pick it up at a later date. You must not do anything you don’t want to do in the attainment of a goal. This is always counter-productive to what you really want. You must enjoy what you’re doing. Do not do anything you don’t like simply for the sake of the goal.

The other side of this goal is the foods you will eat during the next few weeks before summer. You decide that you will keep a log in which you will detail every item of food that you eat. Will this work? Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. It depends on your approach.

You decide to modify your diet so that you will lose one pound each week for the next ten weeks. You believe that the exercise will greatly help and you’re not too concerned about your diet. So you decide to eliminate red meat for the next few weeks. Everything else will remain the same. As you fill in your food log you feel happy with whatever you have written since you haven’t eaten any red meat. However, on the fourth day you realize that you had Spaghetti Bolognese and this contained some red meat. So now you feel bad that you’ve gone off your diet and you attempt to rectify the situation by punishing yourself. You now remove desert from your approved item list for the next five days to make up for your error.

Do you see the flaw here? As you feel bad that you ate the item that was banned from your list, you are receiving an indication that you are going off track. Your plan is no longer fun. The bad feeling is telling you to lighten-up. It was no big deal. As you punish yourself for your transgression, you ruin the entire purpose of the goal. Your goal and all goals are designed to make you feel good as a result, but if you feel bad during the goal, what’s the point of the goal?

The only reason you wanted to feel attractive was because you thought it would feel good. Since feeling good is your goal, you must feel good in the attainment of the goal or why even bother? Do you see the importance here? Do you realize that no matter what you want, you always start with a feeling you would like to feel? You always want the attainment of any goal so that you can experience what it is like to feel good. Why would you think it would be acceptable to feel bad in the pursuit of feeling good? This makes no sense.

So anytime you begin to feel bad in the attainment of any goal, stop and think about what’s happening. Take a breath and analyze the situation. Realize that all you want to do is feel good and the action needed to attain the goal is only something to do on your way to feeling good. So make sure you feel good along the way.

You might be thinking that this is all too basic. You want to save $100 a week so that in three years you can buy a house. You think that owning a house will make you feel good. But if you have to suffer in order to save that $100, what’s the point? You must come to understand that if you cannot get to your goal while simultaneously feeling good, you must re-imagine your goal.You must make the path to the goal as fun or even more fun that the attainment of the goal itself.

Now, having said all that, you can make the path to the goal fun, interesting, and enjoyable if you decide that it is important to do so. You can make anything fun, enjoyable, and interesting. You only need to want it and to think about it.

Let’s return to the goal to lose ten pounds by summer. The goal is a good one because it’s general and it aligns with a wanted feeling rather than the escape from an unwanted condition. You’ve discovered ways to exercise that are enjoyable. But now you’ve created an arbitrary rule that you cannot stick to and when broken you cause yourself to suffer. So, how could you redefine your diet in order to achieve your goal? It’s very simple; make it fun, interesting, and enjoyable.

This is rather easy to do but it does take some thought. For you to achieve your goal you must eat foods that align with your existing set of beliefs. You don’t believe you can achieve your goal eating hamburgers and chocolate ice cream. You believe that pizza and french fries will cause you to gain weight. So you establish a cuisine based on your preexisting beliefs. You believe that fried foods, red meat, and deserts will not conform to your idea of a healthy, low-fat diet. But you also realize that if you eliminate them from your diet, you’ll break your own rules and you’ll feel bad in doing so.

Whatever you do it must be fun, interesting, and enjoyable. You hatch a perfect plan. You decide that over the next ten weeks you’ll explore the cuisines of the world and you’ll do so in a way that is healthy. Each day of the week will represent a region in the world. You’ll explore new recipes. You’ll pay attention to the cooking process. You’ll look for unique and fresh ingredients. The idea is to keep it fun and interesting every day. As long as you’re inspired and having fun, you’ll reach your goal easily.

Now let’s take a look at the way most people approach the same goal. They want to lose ten pounds because they feel fat and unattractive and they believe the attainment of this goal will help them escape the present conditions they do not like. Their desire is to move away from unwanted. This approach just doesn’t work. Their goal is flawed from the beginning.

However, not understanding this, they press on. They do not consider that the action must be enjoyable for the goal to manifest in the way that will cause lasting change. They take the action they believe will produce the best results. So they run and run and run and nothing ever changes. They starve themselves and while they might lose the weight, it comes right back and they’re perplexed. Then they beat up on themselves even more and the problem simply escalates.

What’s worse is that they announce their goal to the world and when nothing changes they receive negative feedback from the world around them. “Why haven’t you been able to lose the weight?” they ask. “You must have some sort of problem.” “What’s wrong with you?”

You say you have this goal and you can’t achieve the goal so the problem must have something to do with you. Maybe you’re not working hard enough. Maybe you have a thyroid condition. The only problem is that you’ve chosen a goal that you believe will remove you from an unwanted condition. Change the goal around and start heading in the direction of what is wanted. Make the action enjoyable, fun, and interesting. Don’t be specific on the outcome, be general. And don’t ever tell anyone else about your goals.

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Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.