Dear Joshua,

I worked on a manifestation event this week. It was not easy, but I’m feeling better now.

My young colleague, who we had hired to help me, is becoming more and more independent, to the point where he doesn’t really help me at all unless necessary. I had hoped we would work together, but it’s not the case. This week he reminded me that we had agreed to share some basic time-consuming work on a client.

I got super resentful and I told him I didn’t want to do it but I would because we had made an agreement. He has already stepped on my toes a couple of times by calling people who I call, without asking me. So I immediately went to work on the negative emotion because it was powerful. I started writing in a notebook to try and find the positives in the whole situation with him.

I started with the manifestation event and the underlying false beliefs and this is what I dug up:

Of course I feel threatened by him, and don’t feel I can trust him, and he doesn’t really want to work with me even though we hired him for that. He will bypass me in terms of sales and I won’t have time to do serious work with clients since I’ll be busy looking after this one part of the work that is time consuming.

He is super ambitious and therefore not really to be trusted, and my bosses would pick him over me if necessary because they hired him and he is male and young and ambitious.

Finally, I have to sit next to him all day and when I’m resentful it really grates on me.

So those were the negative beliefs which have been there but triggered by the event.I tried to find a higher perspective:

Maybe this is a test for me to work on my beliefs so that is a good thing.

The event is neutral but I can choose to see it as good.

I have an army of energy working for me.

Maybe I’m coming back to this grunt work (because “Monsieur” thinks he is wasting his time and can do better), gives me the time to breathe even if I could be using my time more constructively.

I’m not a victim – this is happening for me, not to me.

Maybe this is a step in me moving to a different situation with work (like out of this company).

Maybe this is to teach me to speak up. (nah – that doesn’t feel so good)

Source knows what is going on and can work with this for my benefit. In fact I don’t know where this will go but it will all be good.

I tried sending him love (hard). I tried sending myself love (much easier)…

Occasionally I would feel a bit of relief, but then I would get back into the resentment – but I kept at it because I know it’s my choice. So tonight I’m feeling better and we are back to talking a bit.

I know I’m doing the work and I’m relieved that 24 hours later I’m feeling better (not so resentful – even if I continue to see him as an entitled twatt, I get where he is coming from). Pat on the back for that….

With much appreciation to you all (and Prince)


Dear Kate,

Prince says “hi.”

Back to your manifestation event. Good job identifying the limiting beliefs and choosing a higher perspective. This is work and as you get used to the work and remind yourself that it’s your choice, it will get easier and habitual. Finding any relief is a sign that your work is making progress.

It might be easier in this situation to look at it from the perspective of your young colleague. He is ambitious, that’s how he got hired. He came in wanting to move up rapidly and took any job he could get. If he had to start as an assistant, so be it. What
he really wants is to be top in sales and make a lot of money. He wants to be successful.

He’s trying to manage his ambition and also be of some assistance, but he finds that very difficult. He is not used to doing things he doesn’t want to do. You could learn from that. He wants to feel good. He wants to feel successful. He will do what it takes to get where he wants to go. He rather say sorry than ask for permission because he does not want to waste time. He understands how the game is played and realizes that if he can get some sales, that’s where he will prove his value to the bosses. He’s doing everything he intended to do and he will encounter some manifestation events of his own as he goes along. But that is all part of the journey for him.

He sees himself as your equal, you see him as your junior. Do you see the conflict here? You are holding onto your inaccurate view of him. Just because he was hired to do one thing doesn’t mean that’s what he’s going to do. You are to thank for letting him
into the company. You created him. He came to help you but not in the way you think.

When you are confronted by an threat to your well-being, which is based in an irrational fear, you must solve your dilemma. He is here for you. You attracted this version of him just as we are beginning this conversation. Isn’t that excellent? Now that he is here, what are you going to learn?

We want to see you take a radically new approach to your young colleague. We want to see you embrace his ambition. We want to see you cheer for his success. We want to see you mentor him. We want you to be the person he looks back when he’s old and
gray and realizes he owes his whole career to you. If you can do that, then you can control the world.

You are safe, you are powerful, and you are good.