Dear Joshua,

In the last 18 months since discovering LOA and the teaching of different mentors, including yourself, I feel as if I have come a very long way and can say with all honesty that my life has changed for the better. However, since February of this year, I have regularly suffered from itchy and swollen feet. I have put it down to stress and realize it coincided with certain family events and issues.

I meditate and script everyday, however, recently the meditation has gone a bit by the wayside, as I have a houseful of people and find it hard to have real “me” time, although I do have plenty of free time. I read on Louise Hay\’s You can Heal you Life, that the itchiness and and swelling feet relate to fear and insecurities, which, given my family circumstances, and the beginning of the problem starting in February, makes a lot of sense, Therefore, my question is, how can I tap into whatever is blocking me to be able to release it, I think its guilt and past lack of self worth, which I believed I was in the process of overcoming but am now questioning whether I have succeeded?

Do you have any suggestion as to the best way I can be more connected and aware, thereby releasing the blockages? I am also for the first time in 42 years wishing to stop smoking and I keep thinking that maybe it is also connected to my current conflict.

Thank you in advance,

Dear Maria,

No matter what the time is or what you are doing, it is always “Me” time. Everything is happening for you. Your family is not happening to you, they are being in a way that is meant to help you realize whatever it is you need to understand about yourself. Any physical ailment that arises as a resistance to what is happening is a message. It is there to help you take a look at what’s “blocking” you. In reality there are no blocks. All blocks are self-imposed. It is simply your resistance to what is.

If you have a pain in your shoulder it’s because you are constantly thinking that things “should” be this way rather than that way. If you have a blemish on your face it’s because you are insecure about how others see you. If you have an irritation on your feet it’s because you want to run away, but you feel you can’t. The physical condition is a message from your body that is meant to alert you to the fact that you are thinking about life in a way that does not serve you. It is a note from your body telling you that you are resisting something for no reason. Ease your resistance and your physical condition will disappear.

Start with the premise that you can run if you want to but you really don’t want to because you created the conditions that surround you and those conditions are wonderful indeed. Nothing is wrong. No one should be different than they are. You created the reality you find yourself in and you can create a reality that’s even better than this. Relax into the understanding that you are perfect as you are and your family is there to help you understand this fact. They are also perfect as they are.

So then, what is really the stress? Why do you feel inner conflict? It has to do with some limiting beliefs you adopted along the way. That’s all. There are some beliefs you have that are false. They are not true. They cause fear. Fear causes stress. Stress builds in momentum and eventually you will feel like the only way to reduce the stress is to leave, but you can’t leave. And a condition appears on your feet.

So to ease the unwanted physical condition, just ease your stress. To ease your stress, think about things from another perspective. Imagine that you are the center of your universe and you have brought all the people and all the conditions of your life together so that you could gather some information about yourself. That’s what reality is. It is the physical projection of yourself onto the screen we call the outer world. The outer world is a reflection of your feelings of self. Feel better about self and you will feel easier with the projection that appears in your reality.

We suggest that you write ten affirmations every morning as soon as you wake up.

Write them by hand with pen on paper. Write the first ten that come to mind. Write every single morning without fail for thirty days and by the end of the time period, you will have adjusted your set of beliefs, you will have raised your vibration, and you will have begun the alteration of your entire world.

Also, your feet will have healed themselves in the process.

We are Joshua