Hi Joshua,

Before getting up this morning, I was thinking about inspired action vs. general action, and thinking how I have the belief that action, uninspired or not, is how to move forward. I know you have the higher perspective and are saying its piddly, but because everything I have “done” (at least in my limited awareness) has come from action, often uninspired, but that I perceived as necessary, I continue to believe that I have to keep “motivating” myself to keep moving forward (in work mainly).

I have a general view that Source takes care of the big things, like keeping the planet together, but I have to do the small things to keep getting what I want, like showing up to work, making phone calls etc. Everything I know would collapse if I stopped and just sat back and waited for inspiration (obviously there is a lot of fear behind that idea). I know it’s fine to have that belief. Maybe not as efficient as I could have it but if it is what makes me comfortable in taking action, then it is fine (but it is driven by fear, and I felt the effects of that yesterday when my arm, neck and heel where all hurting and my tummy was a mess – all this within 24hrs of my boss being back from vacation – and yet when he is here, I work more, am more focused, more motivated, etc. I’m not sure how to move through this except (and this is good enough for me), taking each negative emotion as it comes up and working on it. I have a lot of work to do (smile).


Dear Kate,

There is inspired action which comes from a place of love. Inspired action is based in love. Inspired action comes from a higher perspective that sees the whole picture, knows what all involved need, and knows how it will all play out. All other action comes from a place of fear. It comes from you trying to make things happen because, from your lower perspective, it seems as if this action must be taken or something bad will happen. Do you see the difference here?

There is no inspired action and general action. It is inspired or it is not. You might think it’s not inspired when it is and you might also think it’s inspired when it’s not. When you want to do something because it is interesting, exciting, fun, challenging, or you feel that somehow it is right, then that is inspired action. If you get an idea or thought and you feel the urge to do it, then it is inspired. Even if there is fear involved, as long as you are in a high emotional state of being, the action will always be for your highest good. The results may not seem that promising or productive in the moment, but the results, whatever they are, are for your highest good. Inspired action engages universal forces. Its timing is perfect and the results are extremely productive.

Think about how the universe brings you everything you want. You ask and it is given immediately. You don’t match what it is you want in your present state so you must be changed so that you do match it. You will be guided toward all the circumstances, chance meetings, news articles, conversations, and manifestation events that will help you change into the version of you who is ready for what it is you want. The universe has to line everything up at the perfect time so that you can rendezvous with each and every opportunity. The timing is critical.

So you receive a thought to take some action. You either act on the thought or you resist the thought. The thoughts are inspiration to go here, look there, listen to that conversation, talk to that person, make a phone call, take that taxi, take this route, be early for this meeting, be late for that appointment, and so on and so forth. Everything is timed and coordinated so that you meet the right people at the right time who have the right information. Your mother is inspired to call you during work hours even though she knows you don’t like this. And still she calls. Why is that do you suppose? To deliver information you need at that time in your life. Yet, you resist the information, calling her timing inappropriate.

Source takes care of all things; big and small. If you would simply ease into the flow of life, you would be swept in a current of well-being. But you resist, thinking you know how to get things done better than Source. You believe that Source does not know the details, however this is a false premise. The details of you are contained in your vibration. Your vibration is emitted out into the universe. It is easily seen. Source is very aware of you. Source’s capacity for awareness is infinite. You cannot comprehend how it all works, yet this awareness and response is woven into the very fabric of the universe.

Imagine that Source is like gravity. Gravity is aware of you. Gravity knows when you throw a ball in the air or get on an airplane. Gravity never forgets about you and neither does Source. If you were to drop a paperclip or an elephant, gravity would respond to you personally and so will Source.

Everything might collapse if you would stop and wait for inspiration. Maybe collapse is the best way to get you what you really want. Maybe it would not collapse. Maybe you would be inspired to reach for a book or even reach for some motivation. Maybe Source knows that for you to get what it is that you want, you must begin to recognize and embrace your own worthiness. You must trust the mechanism that brings all things.