Why do I forever have this internal feeling and struggle that I’m not measuring up to some higher standard of myself?


Dear Genevee,

The illusion of physical reality causes you to perceive danger. You exist in a world where your eventual path leads to nonexistence. This is part of the design of the system. Physical reality provides for the constructs of time and space. This allows you to see the world and yourself from a new perspective with every step and the passing of each moment. Take a step in any direction and you see the world anew. The world as perceived from this moment in time is quite different from the world you will perceive a year from now, a month, week, or even a minute from now. With each moment, everything changes. With each experience, you expand and this allows you to see everything from a new perspective.

The perception of danger is caused by limiting beliefs. When those beliefs are triggered, you feel fear. Without those limiting beliefs, you could not feel fear. That might be nice, but the limiting beliefs cause you to birth new desires and that is a wonderful and very important aspect of physical reality. You expand through contrast which enables you to birth desires. The desire you might create out of contrast is the desire to improve yourself.

Let’s imagine that you are flawed in some way. While this idea is completely preposterous and makes no sense from our perspective, we will use the premise to illustrate a point. If you were flawed, then presumably you could get better. You could improve. If you could improve, then maybe you could find a nice lover, land a nice job, buy a nice home and basically make all your dreams come true. However, if you are not flawed, then why does your life suck? That’s the paradox. If you are perfect, and this is the life you created, then what can you do to improve things?

The belief that you are flawed and need improvement in order to better your life is based in fear and is simply a mechanism of control. It’s an if/then proposition. If I improve, then things will be better. If I don’t improve, then things will get worse. This is the old approach to life based in fate, luck and fear. It is, in essence, a victim’s mentality.

If you are a victim, then improvement will make you less vulnerable to danger. However, if you are the creator of your reality and you are perfect as you are, and you created the reality that exists in your life right now, then you must be flawed.

This is not true at all. It’s simply the perception that comes from looking at life as a victim and not as the creator. Let us explain this further.

If you operate as a victim, you are primarily focused on what’s wrong and where danger lies. However, since the universe responds to the vibration you are offering, you create a victim’s reality. The system of the universe is one that presents a reality in accordance with the vibration you are emitting. If you emit the victim vibration, then that will be reinforced by the reality you are experiencing. Even when things start to improve, your focus is always on the bad and so what is bad to you simply sticks around. Even thought there is more good than bad, you tend to highlight the bad. It’s based on your perception of reality from the perspective of a victim and not a creator. And, of course, was chosen by you prior to your birth.

Now, if you choose to approach reality from a radically new perspective; the one of creator, then you simply change your point of focus. Instead of looking at how bleak and dark things are, you now look at how wonderful and bright everything is. Instead of focusing with despair on what’s bad or wrong, you look with gratitude and appreciation at how everything is actually good and right. Instead of wishing you were different so that you could experience a different reality, you revel in how perfect you are and you choose to create the reality you prefer by utilizing your talents and attributes that make you unique.

There is no trick to creating the life of your dreams. It’s simply a matter of focus,. Understand first and foremost that you are perfect as you are, that you can never improve, and that you have the ability to choose your perspective and focus on life in an empowering way, rather than a limiting way.

With our love,
We are Joshua