Dear Joshua,

My vibration is reflected in what I see around me. Right now I feel that I have too little time for everything I want to do and consequently this is what I’m sending out. The universe will respond by creating circumstances/events that will leave me with even less time. Clearly, this is not what I want so I have to start thinking about having ample time for everything I want to do and enjoy doing. Presently, I would like to do or have more time to do the following things.

– I want to visit my mom more often and do nice and fun things with her;
– I want to spend more time at my internet community;
– I want to follow up on the inspiration the universe is sending me;

I keep getting this inspiration about going to the animal shelter. I don’t believe it is to find a cat to take home but perhaps to help clean the cat accommodations and help to re-socialize them or to walk the dogs. Of course, I could go take the first step and go to the shelter, but would feel stupid by arriving there and not really knowing what it is I come to do. Feeling stupid would mean that I’m no longer aligned with my IB and thus any decision I would make would not be for my highest good.

-I want to do more yoga;
-I want to read more;
– I want to watch more television;
-I want to complete the “Introduction to medical translations” course that I just started to get my PE points and to continue to be a certified translator;
-I want to start translating the Joshua books,

I realize that if I want to connect with and channel my millions/guides/infinite intelligence, sitting around thinking that this simply is not for me is not very helpful.

The transition I’ve made in the past year from feeling fearful and generally panicky to feeling confident most of the time and appreciating my job more is simply amazing. I cannot exactly point out when or how the change happened but suddenly the confidence and trust that nothing really can go wrong was there and it continues to grow.

I believe that something similar will happen with my wish/intention to channel. Not even starting with translating the Joshua books because I think that I won’t find the right words, sentences, expressions etc. etc., and because I think that I won’t be able to produce readable books that flow and will be hard to put down, will only bring more of the same. I must simply start (which I already did by the way, but then stopped again due to a lack of time) and not fret about words or sentences, endlessly changing and re-changing them, but trust that it will all work out in the end.

-I want to visit with my friend more often and do fun things with her such as crocheting and other creative projects;
-I want to clear out all the clutter in my house;
-I want to take trips on my own or with my mom or friend or others I enjoy being with; and
– last, but certainly not least(!), I want to have more than enough money to do all that and more and any other enjoyable things that come my way.

As I said, I’m starting to appreciate my job more and the translation process is getting easier and becoming more fun. On the one hand I “blame” my job for keeping me from doing all the things that I want and on the other I appreciate my job for allowing me to do all these things.

I do my best not to think how I can accomplish all this, but trust that the universe will find a – pleasant – way to bring all this and even more fun things my way.

I would like to hear your non-physical view on all of this.

With love,

Dear Alette,

Let’s start with inspiration. Inspiration is the key here. There may be many things that you think you would like to do because you think that doing them would feel good. All of these ideas that you have laid out stem from some inspiration and so it will always be in your best interest to move past the little fears and take action on any of them. However, one inspiration has stood out. This is the inspiration to go to the animal shelter and volunteer your time. We would like to start with a discussion around this one subject.

You receive inspiration. You can feel it. The inspiration is to go to the animal shelter and possibly volunteer your time. You imagine that it might be enjoyable and we agree with that. However, you do not know what else lies in store. There might be someone you meet there. Does this idea scare you? Do you feel fear when we suggest this possibility? Why is that? What is the fear? Or does this idea excite you? Does it pique your interest? What if there was an animal there waiting for you? Doesn’t it make sense that the animal might attract you when it is ready for a new home? Wouldn’t the universe be working perfectly if you received the inspiration to go to the shelter and that led to the adoption of a new pet? Does this idea bring up fear?

Now, what if we said that the inspiration is pure and that if you were to push past your fears and simply show up unannounced, it would lead to something truly magical and amazing? What if we guaranteed you that the experience would lead to something you truly wanted? What if we told you that you could not lose and nothing could go wrong? Well, that’s exactly the case. You received inspiration to act. The action was simply to go to the shelter. Nothing more. When you arrive, you will receive inspiration to go to the next step. That next step might have nothing to do with the shelter or with animals or it might. You have no idea. What you are doing is looking too far down the road and inventing the worst possible scenarios and using them as your excuse to succumb to fear. We ask you to push past that fear.

Everything you want exists on the other side of fear. You are living a life guided not by inspiration, but by fear. You worry about this and that. This is a habit and while you have built up some momentum toward the old approach to life, it is not that difficult a thing to overcome. You can reverse that momentum quite easily. The way you reverse the momentum is to recognize how the system works.

You are being guided by your millions. You perspective is limited for sure, but your millions see your life from a much higher perspective. When you receive inspiration, such as the inspiration to go to the animal shelter, you can know that your millions have seen the path ahead and have given you this inspiration directly. Everything is working out. You have made vibrational changes and you are ready for the action inspired by your millions. You have done the work to be a vibrational match to something you want and here it is waiting for you. All you have to do is act.

If you act, you will see that the action leads to something that is for your highest good. It might lead to something truly wonderful or to another step. Whatever it is will be for your highest good. All you have to do is process the fear that always arises. You do this by not looking too far down the road. All you ever have to do is take the first step. Now, you imagine the first step is fraught with danger. That is a choice. It is just as easy and way more likely to imagine the step in a way that allows you to feel good.

You imagine showing up at the animal shelter and being perceived by the people there as strange. Why would you care what they think? Does this make any sense anyway? Don’t they rely on volunteers like you to help out? Don’t they spend time raising money and asking for support from volunteers just like you? Of course they do. Now imagine what would happen if you set your intentions in advance and then walked into the front door to offer your aid. It might look something like this:

“I intend to feel good. I intend to be of service. I intend to be perceived as helpful and capable. I intended to be seen as a benefit to all involved.”

Then, after setting your intentions, you process the fear: “I understand that there is fear around how I will be perceived. That fear is natural and is based on the persona that I have developed. My persona wants to be perceived by others as good. Well, here I am being good. Here I am coming to offer my assistance in love. Of course I will be perceived as good.”

The you enter the building with a smile, you approach the counter, you introduce yourself; “Hi, I’m Alette and I just had the inspiration to come down here and see if there’s anything I can do to help you. I love animals and I want to be of some service. Is there a way for me to volunteer a little time?”

If you take a conscious approach to processing fears and taking action, you will make life much, much easier and all that you truly want will unfold into your reality. We promise.

With our love,
We are Joshua