Dear Joshua,

A while back I experienced a manifestation event around the topic of money. When I signed up for the One on One program, I read the website as saying that it was $147 for the entire program. I felt like that was a stretch, but I went ahead and signed up in a moment of inspiration. Then, about five weeks in, Gary emailed me asking about my weekly payments. I checked the website again, saw that it was $147 per week, and pretty much had a mini heart attack.

The fear in my body was so incredibly palpable, and my thoughts raced for about 30 seconds before I realized, “Hey, wait…this is totally a manifestation event. I get to choose how I respond here.” So, I checked in with my Self, got the message that I was meant to be here, doing exactly what I was doing, so I reminded myself that I am supported, and that the Universe has always provided me with whatever I need. No matter what happened, I would be okay.

I sent Gary the $735 I owed him, thanked him for providing answers even though he wasn’t being paid for them, and committed to continue sending in payments. In a matter of about five minutes, I went from being terrified and feeling like an idiot, to laughing at how cheeky the Universe (or my guides or supporters or you or whoever) is, for basically “tricking” me into signing up. I recognized the higher purpose in my “mistake” of not seeing that it was weekly payments, and frankly I found (and still find) it kind of hilarious. If I had seen that, I probably would never have signed up, telling myself I could never afford it.

I’m so glad I did sign up though, and I’m glad I stuck with it. Just so happened that a couple weeks after that event, I was inspired to check the gigs section on Craigslist, and I found an ad from a guy looking for a “voice actress” to record some scripts he’d written that were of, as he put it, “a very graphic nature”, and he was willing to pay $100 per script. I’ve never responded to *those* kind of ads before, but I felt called to respond to this one, so I did.

It turned out to be the most incredible experience, and I am 100% certain that it turned out way differently for me than it might have for others due to the vibration that I’ve been putting out. I haven’t told many people about it, because there’s the obvious stigma associated with Craigslist and creepers. But this guy…it’s almost unbelievable how respectful and kind and not creepy he was. And the best part is that I realized that I was totally creating him to be that way!

He sent me a sample script to record, and apparently sent the same thing to 40 other women, 28 of whom sent a sample back. In the email response he sent, after receiving my sample, he raved about my recording and literally called me a goddess, like Athena, worthy of being worshipped, even saying he was envisioning me atop a pillar of Corinthian marble. It was so ridiculously awesome that I still laugh every time I think about it.

After the first recording I returned to him, he wrote me saying I deserved a raise. He now wanted to send me $150 per script, with the scripts arriving about once a week. Isn’t that curious? All of a sudden, I now had $150 flowing in for “work” that I actually really enjoyed and honestly would probably have done for free because of the benefits I received from doing it (namely, getting to explore my sexuality and issues with intimacy in a relatively safe way).

So that was happening, and it was awesome. I was getting near-daily emails from some guy in another state, with absolutely no expectations of me other than what I was comfortable with, telling me how worthy and deserving of worship I am. And I fucking created that! Yet another LIFE IS SO FREAKING COOL moment.

Here’s the interesting part…last week, it’d been a couple days since I’d heard from him so I reached out to check in. Turns out his wife was in ICU, about to come home on hospice, so he could no longer continue what we were doing as his heart and mind were elsewhere. So, poof, just like that, it was over.

What’s most interesting to me is my response to this ending. Instead of experiencing fear about losing the income, or disappointment at not getting to continue something that had turned out to be quite fun, or even sorrow for him and his wife, I simply thought, “Well, I guess that experience has served its purpose.”

Here are what I’ve determined to be the purposes of the experience:

  • –affirmation that I am really, truly, 100% worthy
  • –confirmation that this is the kind of vibe I’m putting out
  • –evidence that money can and will find me in creative, fun ways
  • –proof that I really do create my own reality (because if I can get a Craigslist sex ad guy to treat me like a lady, I can do anything)
  • –a chance to practice my “I am a sexual creature and can (and should) have amazing sexual experiences with whomever I choose” vibe

With all that in mind, it’s clearly no coincidence that this all happened just before meeting the guy at the bar with whom I ended up having exactly the type of amazing encounter I was desiring.

Now, I’m simply awaiting with anticipation the next fantastic experience that’s going to flow money my way to keep supporting this One on One with you. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned, and am still learning, and I’m having so much more fun with life than I likely would had I not chosen to partake (and then chosen to continue partaking) in this conversation with you.

I can’t wait to hear your perspective on all of this. Please tell whomever it was that removed the “per week” part the first few times I look at the website, that I thank them from the very bottom of my heart.


Dear Kyla,

The ability to see how the universe is responding to your vibration is a wonderful thing. You can now know that events which may seem bad, are actually good. The universe is responding to you, yielding to you, and bringing you everything you want as long as you will allow it. You have some limiting beliefs around your worthiness, money, and sexuality. These issues are being confronted through manifestation events. In the past, you might have believed that the events themselves were wrong and therefore you would not have received the belief-altering benefits of the events.

If you were to panic when you found out that the cost of our program was drastically more expensive than you thought, fear would have caused you to enter the lowemotional state of resistance. You might have taken action inspired from that state and done something that would have temporarily made you feel better in the moment. You might have quit the program thinking you could not afford it. Instead you realized that this was all for your benefit.

Without the understanding that all such events have the potential to seem bad and without taking another look from a higher perspective, you would linger in a lowemotional state of being. Without thinking about your limiting beliefs and finding a way to prove them false, you might not alter your vibration in a way that will allow all that you want to come to you. This is the resistant approach to life and it is one that most people have adopted and continue to live by. You are now embracing an allowing approach to life. This is the radical change weʼre talking about.

As an allower, your first thought is “how is this good for me?” You look at things from a higher perspective automatically. You allow the initial fear to fade away before taking action. You allow for the possibility that unseen entities are setting things up for you. You now know that you make progress toward your desires through a series of steps. One step alters a limiting belief (or enhances a beneficial belief) and you move to the next step and so on. Without going through step one, you canʼt reach any other step.

One step led you to us, another step led you to signing up for the program, another step led you to the money that would pay for the program, that step led you to your next encounter, and that step altered your beliefs so that you will be ready for the next step.

Without you allowing each step to alter your beliefs, the next steps could not come. You are a vibrational match to the first step, but not the second. The first step causes you to shift your beliefs enough so that you then become a vibrational match to the next step.

Allowers go with the flow, believing that each event is a step in the right direction and so their progress is swift and enjoyable. Their lives are easy and their desires manifest elegantly. Resistors never make it off the first step easily. They resist each step. The steps then get bigger and harder to climb. They believe the steps are wrong and that there should be another way. They see the outside world and they react to it. Allowers realize the outside world is simply a reflection of their inner world.

You are becoming an allower.