Dear Joshua,

Today my Mom picked me up at the Airport and drove me home. She had decorated it with balloons and stuff, and bought flowers. One of the gifts was a photo collage of me in different settings, with friends and family, from probably 2-3 years old up to now. She has never done anything like this before, we don’t do things like this. I am amazed.

And I hardly recognize the person I was in those photos. It is so shocking to see how happy they all look beside me or around me. As do I of course. I just never had this clear picture of how much so many people love me. It is shocking to see me through their eyes.

And why did I always feel so fat? I was slender! And the earliest photos of me all have me with a huge grin on my face. I even pose for the camera and it seems like I love it all. Haha, I must be a natural, like we all are, right?

I don’t know what this manifestation means, but it was a big one. Coming home from the cruise, my birthday, the balloons, and then this….

I don’t know what I am asking but I trust you do.


Dear Astrid,

You are worthy of love. We say this and you don’t believe it, because you chose a trajectory that would cause you to believe in the illusion that there was something wrong with you. We tell you that you are perfect, but you don’t believe us. You think that there are some flaws you must fix and that’s because you chose the trajectory to discover that you are indeed perfect as you are. People tell you that they love you and you don’t believe them. You think they are just being nice. That is an illusion caused by the trajectory you chose. You believe that when you fix what’s wrong with yourself then people will really like you and then you’ll believe it. Can’t you see by now that everything has to do with your perception of reality?

You can perceive reality in any way you like. It’s all up to you. As you perceive yourself as magnificent, you are magnificent. It has nothing to to with anything other than how you perceive yourself. Don’t you get it by now? Can’t you see the very obvious examples of this happening all the time?

Let’s look at the cruise and see if we can see some examples. In the beginning of the cruise, you felt as if you didn’t fit in. You wanted to leave. You had an idea about yourself as compared with everyone else. That was an illusion caused by the trajectory you chose for yourself prior to your birth. The reality was that you were one of the stars of the group. You were one of the people that others came to see and hear. Your disbelief of this, the illusion that you did not fit in, first manifested as a negative emotion and then as seasickness on a ship that barely moved. How interesting! When you ignored the negative emotion, which was your indication that your perspective was focused on the illusion, while your inner self’s perspective was focused on the reality, your body sent you a message in the form of nausea or whatever it was you were feeling.

As soon as you saw through the illusion and felt as if you were indeed part of the group, you felt better. When you could see that everyone in the group adored you, you began to believe that you might actually fit in after all. You could not feel the depth of their love, but you allowed yourself the tiniest bit of excuse to pierce the illusion and look through the veil. This made you feel good enough to cure your imaginary illness and make a remarkable recovery. Once you realigned your perspective with your inner self’s perspective, you felt positive emotion and you had full access to higher intelligence, and witty and insightful words flowed from your mouth.

You had several days of feeling good. You allowed yourself to go with the flow of life. You kept yourself in alignment with the perspective of you held by your inner self. Your mother was inspired to do what she did because you had reached a level of alignment where you could appreciate this overt and obvious display of love. Had you not reached that high vibrational level, she could not have received the inspiration to do what she did. She had to push through some fears of her own. Do you realize that? That’s how strong the inspiration was for her. Had you not been a vibrational match to love, she could not have expressed her love for you in this manner. It was your understanding of the true reality of who you are that allowed your mother to express her love for you in this way.

You chose this illusion. Why would you do such a thing? Because a transformation made from this intense trajectory feels so good. It’s so worth the years of doubt to come out the other side and understand the illusion from a place of clarity. The illusion that anything is wrong is fading away and the reality that you are perfect as you are in this moment is coming into view. Keep talking with your new friends. Keep feeling good. Keep appreciating yourself as you are. It is all coming together now, but your work is just beginning. You must now focus on just how wonderful you are and realize that the illusion has momentum, but it is beginning to move in the other direction.

You know what we are going to say next, but this time you will believe it.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.