Everyone Goes To Heaven


There is a great debate among humans as to where one goes when one dies. Some say Heaven, some say nowhere, some don’t know, and many don’t want to think about it. If there is a Heaven, a place of joy, peace, and bliss, then the good people must go there. But what about the bad people? The good people deserve to go to a good place when they die. They did good things. They lived the right way. They helped other people. They loved people and managed their behavior in such a way that society judged them to be good. Certainly, their good behavior grants them special consideration in the afterlife, doesn’t it?

Well, sorry to say, it just doesn’t work this way. You’re looking at the whole thing from a human perspective. If you can look at it from our, nonphysical perspective, you can see how things really work.

Imagine that you were in Heaven first and from there you decided to come to Earth. Right now you think you existed on Earth first and then you’ll be going to Heaven for the first time (or Hell if you don’t make the cut). But this is a flawed premise. You must have come from somewhere. You didn’t just pop into reality out of thin air. You chose to come here from your place in Heaven, or as we call it, nonphysical.

There is physical reality and there is nonphysical reality. You are not either here or there, you are always here and there. You exist in both realities simultaneously. As you are living your physical existence, believing that what you’re experiencing is physical reality, there is a part of you, your inner self, who remains nonphysically focused. Your inner self is you. It’s the larger part of you. It is the inner you and it can see and be in your life while remaining nonphysical. Your inner self is your guide while you experience physical life in this incarnation of self.

So then, if you came from the nonphysical and you chose to be in this physical life, why did you want to do that? What is it about physical life that would make a nonphysical being want to come here? Because it’s fun. Because you get to actually experience things on another level altogether. Because it expands your perspective. Because it’s interesting. Why do you want to go to Disney World? It’s the same concept.

From your perspective, you would not want to experience any discomfort, any sorrow, any struggle, or anything negative. Yet, these are clarifying moments and they help you to understand just how wonderful the wonderful moments are. In the nonphysical, you live blissfully free from fear or discomfort of any kind. However, you cannot really experience anything. It’s like watching a film of a roller coaster ride and then experiencing the real, tangible thrill of the ride itself. The physical experience is exhilarating.

So then, if you come here for the fun and adventure of physical experience, are there any rules? Won’t you be judged on how well you do? Aren’t there things you need to get done? Certainly, you must help others, right? Certainly, you must live good and proper lives if you want to get the most out of this life and be judged favorably for your actions, right?

It just doesn’t work this way. There are no rules you must follow. There are laws which govern the operating system, but you are free to do what you like and utilize those laws for good or bad, for right or wrong. However, we must express to you that there is no wrong or bad anywhere in the universe, including here on Earth. What you judge as bad or wrong is due to your limited perspective. From the larger perspective, there is no wrong and there can be nothing bad. In fact, in the nonphysical realm there is no judgment of any kind. Everything is considered good and right. Everyone gets to go back to Heaven regardless of their actions, attitudes, and behaviors while on Earth.

Hitler is in Heaven right now. However, you wouldn’t recognize him.

Imagine going to a playground where you could do anything you wanted and there was no possibility of anything bad happening. You could play on all the equipment and you could never get hurt. You could play rough with your friends and they could never get hurt because no matter what happened on the playground, as soon as you stepped off it, you were fully healed instantly. Earth is the playground we are referring to and everyone on it is a friend. You might play lovingly and gently with them, or you might be very rough. But once you step off, you will instantly be relieved on any pain, any hurt feelings, any regrets and any problems. Nothing unwanted follows you from the playground.

From this perspective you can see that this Earthly playground is here to support any experience you wish to explore. One of the major laws of the universe is the Law of Attraction which states that like attracts like. Lovers attract and haters attract. To be lovers, you must see the positive aspects of one another. To be haters, you must fear one another. The victim needs the attacker, etc. You get to experience anything you like, without judgment of any kind.

Humans create laws, standards of behavior, and taboo, yet these are created out of fear. Fear does not exist in the nonphysical, so there are no rules and also no judgment. Judgment can only come as a result of rules. You must judge whether one has violated your own rules. You are so used to judging each other, you project this notion onto God. But your perception of God is quite flawed.

You were created in God’s image as God is a creator and you are creators. But God cannot experience and you can. You can experience all that you like in this life and as you experience life, God experiences it through you. God is infinite and chooses infinite experiences whether you judge God’s decision to do so as good or bad. God does not see it that way. God understands the laws of the universe and knows that no matter how wonderful or horrific you view certain events, God understands that all experiences are beneficial.

We will discontinue the term God as it represents something different to each person and instead we will use the more favorable and accurate term “All That Is.” All That is comprises everything including you, everyone you know, everything you can see, everything that you can imagine and everything that has existed, will exist and does exist. Since you are a part of All That Is, you are one with All That Is as are we all.

This means that you are absolutely worthy and so is everything else. Because All That Is desires to experience every possible experience and every possible perspective, everything is unique. You are unique and so is everything else. You can be no more or less unique than anyone else. We are all unique and we are all good. The basis of you is pure positive love. You are love. You may choose to deny that for a time while you exist in this incarnation, yet when you make your transition back to your nonphysical home, you will instantly return to a being of pure positive love. If you choose to embrace this truth of you while you’re here on Earth, you’ll experience joy. If you choose to deny it, you’ll experience suffering. Either way, all experience is valid and good. So you cannot get it wrong.

If you see someone you judge as wrong, hateful, mean, or unjust, know that they too will be going with you to Heaven when they die. There’s nowhere else to go. You will be with them and guess what? You’ll love them. That’s right, you’ll drop your judgment of them the second you step off this playground. And because you will instantly return to being a complete being of love, and so will they, you will love each other.

As you made your decision to come into this physical life, you set certain intentions. You intended to experience all the wonderful aspects of physical reality and these intentions were general in nature. You also intended to explore one or more specific aspects of physical reality. These are your interests and passions. You may have intended to experience some of the less pleasant aspects of reality because you have no way of experiencing these things in the nonphysical. For instance, in the nonphysical you have no fear. There is no possibility to experience fear of any kind. In the physical, you do experience fear and in overcoming fear, you experience exhilaration.

You have free will and once you’ve arrived on Earth you can choose what you want to do while you’re here. You create whatever reality you want and no one, not even your nonphysically focused inner self can create in your reality. However, you can and are influenced to a large degree by the people around you. You can choose to hold on to what you know to be right or you can allow others to push their fearful beliefs onto you. It is your choice. You were given all the information you needed as a child, but due to the influence of others (parents, teachers, peers, society, etc.) you may have forgotten much of what you knew. If any of our teachings resonate with you, it’s because you are remembering what you once knew to be true.

You have the potential to live an unlimited existence in this life. You can have, be, and do anything you like by focusing on what you want and allowing everyone else to believe or do what ever they want. You don’t need to help anyone for they are on their path and their path is right for them. They are being guided just as you are. You don’t need to judge anyone or make them wrong, for they are doing the best they can. You are here to experience your own unique experience and no one can judge you for that. Think in any way that makes you feel good and if it feels good to you, it’s perfectly alright with us and with All That Is.

We are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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