Dear Joshua,

I have an irrational fear of people I work with discovering our one on one dialogue on the Joshua website. I just feel that I will be ridiculed and potentially be taken less seriously. I know this is irrational and I also know that by my fear of it, I might potentially attract it. Can you assist me in getting over this? Ideally I would like to get to a state of “I don’t care”…


Dear Steve,

Imagine if everyone in the world floated in boats down the river. They were moved by the whim of the current bumping them into rocks and getting them caught up in the eddies. Then you come along with an oar and they think you look strange with your stick in the water. They make fun of you for a little while until they notice you using your oar to move around the rocks and through the eddies. Soon they’re asking you where you got your oar and when you tell them, they no longer think you’re strange. Instead, they go out and get their own oars.

As you see your fellow man bumping into rocks without an oar, do you hide your oar from them or do you show them how to get their own oar? It’s simply a matter of perspective and we love showing you the higher perspective.

Let’s take this a step further and think about the book called “One on One with Steve Fanizza.” It’s a best seller and people all over the world receive new insights about life and physical reality. The book changes lives. You become world famous. You are invited to appear on talk shows of every variety. The interviewers want to know one thing. They want to know how your life was changed as a result of this experience. What will you tell them?

When you are famous as a result of the book (and the movie), will you worry about what people think of you? When Oprah is chatting with you and is incredibly interested in your story, will you care what your coworkers think? Do you know what they’ll be thinking when you go on to be famous? They’ll be thinking “Why didn’t he share any of this with me? It would have helped me a lot back then.”

So when you’re worried about others finding out your secret, remember that your secret has the power to radically change their lives. You are like the lighthouse keeper who thinks it’s strange to live in a lighthouse and so you turn off your light so that no one can see you. Turn on your light and be proud of what you are doing because soon enough you will be unable to hide your secret. People will want to know how you are doing it. They will see you happy and see that things are working out for you. They will see how good you are with them and how you never get angry or frustrated. They will see your calmness and ease as you go about your day enjoying every little thing. They will gravitate to you and they will want to know what you know. Will you still keep your secret then? Maybe not.

You are loved more than you can imagine.