I am on page 112 in radical change, it so so awesome! I absolutely love the teachings of Joshua, I have been reading books all my life, and I’ve got to say, this is one of the most profound! – Kimberly

Many thanks to Joshua, and to you, Gary, for allowing them to work through you. I felt love in the response, and the speed with which it was delivered. I received your email at the perfect moment this morning, as I was rushing off to work, and it set the perfect tone for my day. I look forward to reading it many more times.

I found your podcasts via the Law of Attraction radio network, and have been touched by the vulnerability and integrity you all exhibit at the round table. I’m glad Joshua chose you, and that you allowed them to do so. I look forward to reading Conversations with Steve when it comes out.

Thanks again.

With love,

I will begin my meditation practice. So often I start and then it fades away – like taking vitamins regularly 🙂 Such deep gratitude! Thank you so much. Again, I will absorb. The message for me is so deep and aligning and again complex. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciate for the steady unfolding of it all. Thank you Gary, for sharing your story and for the message from Joshua. With Love & Gratitude – Julie

Thank you so much and thank you to Joshua too. The answer is very helpful and what I already knew at the soul level.
With laughter and magic, Elaine

Thank you Gary and Joshua. That is very helpful, I am going to print it out again and re read it 🙂 Love, Lis

Gary, thank you for such a quick response and your wonderful comments. I have read Joshua’s response and it touched me deeply, I really felt something wonderful. This is my second question/answer and both times I truly felt in awe. I want to thank you as well for being a vehicle for them and taking your time to do so, it’s much appreciated. – Tasha

Thank you for the answer, it was very helpful and inspiring. I do have a follow-up question for Joshua though. How do I know if I don’t want to do something or its just out of my comfort zone and I should do it? – Sienna

It’s so amazing to be able to ask these questions – I can’t thank you enough for the difference Joshua’s responses have made to my life. Every time I read each response I always feel such relief and clarity – Joshua simplifies everything so beautifully J

This question was always one of my bigger “fears” yet having read Joshua’s response I completely understand my way forward. Again I feel complete relief and clarity. Please feel free to put my name on this question and share it wherever you’d like to J

Much love and gratitude, – Jacky

Thank you, Gary, & thank you & Joshua for the answer, your podcasts & everything else you’re doing. I’m a practicing lawyer, husband and father who has been searching for a long time for both universal truths and how to improve my life and those around me. When I read Joshua’s words, I sense a strong, yet loving energy (I am very sensitive to energy). I also have, for years told my children that they are loved more than they can know — just like Joshua always says. – Michael

We need your great work Joshua. I greatly appreciate it.Thank you for your kindness.- Suma

Thank you Gary and Joshua for another very enlightening response to my question. This is refreshingly contrary to many judgement – based dogmas such as Catholicism. Your prompt attention is much appreciate, as well. Blessings! – Deb

Just want to say a big thank you for recommending Gary’s book A Perception of Reality. It is superb and so easy to read and understand. – Jean

Thanks for all your help and Just to let u know, I am meditating everyday now! If I ever make thousands of dollar monthly I will not forget about you and will definitely donate to you! – Raheel

Thanks so much Gary (and Joshua). As usual your answer is invaluable. Much gratitude and love xxx – Jacky

I knew you would answer my question without any doubt. I had complete faith in you. I can’t thank you enough for your answer! Thank you so much for finding time to answer my question and thank you for your advice and help. They mean so much to me. I have already read Joshua’s answer couple of times and you’re right, every time I find something new. Luckily, I’m aware of most of the things written in the answer and totally accept them, but there are things I need to work on obviously. And I’m so excited to see how everything will unfold.

I receive your weekly Questions and look forward to them every week and read them constantly as well as questions from your website. Thank you once again! – With love, Antonija

Thanks so much Gary and Joshua. This was extremely enlightening and has helped me understand better. If you think it could help others, feel free to use my question in wider circles! – Sam

Wow, very enlightening! Blessings to you Gary and to Joshua. This is a much appreciated expanded perspective, for me, on this subject. Thank you for your most prompt attention. With love – Debra

Now that was fast! Big thanks to you and Joshua for this! You are absolutely right, I have already read it twice and know I will continue to do so in the days ahead. Deep stuff! Thanks again – Pepi

Thanks very much Gary :)))))))) i’ll think i’ll start look at it in a different way… Shira

Thank you Gary!! I have ordered A Radical Change ~ it will be here tomorrow!! After reading your story ~ I have downloaded Abraham’s guided meditations. Thank you for what you do ~ With Love ~ Wendy

Dear Gary, absolutely amazing!! I am so grateful and thank you so much for helping me understand things about this world. – Shira

This answer made me feel relief and wonderful ! I am now sending love to these people. Thank you Gary for using my question! – Pam

Thank you a million times over. What a blessing! Love and Light – Lauren

Thank you so much for the reply. There is a lot of really great stuff in here to soak up. I know that I have a lot of beliefs that are not serving me very well right now and so now it’s down to altering and softening those up a bit. It seems so simple and easy now.

