Dear Joshua,

When I look back on my life, I now realize that back in my teens and early 20’s, I was getting basically whatever I wanted because I created it due to the Law of Attraction; at the time, I had no clue that was what was happening. I do remember taking things for granted and having the attitude I could get/achieve whatever I wanted. Then as I got older, I think my head got in the way so I got into a holding pattern, and I just shut down certain aspects of myself.

Shortly after The Secret came out and was featured on Oprah, I picked up the book and tried to read it. It made no sense to me and I thought it was a bunch of bologna.

Fast forward to 2015 – I’ve been exposed to Abraham, and more spiritual/LOA stuff. At the end of December of 2015 I decided that I really needed to set some goals for 2016. I told myself I needed re-read one of the Law of Attraction books featuring Abraham to help me with my thoughts. I hadn’t pulled the book off of my shelf yet, then just two weeks ago while I was at work on a Sunday evening, by a total fluke I discovered the Law of Attraction radio network. I never knew that the station, or you, existed! Obviously the universe led me to you. Since finding the LOA radio station just a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been listening to most of the programs on the station and getting so much info and different perspectives on spirituality and laws of attraction. I feel like an onion being peeled and I keep going through aha moments of understanding. I love it!

Now that I totally understand that I am in the driver’s seat of my life, it’s a very empowering feeling, and actually quite freeing. I still have to work on letting go of fear. I know once I let go of that, the feeling will be exhilarating!

What I want to practice LOA on is a different job. My problem is I don’t know for sure what I want to do…I feel like I’m scattered all over the place with ideas. I know what I DON’T want in a job, but I know I shouldn’t focus on that because that’s what I’ll get. I’ve been working on switching my thoughts to the opposite of what I don’t want. For example if there’s something at my current job that I don’t like, I’ll imagine being at a new job where it’s just the opposite and how I’ll feel being in that new job.

Since I am scattered all over the place about what I want to do, I’ve put out there that I would love to be exposed to something and be able to say, “That’s it, that’s what I want to do!” and be able to go forward from there. Is that okay that I ask to be shown what I want since I don’t know where to focus besides “I want a different job”? I have signed up for some workshops through our local community college to expose myself to some new things; floral bouquet design, acupressure, respite care, stain glass window design, etc.

I’m also curious about the aspect of speaking our intentions. I’m a very private person and don’t tell people what I’m doing in my life, yet what a lot of what I’ve heard on the different programs on the LOA network is we should speak our intentions/goals. What about someone like me who doesn’t like to share a whole lot of my life with others? Would keeping a journal be a better route for someone like me?

Thanks so much for your guidance.


Dear Amy,

It might be best to see life as a process. If you allow yourself to be open, by embracing beliefs that are empowering, you will be led step by step to what you want. It will come in stages. You must be open to the process. Just as you had been exposed to The Secret, then to Abraham and then to Us. That was a process. You came to hear about The Secret at a time when you were not yet a vibrational match to the material, but the concept was interesting. This step, in which you remained open, led you to Abraham. That information was a vibrational match to you and you understood much of it. The next step was to lead you to us where you could have a personal conversation and ask questions. You are a vibrational match to us. Do you see how the system works?

You were and are a vibrational match to the job you now have, but the job has caused you to birth a new desire. When you first create a desire, you will notice the lack. You will focus on the things you do not like. This causes you to define your desire and helps you to bring what you do prefer into focus. For a while, the feeling of lack or dislike of your current job will cause you to notice what you dislike in more obvious ways. It will become uncomfortable. You must resolve this in order to get what you do want.

It is difficult to move from what you do not want straight to what you do want. There are steps to take. First, you establish what you do not like, which you have done, and then you establish what you prefer, which you have also done. However, in order to raise your vibration so that you become a match to what it is you ultimately want, you must learn to appreciate what you do like in the current situation and focus on that. It is difficult to see what you do not like in a job and imagine the opposite because you have little experience with the opposite. It is far more vibrationally beneficial to appreciate and focus on things you do like about your job and make more of that happen.

Instead of focussing on tasks or people you do not like, focus on the positive aspects of the job. See it from a higher perspective. Allow yourself the opportunity to lean into every situation with curiosity and adventure. Imagine if your current job was your dream job.

From your perspective you have a hard time seeing what you want coming forth from your present condition. You are in a condition you donʼt like and so you think if you remove yourself from that condition, the next condition will be better. The system just does not work this way. In order to get to a better condition, you must accept the present condition as it is. You must not fight against what is by judging what is to be wrong. If you focus on something you see as wrong you are appreciating what you do not like. Appreciation causes things to grow. Focus is appreciation in the eyes of the universe. You want to appreciate or focus on what you do like about your present condition and the universe will cause those things to grow.

The next step is not to try to figure out how to do this yourself. If you can maintain your focus on things you already have which you like and accept everything else as it is, you will move into the state of allowing. It is from this state of allowing that the universe will move you step by step to that which you want. When you are in the state of allowing, seeing everything as right just as it is, you will be open to guidance from your inner self. Your inner self will inspire you to certain actions at the right time. Your inner self inspired you step by step, without you even realizing, to find us. This is how it works.

Yes, it is good to ask for guidance to find that which will be of interest to you. An interest will lead to another interest and on to yet another interest until you find your passion. Follow your interests without judgment. Set your intentions without judgment. Do not tell anyone of your intentions because they are your intentions and others need not be aware of them. Write your intentions if you are inspired to. Intend to find that which you are here to explore. Intend to live as the highest version of who you really are. Intend to feel good. Intend to focus only on that which you like. Intend to remove your attention from anything you donʼt like. Intend to gain clarity about that which you want. You may intend as often as you like. Don’t set goals for they tend to be measurable and therefore open to failure. Set intentions because they will always manifest at the right time as long as you allow them to.

You are loved more than you can imagine.