Dear Joshua,

I found myself feeling a bit sorry for my inner being for being landed with me which then got me to thinking that I see my inner being as a separate thing than me (a bit like an angel or something of that nature which in our folklore would have the “task” of being assigned to take care of us). But from what I have heard, that would be incorrect in that inner being is me; just broader than my human perspective and my inner being me is part of all that is, so there is no reason to feel sorry for it (in a loving fun way, a bit like “gawd… poor thing – sending me messages constantly that I don’t hear – or feel – half the time).


Dear Kate,

Your inner self could not be more in love with you, more proud of you, or enjoy being your inner self any more than she does. Your inner self is having a wonderful and exhilarating time guiding you and experiencing physical reality through your physical senses and even your perspective. You are living life just as you both intended prior to your birth. Your inner self could not be more thrilled.

Your inner self guides you, this is true, but does not mind if you don’t take that guidance. Your inner self loves for you to be blended with her in times of bliss and happiness, but does not mind when you detach yourself from her. Your inner self is elated whether you feel good or feel bad. Your inner self holds the higher perspective and will never, ever remove her attention from whatever it is you want.

Your inner self sees all things from the higher perspective and knows what’s really going on here. The illusion does not work on your inner self. You are fooled by the illusion of physical reality and for you that is a very good thing because it causes you to really feel the experience of life and expand through that experience. But your inner self will never join you when you feel pity for her or for yourself.

This is your life, your reality, your universe, and your experience. You can do with it what you like. You can spend all of it in misery or ecstasy. Your inner self will enjoy your journey either way. You see, when you are feeling good, your inner self is also feeling good and when you are feeling bad, your inner self is still feeling marvelous. Therefore, nothing you can do can make your inner self feel anything other than absolute joy and unconditional love.

Your inner self operates from the highest approach to life there is. Imagine if you operated that way. No one could say or do anything that would bring you down, because you would be solely responsible for how you feel. You would be focused on the higher perspective. You would be looking at life in exactly the same way your inner self views your life. It would all be wonderful, even if at times it seemed bad or wrong.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some system that would allow you to know how your inner self was feeling about the subject in the moment? Imagine knowing the exact perspective that your inner self was taking in the moment. If you could know what that perspective was, you could quickly drop your limited perspective and adopt the higher one. If you could always adopt the higher perspective in the moment, not only would you maintain your good-feeling emotional state of being, but you would be consciously creating the life you desire by allowing everything you want to flow to you. Oh yes, that system does exist. It’s your emotional guidance system!

The reality of physical reality is that it is a fun and captivating game where you get to be, have, and do anything you want. However, because you believe that serious stuff is going on, you feel fear. Almost all of the fear you feel is irrational, yet it seems real to you. You mostly succumb to your fears and in doing so you live a safe and sheltered life. The fear is limiting and so it limits what you allow yourself to experience in this reality. That’s fine, but know that it is limiting.

You are really a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance, yet you live in reality as something more limited than that. Your inner self is the full and absolute expression of who you really are. The difference between how you operate in the physical and how your inner self operates in the nonphysical has to do with the amount and intensity of your irrational fears. Strip away your fears and you become limitless. Your inner self feels no fear and therefore is free to focus on the higher perspective. When you choose a limited perspective, you do so out of fear.

You can always know when you are choosing the limited perspective, because you will feel a negative emotion. Now you have a chance to either find the higher perspective or analyze the fear at the base of a limiting thought or belief. Either way, you will reduce the intensity of the fear and move in the direction of what is wanted. The idea of unconditional love is expressed through your inner self and cast upon you. Your inner self is you, but unlike you, your inner self loves you unconditionally. Your inner self judges everything you say, think, and do as right because it is always right.

There is no wrong and you can do no wrong either. You are good and worthy and special and unique and important and right just as you are. There is no need for improvement because you are perfect. You may evolve to another version of you, but you cannot be better than you are. You are love.

We are Joshua