Dear Joshua,

Tonight I faced a manifestation event and I rocked it. A few minutes before my scheduled chat with my ex, my mom asked me if I had time to sit down and talk with her and my dad because they wanted to discuss the agreement I am in the process of making with my ex. It was made clear they have some “serious concerns” and wanted to make sure I was aware of their fears.

I immediately noticed I was feeling negative emotions, namely annoyance and at the root of that annoyance was fear (as always). I calmly told her that another night would be better to talk, that I love and respect her and my dad, and that I was willing to listen to their advice. But, I also made it clear that my decision is made (after having considered all the angles), and that I’m not interested in listening to all the ways this situation could go wrong.

Then I went outside and took a few minutes to myself before beginning the dialogue with my ex. In that time I was able to analyze my negative emotions and realize that my parents are coming from a place of love and concern for my well-being.

The limiting beliefs I identified were “I am wrong”, “Other people know better than me, “Other people can control me”, and “The shit could totally hit the fan if my ex doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain”.

I was able to rest in the knowing that all is well, that I am provided for by Source, that I am the creator of my reality, and that any decision I make is right. As I headed back in, I even felt a bit excited about the chat with my ex, eager to see how it unfolded, and confident that I could remain neutral.

And I did! For the most part, at least. In the moments where fear popped up, I took a step back, and thought through my responses, and made sure that I was back in alignment before answering. I’m thrilled to say that we have officially reached an agreement for all of the parenting and financial issues, so I could be happily divorced by the end of this month!

This could have been a much rockier road had I not been participating in these conversations with you. The best part is that I’m aware that the road ahead could still be “rocky”, and things could go “wrong”, but that’s only possible if I choose to view them as such.

I am slowly, but surely, getting to a place where I am choosing to view manifestation events, and the pain that sometimes goes along with them, as adventures to be anticipated rather than avoided. I can feel the expansion from earlier this evening to now, and I relish the thought of a lifetime full of similar experiences.

So thank you, Joshua. Words cannot express how much I appreciate our interactions.

With all the love in this world and the others,

Dear Kyla,

Words cannot express how excited we are for you. This is true expansion and to witness your acknowledgement of it is exceptionally exhilarating. We are filled with joy.

You have expanded from the person you were when we first began these discussions and you are now consciously creating your life. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be moving in the direction of what is wanted? Doesn’t it feel exciting to grab hold of the steering wheel of your life? Imagine how a prior version of you would have handled the manifestation event. It might have gone very differently.

You are moving through the fear of negative emotion and are beginning to see the gift that is imbedded in each emotion. This is a radically new approach to life. It is one that utilizes the forces of the universe. You are moving with the flow of life. While there remain some limiting beliefs and some attachment to the old approach, your progress is remarkable.

You want certain things to come into your life and as you do, you must make certain alterations to your vibration. By consciously becoming aware of how your limiting beliefs are limiting your reality, you can choose to disrupt those beliefs on your own and thereby avoid manifestation events. Manifestation events are only necessary when you are living in a way that opposes what you want. They bring out the resistance that may not be so obvious. But if you can see your own limiting ways beforehand, and then work to analyze them to reduce their intensity, then a manifestation event becomes unnecessary. Do you see how this all works?

In time you will notice when a manifestation event is about to appear and you can resolve it before it even gets started. Once you feel the fear and analyze it, prove it’s false and reduce its intensity, the manifestation event ceases. It can be all over before it even gets started.

If you look back at some of the really big manifestation events in your life, you can see that the ones that lasted the longest and had the most emotional distress were the ones where you held onto your perspective and did not seek to analyze your limiting beliefs and irrational fears. When you get good at this stuff, you move quickly through most events and you expand in the process. It will feel like a constant motion forward rather than a series of steps.

Do not get complacent. Do not fear new events. Keep looking forward and creating consciously. There’s nothing to worry about. You’re doing so well. Look for tests from the universe to see if you’ve actually changed. How you handle the next several manifestation events will determine where your vibration takes you.

You are loved and supported more than you can imagine and we love watching you surf on the wave of universal forces.