You are all one, living as individuals on your planet. You separate yourselves by borders, by cultures, by religion, by race, by sex, by age, by political affiliation, and by class. It is time for these separations to fall apart. You are one. You need not separate yourselves from each other.

You are traveling in a very small spaceship within an infinitely large universe. You once segregated yourselves on buses, now you ride together. The same must be true of your planet. The good that will come from living together and supporting each other far outweighs the sum of your fears. The value of a one-world community is such that will allow you all to live as you intended in love rather than in fear.

You believe that since you were born in a certain place that you are deserving of all that you have. If another is born in an underdeveloped nation, he should be forced to stay there for the entirety of his life. He should not be able to gain access to your country or your standard of living. He shall be doomed to his existence by the chance of his birth. This is not a conscious approach to reality.

While it is true that you choose your birthplace and your parents based on the trajectory you intended, you also intended the freedom to pursue your dreams. While you seal yourselves off behind the borders of your country, you create resentment among the less fortunate. This results in war and strife, which diminish your standard of living. As you live in fear of your neighbors, you hold yourself apart from who you really are. When you classify another human as your enemy, you create more separation which does not serve who you say you want to be.

A conscious creator sees all as equally worthy and unique. You see value in all lives, all cultures, and all beliefs. You understand that we are all one, that there is no separation, and that borders are an unnatural manifestation of fear. All devices used to protect oneself from another are based in fear and therefore perpetuate limiting beliefs.

The cost of these fears is astronomical. It costs you unseen expense in the limitation of your experience. As you are taught to believe that other cultures are bad and your culture is good, you create a framework of duality which becomes very difficult to dismantle. Limiting, fear-based beliefs are promoted and adopted by the masses. You build insanely expensive armies to defend yourselves from imaginary or even fabricated foes.

Your war culture must feed on an enemy to survive. When no real enemy exists, one is created to support the monster. However, you will soon come to realize that your behemoth defense apparatus is ridiculously oversized for the job. You chase a ragtag group of terrorists with an army created to wage another world war. In doing so you enrage an entire culture and you separate yourselves even further.

Your army, through the institution of patriotism, convinces you that you need protection. But you do not. You are safe and without your army you would have no enemy. Look at the countries without armies. Are they under attack from terrorists? Are they engaged in this battle? Why not? You cannot irradiate anything in this universe. You can never defeat an enemy, for your fight will always increase the fear and support more limiting beliefs that will give rise to newer and more powerful enemies. When you kill one you cause two more to take his place. Fear creates the desire and inspiration to stand up and fight. When you create an atmosphere of fear, you create your own enemies.

This is an attractive universe. You cannot push away what you do not like. You cannot lessen the intensity of anything with your attention to it. You should not feel powerless when you are so very powerful. Why do you feel your need to display your power? What is the basis of your fears?

There is no right and no wrong in regard to your continued and never-ending wars against people you fear. But what you are perpetuating with your struggle against your fellow man is an unconscious pursuit and goes against the laws of the universe. Your struggle is futile and until you change your approach, it will continue to escalate. It might move from one region to another, but it must grow. It is universal law.

A radically new approach to your enemy would be the release of all fear. As you move from unconscious to conscious, you move from fear to love. As you accept others with whom you occupy your planet as they are, as they are less developed, less conscious, or less evolved, you create an environment of love and acceptance. As you shower them with love and support, you create a framework that supports who you really are.

Can you become conscious within an environment of fear? Of course. Can others also become conscious regardless of the actions of their government? Yes, certainly. But can you also realize that the old approach is not working and can never work as you know it violates universal law? Can you remove you attention and support from it? Can you not condemn the old approach but rather support love and appreciation for all others?

You cannot fight against any structure and topple it. You must seek what is wanted rather than avoid or deny what is unwanted. You don’t need to make your government wrong. All you need to do is support what you want.

You are not your government, but your government is a reflection of your country’s mass consciousness. As you move your attention away from fear and towards love, you radically shift the totality of that consciousness. As others decide that patriotism is a fear-based belief in one’s own superiority, the consciousness of the country moves away from nationalism and towards acceptance. You can only believe what you want to believe. You cannot preach your beliefs to others for you will simply create tension. You can shine as an example of love which others will gravitate to. You can be accepting of others and they will become accepting of you.

When thinking about another culture, try not to get caught up in the propaganda. Realize that your war institution is simply trying to maintain its survival by creating despicable enemies for you to hate. You can rationalize the existence of a war machine only when you believe there is something to fear.

When there is no real enemy, the war institution will create one for you to hate. It is a matter of survival and it will fight to survive. If you can withdraw your attention from its fabrications, you can move your support to something that will benefit what it is that you want, rather than what you do not want. Your war on terror is not real. You could dismantle this war and all wars with a few weeks of love and acceptance.

You have no need for protection. You have no real enemies. If you did not have a defense industry, you would have no enemies. If you used that energy for love, acceptance, and support for the worthiness and value of all others, you would attract love, rather than hate. Which would you prefer?

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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