I also wanted to add that I’ve read most of A Perception of Reality and have skimmed through parts of A Radical Change and I love them. I think that they are fantastic books and they make me feel really good when I read them. Thank you again, I really appreciate it! – Victoria

Thanks for a wonderful answer it really helps! – John

Thanks, Gary for promptly transcribing and relaying Joshua’s message, once again, profound and enlightening and much appreciated. – Debra

Thanks you so much for your words. I really wasn’t expecting to have a reply so soon, let alone a reply which is well written and personalised – to be honest I wasn’t sure anything would happen at all – so you’ve made a huge effect on me today. Not only that, your response fell into my lap at the exact moment I needed it. Thanks so much!

I listened to your podcast with Jewels last night, and then wrote you a question. Your journey sounded wonderful. Gosh I’d like to write and write about how grateful I am, but I won’t. Ill just leave you with a very sincere thanks from Rainy South Wales, UK. – Christine

Thank you Gary, Lilly and, Joshua for your work. I enjoyed listening to you on your first interview with Jewels. All the way from New Orleans, LA energy has travelled. :))) Beautiful writings….I can, sometimes, keep my self in the present moment because I know If I am in the past, I will recreate it… Coleen

First off, I heard your interview yesterday with Jewels on the Law of Attraction Radio Station. I have not read your book yet, I am knowledgeable of Abraham and Esther.

Your response has put some fire up me. When I first read it I was a little angry and disappointed. I had expect a total different response.

As I got up this morning and read it again, it makes a lot of sense. I am so motivated right now I can’t begin to tell you. I am going to focus on my passion and stop making excuses. I am more ready then I have ever been, just was looking for some whoo whoo fortunate telling for my future. Thank you for being so honest with me, I do plan on getting your book. Have a great day!

p.s. Keep doing what you are doing, you have made a profound difference in my life already! – Anita

Thank you Gary and Joshua for this. It is absolutely true. I do seek validation in others, and money is also connected to this. I am aware I do it. I am seeking ways to see my true value and worth on the inside. It is a hard task at times, but I will persevere. I have many ways of working with others I just need to find the best way to find and trust my own worthiness. In love and gratitude – Kirsten.

Thanks, your answer was very enlightening. I must stay positive and let others’ remarks, if not warranted or are not constructive to slide off as on a “ducks back” and consider the source before reacting to it in a negative way. – Hugh

Wow, thank you! I’m going to have to mull this one over a few times! Thanks so much for bringing this clarification. – Karren

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly grateful for you and the gift you have. I will be ordering the books ~ because I just want MORE!!! I’m sure I will have more questions on this journey ~ I will be in touch!! With love ~ Wendy

I’ve just finished reading your second book and I have to say that it’s had a profound effect on my life (which is the whole point I guessJ). In fact both your books have been inspirational and hugely enlightening so I REALLY look forward to your next one. In the meantime I’ll start round 2.. Thank you a million times for what you do in allowing this amazing information to flow through you. I’m immensely grateful! – Jacky

Thank you so much. I am giving up the resistance slowly. Being happier. So pain is reced ing. This was such a soothing answer. May God bless you. – Paridhi

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this! Much love and gratitude to you and Joshua! – Priya

First off, let me say that I am so appreciative of your responses. What you are saying makes perfect sense to me and I am a bit surprised that I haven’t thought of it this way before. When Abraham says “It’s your job to line up with what you want”, this is exactly what they mean. It’s so interesting to me how you can hear the same message over and over again, yet someone else says the same thing only slightly different and it really lands….really sinks in. Thank you for that! – Elaine

Thank you Gary for asking my questions to Joshua. The answers are wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to speak personally to the other side. You are truly providing a gift to the world. Much love – Sue

I loved loved this answer. It really helped to validate how I feel about supporting my husband in his passion. So many family and friends are against it. For some time I too was against it until one day it ‘hit’ me that I have no right to stop him from pursuing his passion. Joshua has made me feel like a huge burden has been lifted from me. – Pam

Thank you Gary and Joshua from the bottom of my heart. I am crying right now so overwhelmed with appreciation. With love – Pamela

That was absolutely beautiful! Blessings on us all!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Beryl