Dear Joshua,

I have a question re. Paris and the recent attacks. It’s a tricky one to put into words really. I have friends in Paris and former clients there too. This small part of me (my ego?) feels slightly guilty for not being more concerned about their welfare. But I think it’s because I know that on a deeper level they are perfectly safe. However, far from hearing all the uplifting stories I was hoping to hear – okay, there have been one or two… it’s like ‘the world has taken a nightmare pill’ to quote Marianne Williamson.

The mass fear has risen to a whole new level. People who are usually peaceful and rational are at war with each other even on my Facebook feeds! Solution: stay off social media? Even Pam Grout was attacked for daring to focus on love for Paris and its people in her recent blog. It’s like the ‘muggles’ were taking a step forward before but now they are trying to throw all of humanity back to the darkest ages of fear and taking several steps backwards. Their anger is turning sour and spiralling out of control so they are hurting even their nearest and dearest in an attempt to make sense of it.

This attack whilst smaller than 9/11 but definitely not any less relevant to humanity seems to have ignited a greater hatred than even the immediate aftermath of the twin towers. Or is this because the American mentality is far more focused on positivity and coming together as one? I had to walk away from and change the conversation numerous times this weekend. Even with complete strangers. It’s strange because I honestly didn’t have Paris on my mind. I live far away from the city in a very tranquil place. Yet the fear seems to have made its way to people here in our small town in much the same way as Paris. Will humanity ever move forward? We’re socalled on the brink of seeing beneath the veil, on the brink of a new level of consciousness. Yet the weekend’s activities seem to have plunged 99% of humanity further into doom and gloom mentality as well as a huge bitterness.

Thanks Joshua!

Dear Samantha,

You are right. The world has gone even more mad than before. Humanity is on the brink of a new level of consciousness. People are awakening to the fact that there is more going on than they can see. There are great changes coming. The world is moving from fear to love. The terrorist attacks, the school shootings, the police incidents, and all other such events you would call tragedy, are the manifestation events that are beginning to change people’s perception of reality.

Before you move from fear to peace and love, you must become aligned vibrationally with the concept of acceptance. You cannot know something until you’ve reached vibrational alignment with it. You want peace, harmony, love and security. If you, as a people, do not have that which you want, it is because you are not a vibrational match to it. In order to become a match, there is nothing you have to do other than allow the changes to be made to your vibration. The universe will present manifestation events that are designed to bring you to a new level of awareness and consciousness. These events will challenge your belief system. Because of your beliefs, you will judge the events as wrong or bad. But there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. This is a primary fact. It is the first phrase we wrote through Gary. If there is no such thing as wrong, then what makes it wrong is your belief system and your perspective and they are at odds with what it is you really want. Alter your beliefs and perspective and you will become changed. This change will raise your vibration so that it aligns with what is wanted.

When you ask for something, the universe answers and it is given. If you do not have that thing you want, it’s because you are not yet a vibrational match to it. That’s okay, the universe will help you become vibrationally ready by presenting you with challenges to your perspective and belief system. If you resist, you’ll feel negative emotion. That bad-feeling emotion is your indication that your perspective is not aligned with the version of you that will be ready for what you want. If you can alter your perspective, and as a result you feel better, then you have raised your vibration and you’ll be ready for the next manifestation event that will help to shape your perspective and beliefs even further. In a short while, as long as you are not resisting, your vibration will be raised enough so that the thing you really want actually manifests into your reality. This is simply how the mechanism of physical reality functions.

You, as an individual, can become aligned with peace, love and acceptance whether your fellow man, neighbor, or even family members are aligned with you. It is always an individual thing. As you become personally aligned with love, and you are then perfectly aligned with the power of the universe, you will affect the mass consciousness of your society. One who is aligned with love is more powerful than millions who align with fear. Your individual acceptance of the laws of the universe will not only be of great personal benefit to you, but your example will become a beacon to others. You cannot preach what you know, you can however be fearless in your resolve to love unconditionally.

So we see you as aligned with love. We see that your perspective on this subject is in tune with who you really are. You understand that the manifestation event called “The Paris Attacks” was created by those involved not to instill fear, but to bring about love. If this is your perspective, and you feel positive emotion when thinking about this event in this way, then you can be assured that you are aligned with love, not fear. But if you are thinking that the attacks are wrong, that the terrorists are bad, and that the victims were unlucky innocents, then you are aligned with fear and you will feel negative emotion in the form of hatred, and outrage. In an attempt to feel better, you will insist on revenge and retaliation. You will want to annihilate your perceived enemy. You will lash out at others who seek peace because you fear that those people will stand in the way of your revenge and you believe that revenge is the only way you will ever feel better. But this is a false premise and it will not work. It simply goes against the laws of the universe.

If you can see that these terrorist attacks, school shootings, and other such events are manifestation events, designed to bring humanity what they really want, and you feel better as a result of looking at these subjects from the higher perspective, then you personally are on the right track. However, you must also see that everyone else who is operating in the old approach to life, is simply reacting out of fear. They will make you wrong because it makes them feel better when others agree with their beliefs. Everyone is motivated to do whatever they can to feel better. They are simply in a state of resistance. They feel powerless.

As these events continue to occur, people will begin to question their beliefs. When they stop seeing the terrorists as wrong, and the school shooters as evil, they will awaken to a new approach to life. Some will find teachers such as us who will help them see a new perspective. Soon others will follow. You are one of the few pioneers. You are personally more advanced than most. This is your gift, yet it can feel lonely on the leading edge of thought. But as you continue to raise your vibration as you accept the actions of the fearful masses that surround you, you can see them from the higher perspective as well. When you look at them and feel compassion rather than annoyance, you have altered your perspective and have raised your vibration even higher.

You are loved more than you can imagine. Everything is working out perfectly. You are doing very well indeed and we are excited to see what comes next.