A New Perspective On The Subject Of Abortion, Miscarriage, And Infant Mortality


love 42Before your birth into this physical reality you lived as consciousness in the nonphysical realm. Try to imagine what that is like. You do not experience the earthly confines of space, time, gravity, or anything of a physical nature. You are free. You move through your nonphysical environment as easily as a thought. You move in a flow of consciousness with others. You do not experience individuality. You are light and you are absolutely free.

You feel intense love and joy as you live in the nonphysical realm. You have no fear, nothing to worry about, and there’s nothing you must do. You are focused on what fascinates you. You place your attention on the earth and on people living their lives. You, from your nonphysical perspective, witness the joy and wonder of physical existence. But you are simply a spectator. You yearn for the experience of physicality and so you begin the process from nonphysical to physical.

The pregnancy process allows you to experience the first glimpse of physicality. You start off as a tiny speck of consciousness still existing mostly in the nonphysical and you gradually become more physically focused as the fetus grows. During pregnancy you are partly physical and partly nonphysical. This is your first taste of a physical environment.

Physical existence is dense. It is uncomfortable and harsh compared with the nonphysical environment you are used to. It takes determination even to be born. Sometimes it is enough just to experience what physical existence is like from the safety and comfort of the womb. Since time does not exist in the nonphysical, the duration of a physical life is meaningless. The experience of physicality is important regardless of the duration of that experience.

Many of those who would yearn for a physical experience find that the time in the womb was enough. It is a thrilling and satisfying experience on its own, but the birth experience would be too much. They are not ready for that intense level of physicality. So they choose to return to the nonphysical of their own accord.

Souls choose their experience. They set intentions for what that experience will be. They choose their parents. Often this is done together as a co-creative agreement while all involved are still existing in the nonphysical. The soul intends to experience physical existence in the womb for a period of time and then chooses to return to nonphysical. This event may occur by miscarriage or abortion. It does not matter to the soul.

If the soul had intended to be born into physical reality, it means it has the desire to experience the fullness of a physical existence. Once born, the baby is blanketed with the survival instinct. If not for this strong fear of death, most would simply stick a toe in the water and leave. This is because physical experience is so completely different compared with the nonphysical experience. It would be like you living on the moon. You would need a spacesuit, gravity would feel different, you’d have to do some pretty strange things in order to survive.

Think about what physical life is like and how different it must be from your nonphysical experience. You feel hot and cold for the first time. You feel pain and discomfort for the first time. You feel negative emotion for the first time. You have to eat food and then eliminate the waste. You have to keep breathing. All of this is done to keep you alive and it is all very strange.

The survival instinct causes you to fear death and it keeps you tethered to this physical existence. If you had no fear of death, if you understood that you are an eternal being and death is like birth; it is simply a transition to another plane of existence, you would welcome death as you do birth. Birth is actually a much more intense and traumatic experience than the death experience. Death is relatively easy and can be quite enjoyable.

When infants transition back to the nonphysical realm, they always do so by choice. They experienced a glimpse of physicality and it is enough for them. They chose the circumstances of their birth and often the trajectory will inevitably lead to a quick transition back to nonphysical. It was intended this way and it worked out as planned. Of course, the infant has free will and could choose to remain in the physical world for a while longer. It is up to the infant to create is his or her own reality and they always have that choice.

You came here to experience a physical life and it is quite likely that you’ve experienced many, many previous lives. The purpose of a physical life is to have experiences and to expand as a result of those experiences. As a nonphysical consciousness, you could not really experience what it is like to be physical. You could observe, but you could not feel what it was like. It was not happening to you. You wanted the experience and so you came.

If you have lived many lives then it stands to reason that you have experienced many aspects of physical existence. You have been poor and rich. You have experienced joy and suffering. You know what it’s like to be in love and to be lonely. You have been powerful and powerless. You have been both master and servant. So, as you intend to come into this physical experience once more, what is it that you want to experience? Why have you come this time? What are you here to be?

When you see one who has an abortion, experiences a miscarriage, or loses a child, remember that the soul’s purpose was to experience physical existence and this was accomplished. The parents are also experiencing something as a result. That experience might have been intended as well. From your perspective you might judge the actions or conditions that surround others as bad or wrong, but you cannot see what is really going on. Your perspective is just a little too narrow for you to know what is really happening. But you can broaden your perspective and see that nothing is going wrong. It is all unfolding as intended. It is all right.

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