Dear Joshua,

I have always been interested in energy, Law of Attraction, Spiritualism and such. One thing I have always been told is that I have a lot of energy and when I lay my hands on someone the say the can feel my energy. The say It is very calming. I have my Reiki Practitioner degree, but I have never been interested in practicing Reiki on people. I just thought I should get it!

I work as an Esthetician and am having fun with that. Once more when I quiet myself and am without distractions I can feel energy radiating from me. It feels like a pulse going outward from my chest. If I focus I can direct the energy to my hands. My question is, what do I do with this energy?

I am not sure I am the type to be a healer. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable to believe in someone’s illness. Also I get very board when I do practice healing. I feel like I could do more with the energy, but don’t know what. Maybe this energy that I feel is something everyone else but I don’t think so. Is this a gift and what do I do with it? And is the energy I feel from source or is it my personal energy?

Thanks and Regards

Dear Cassandra,

The energy you feel is a gift and you may consider it the same type of gift as a talented singer or athlete possesses. If you were a wonderful singer, yet you did not particularly like singing, we would say that it is not important for you to sing. The singing is part of something much larger.

We will start by reminding you that prior to your emergence into this physical plane of existence, you set up certain intentions. You intended to experience joy, freedom, abundance, love, passions and interests. You also had one or two more specific things you wanted to explore. So you chose the time and place of your birth, your parents, your body and certain features or talents. In your case you chose to feel energy in a more pronounced way than most people.

People with your special ability often go on to become healers or energy workers because it is the most obvious choice for them. They enjoy doing it because people generally enjoy doing things they are good at. However, you understand more about yourself and this kind of mundane work does not interest you. You have other interests which for you are much more appealing.

The purpose of your interests are to lead you in the direction of that which you intended prior to your birth. If you are interested in something, that will lead you to other interests and to your passions. When you feel joy in anything you do, this is your indication that you have found a passion and it is what you intended prior to your birth.

Some people find their passions but deny them because they are insecure about them. They feel that they could never be good enough, or that they could not earn a living doing it, or that others might think it’s wrong or foolish to pursue, and so they give up before their passion has a chance to unfold.

When thinking about what you would like to do, first think of what interests you and then explore that. When you are doing the thing, you must ask yourself if it gives you any joy. If the answer is yes, then pursue it regardless of any fears you might have and delve deeper into it until it no longer brings you pleasure. There’s nothing you have to do. Even if you have been given wonderful gifts, you have complete free will and you only need to do that which brings you joy.

This is your personal experience and you can be, do and have whatever YOU want. YOU are the only one that matters in this reality. You decide what is good or not and what you prefer or not. So start exploring and see where your interests take you. Don’t worry too much about the money side of anything because the universe will bring you what you need when you need it as long as you allow it.

All of your energy, all of your inspiration, all of your power, everything comes from source. You are tapped into the power of the universe unless you are pinching off that power by not allowing it to flow. You have no more healing energy than anyone else, you simply were born with the talent to allow it to flow more than most.

You are loved more than you can imagine. Now go out and have a little fun.