I wanted to write and tell you about the incredible night I just had. My cheeks hurt in the best kind of way (sound familiar?) from smiling so hard. I thought of you as my desires manifested over and over again in the most elegant way.

There’s a singer/songwriter that I used to listen to several years ago, right after the birth of my first son. Things were just starting to get really rocky in my relationship with my then-husband, so I would close myself off in the basement and listen to her music while I built cake stands for my Etsy store. She was a huge part of my happy place during a really contrast-y time in my life.

Fast forward to a month ago, in a moment of inspired action, I thought “Huh. I wonder what she’s up to these days.” I hadn’t listed to her music for at least a year, maybe more, so I looked her up on YouTube and spent the rest of my evening singing along to her covers and laughing at the outtakes. Then I thought, “Man, I’d really love to see her play live…” so I got on her website to see if she was touring any time soon.

I saw that she had a show in Kansas City (three hours away from me) with another band I like, but was disappointed to find that it was sold out. So I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the last things listed was a “living room show” in Wichita (where I live) on May 8th. “WTF is a living room show?” Turns out it’s exactly what it sounds like — someone volunteers to open their home to a bunch of strangers, and she plays a show right there in the living room.

So I went to that tonight. And it was amazing. Seriously could not have been more perfect. I invited a friend to go with me, and we met up beforehand for a drink. A tiny voice inside was worried about getting there early to get good seats, but I let go of the worry and just enjoyed good conversation with my friend. We got caught up talking, and ended up heading to the show later than planned.

We were pretty much the last ones to arrive, but for some (not so) strange reason, everyone who had gotten there early had just happened to leave two seats wide open, front and center, literally 5 feet away from where the band would be playing. Well, well, well, don’t mind if I do. I recognized the nod from the Universe and felt downright giddy at the way things were playing out.

About halfway through the show, the guitar player broke a string. Seemingly an innocent coincidence, but that turned into the girl asking for requests, which gave me a chance to ask to hear my favorite song from her first album (not the one she’s currently on tour promoting). She got a little flustered and said she didn’t actually remember the words that well. I was so blissed out that I didn’t even care, was ready to hear some other song, when she said she’d go ahead and try the one I requested if we (the audience) would be willing to sing along and help her out.

I cannot explain how freaking cool that was on so many levels…I had had a thought a couple days ago that I hoped I’d be able to listen to the music in this living room without dancing and singing as loudly as I do at home. I’d done well for the first several songs, just listening and swaying, and then when it came time to hear my favorite song, SHE asked ME (well, us) to SING IT WITH HER. I’m laughing right now thinking about it.

There were so many other wonderful things about tonight, from the intimacy of the venue, to hearing her stories, to getting to talk to her afterwards and tell her about the impact her music has had on my life, to the picture we took together, to the fun I had with my friend…SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. So much happiness in one night, I can hardly stand it. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better…

So thanks for the homework, because without it I may not have made that journal entry, meaning I might not have pre-paved such an incredible experience for myself tonight. I truly feel like tonight I was riding the tidal wave of fun and ease and joy that I set up for myself last night. I definitely intend to keep the momentum going in this direction, because it feel so, so good. And feeling good is what it’s all about, eh?

With love and gratitude,

Dear Kyla,

When you allow the flow of Source energy to come to you by creating an environment of ease and well-being, you allow the universe to respond to your desires. Could you have imagined the fullness of this evening beforehand? Could you alone orchestrate this night? Even if you knew that this was what you truly wanted, could you have made it happen? You know it would have been impossible, yet the universe manifested everything in the right order at the perfect time so that your desire unfolded in the most elegant manner possible.

A day before, you had no idea of what was to come. You did not even realize that this was a desire. This was not something you thought of and put on a dream board. Yet it was the perfect manifestation of a set of feelings you wanted to experience. Who knew this existed? Who knew what you really wanted was the experience of these feelings? Your inner self knew. Your guides knew. Your supporters knew. They all know what you truly want. It’s only you who doesn’t really know.

So much of what you think you want is not what you truly want. It’s just a defense against fear. When you think of what you want, you are still thinking about getting away from what you do not want. This night was an example of what you truly want. Hold on to the feeling of tonight and you can expect more things like that to come.

You were aware of the inspiration to find out what your favorite artist was up to and you followed that inspiration. You did not create the thought, you received the thought. Who sent you that thought? That’s what you need to consider when these thoughts come to you. Who is sending the thoughts? Why are you receiving these thoughts? Why are you not pursuing these thoughts? Why are you stopping yourself from taking inspired action?

You receive inspired thoughts many times per day, yet you usually talk yourself out of taking action. The action is usually so simple, yet you find a reason why it’s not a good idea or it’s not the right time. You receive so much inspiration, but there’s always a reason to ignore it. When you are in a lower emotional state of being, you come up with reasons why you shouldn’t follow inspiration. When you feel good, you will tend to pursue the idea. Feel good and pursue more ideas. One idea leads to the next and so on and so on.

When you received the inspiration to check on your favorite artist, you pursued it. When you saw that the show was sold out, you kept on pursuing it until you scrolled down and saw the living room show. Imagine if you had become discouraged upon finding out that the first show was sold out. You might have stopped right then and there and this experience would have been missed.

The interesting thing is that if you missed this experience, you would not have known about it. So missed experiences are no big deal. Having had the experience, would you have missed it for the world? No. So keep that in mind when you casually give up after receiving inspiration to act. When inspiration strikes, act and do not give up so easily.