Dear Joshua,

I’m really enjoying “Health, Wealth & Love” book and today I’ve stumbled upon a line that has been repeated many times. I just keep getting stuck on it and I’d love to move along. You’ve stated: “The outside world will always match how you are feeling in your inner world. Trying to change something only causes you to focus your attention on the problem, which will then grow larger as a result.” And I scream … YIPES! And then feel so much frustration and negative emotion.

I drill myself with questions and begin to point out all the “wrongs” of my world with the idea that on the inside that is causing this or that. Would you share with us the best way to move through this. How do we “accept” that perhaps things are not the way we want them and how to move to a focus of positive that will cause a change. Is it happy and joyful first, then manifestation? But maybe the question is: How to identify the issue that is causing dissatisfaction?

Then I worry about focusing on the negative instead of the positive … round and round I go! For a time now, I’ve been worried about my weight and I am constantly focusing on all the topics and points you’ve shared in your books … it’s not the food, it’s the beliefs … it’s not this or that … so why am I gaining (and focusing a lot on my disappointment in myself)? How can I turn this around? And I will add now I’m very angry at myself for not “getting it” from my reading! Tisk Tisk, Allyson!

Joshua – you’ve enlightened me beyond anything I could have imagined, I was born a believer in the LOA (I picked a great family!) and when I get stuck, well, I guess I’m stubborn. I’m ready to move to the next level. I’d appreciate any enlightenment you might provide.

Thank you in advance,

Dear Allyson,

The universe does not know good or bad, right or wrong. The universe only knows what you choose to focus on. It assumes that if you are constantly thinking about something, constantly talking about that subject, and constantly taking action to change the thing, you must really, really like it. And so the universe responds to what it believes is your request. Doesn’t this make sense? In a reality where you attract all that you want, and you can push nothing away, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that you would only think, talk about, and do things you liked?

You can’t lose weight by hating the fat. The more you despise the fat, the more you will receive urges to take action, which will result in more fat. It cannot be helped. Generally, these urges come when you are in a lower emotional state of being and they might help you to feel a bit better temporarily, but they do nothing to move you to where you want to go. Do you know where you want to go? Do you want to move away from fat or move toward a lean and healthy body? This is the most important thing you can ask yourself. You must know the answer. In an attractive universe you cannot possibly move away from anything. All you can do is attract is what is wanted.

What is it you really want? Do you want to lose the weight so that you will feel good? Do you think that you’ll feel better when you are thin? You won’t. You don’t manifest anything and then feel better. You feel better first and the outer world responds to how you feel.

You might think that if you learn to love the body you now have, it will remain the same. You might think that the only way to a better body is by noticing and taking care of the flaws you find. You must be on alert so that you can notice all the flaws and find ways to change them. But you can’t change your outer world because you do not like it. You must change your inner world first.

Let’s take an example of a real estate developer. He does not look at an ugly skyline and try to improve it by building a new high rise. He sees a beautiful skyline and wants to add to it and improve it by building a beautiful building. You want to add to the beauty of who you are right now and in doing that you will make it easier to feel good about yourself. When you feel good, you are open to good-feeling thoughts and ideas. You will be open to inspiration and you will be inspired to take beneficial action at the right time.

We know it seems counter-intuitive, but the only way to move to an improved condition is to love and appreciate the present condition. It works like this in all areas of your life. Find something to appreciate about yourself and focus on that. Look for the positive aspects and smile about them. Feel good and you will be tuned to a good-feeling reality that will provide you with the inspiration to act in ways that will slowly cause things to get better and better.

But you cannot do any of this with the intention of losing weight. You must accept what you look like now as perfect. Feel good now. This is your only choice. You know feeling bad does not do anything to help you. Feeling bad attracts urges which work against you. Feeling bad leads to other unwanted manifestations. Feel good for who you are, what you have, and the lovely and wonderful shape of your beautiful body as it exists now and everything will get better and better and better and better.

With all our love.

We are Joshua