Dearest Joshua,

This morning I was feeling a big wobble. As I drove home to do my homework I was feeling anxious. After reading the last answer to my question about a million dollars the wobble was completely gone. I want to thank you so much for all your support. The answers come at the perfect time as you know. 🙂 I really LOVE YOU!!

So here is my homework from question 25:

I believe that abundance is my birthright. My focus is on me and my worthiness. I am worthy! I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me. Abundance flows easily and freely to me.

Things I would do if I were not concerned with money:

1. I would travel the world. See different places. Meet new people.
2. I would buy a home.
3. I would take dance lessons.
4. I would buy a new car.
5. I would throw parties.
6. I would do whatever inspired me in the moment.

You asked why I wanted to receive $5,000 per week. I assumed that would be enough to pay my rent and allow me the freedom to do all the other recreational things I want to do. Of course, I would love to make a lot more. But do I??

I want my own home because I like the thought of having a beautiful place to call my own. A place to enjoy. I imagine my life as full, and happy and free, owning my own home. No one to tell me I can’t do this or I can’t do that. I want the freedom to do what I am inspired to do when I am inspired to do it. And I know I can do that without owning my own home. But there would be a lot less resistance if the home was mine 🙂

I do feel abundant now. I focus now on the abundance that I already have. I am confident now. I know that I am worthy now. I was wobbling today and I came home to do my homework and when I opened my email I received your answer at the perfect time. It shook me right out of my wobble. I believe. I believe and feel I am a part of Source. I believe I am doing as well as anyone else on the face of this earth. I am a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance (except when I feel a wobble 🙂 ) I do!

How am I doing so far?? I am releasing this fear of lack. I want it to be GONE FOREVER!!!!!! Remind me how to release it forever and ever.

With my LOVE,

Dear Tracy,

What you want is freedom, joy, abundance, and to express your love. What you want is to maintain your alignment so that all of these things can flow easily into your reality. What you want is the power to maintain your alignment so that you will be inspired to do whatever you are inspired to do in the moment. In alignment you receive inspiration. What you want is the ability to process your fears so that when you receive an inspired idea you actually take it as the wonderful gift it is. You actually appreciate the inspiration enough to pull over and write it down. When you are able to do this, you step into your power.

You want freedom. Why do you not feel free? Because you choose a perspective that you are not free. This is the limited perspective and it causes you to feel resistant and this limits your actual freedom. However, your belief that you are not free is false. You are free. You are absolutely and unconditionally free. You perceive that you are not free, but this perception is an illusion. Let us explain this.

You are the creator of your reality. You can create anything. You create through the thoughts you think and the perspectives you choose. Since you are free to choose any thought or any perspective, then you can create any reality you like. The belief that others can hold you down is false, because they cannot think your thoughts for you or make you choose their perspective. That is all within your power. All you are doing is allowing them to influence you and this bring on fear. The fear is what’s limiting.

Right now, you could create anything, but that will always start with the perspective you choose. Right now, you can choose to be free or not. What do you choose for you? If you choose freedom, then you must release your attachment to what exists now. You must release the dynamic with your ex (that he is wrong in any way). You must release the dynamic with your children (that they will suffer being divided between two homes). And release your dynamic around men (that they don’t love you like you want). Let everyone be as they are being and have faith that everyone is attracting the reality that is best for them in the moment.

Your current living situation is benefitting you because you are vibrating it. It is your current vibration. You have a home, your children are with you and you have the support your ex provides. To say you are not free is to discount all that you have. You have everything you need right now. You are simply focused on the negative aspects of it. Do not do anything other than appreciate what you have now and start seeing yourself as the powerful creator you are and that you are in fact totally and completely free.

You assume that the life you have created could be better. This is a human thing and it is responsible for the magnificent quality of life you all now enjoy. However, the animals do not do this. They do not hate their environment and wish it to be different than it is. You might say, “look at the animals living out in the cold. They don’t even have homes or cars or jobs.” Yes this is true. You have all these things. But what they have is what you want. They feel joy. They know they are free. They exist as one with All That Is. They do not suffer as you do. They exist in bliss and in perfect alignment. This is what you truly want. Seek not to change the conditions and instead, seek to alter your perspective.

With our love,
We are Joshua