Dear Joshua,

Let’s see if we can sort out the work and life desires.

I have a few different lifestyle dreams, some maybe more realistic and fulfilling than others (like not working at all and just being rich enough to do whatever I want). This could shift tomorrow of course, but here is what I came up with today (written by hand).

Scenario 1: The dream work and life (although I can imagine there are limits) would be to be a channeler, and use my connection with my inner being to invest in the stock exchange:

I would do work similar to Gary’s, in the channeling area but in France for the French or English community, so I would be independent. I would wake up naturally in the morning, without an alarm clock, lay in bed basking for 15 minutes or a half hour, knowing that I don’t have to get up… get up, have my coffee, meditate, and start doing my channeling work – it could be over the phone by appointment, or email. Why would I like this? Because the connection must feel wonderful, because it is easy to do (for those who can), it is independent, it is rare, and in demand, it is relaxing, fun and at a high vibration level. It makes money and gives me time for other activities in a day. It is helpful, special and doesn’t require diplomas or a certain age. It is something I could do for the rest of my life for income and pleasure.

I would stop around noon, have lunch, maybe work out, go for a walk, connect with people I love, feel high flying. In the afternoon I would work on the stock exchange for a few hours, looking at the markets, scanning the news, finding ideas, and tuning into my inner being to create a portfolio for myself that would increase my financial abundance, using my guidance to get timing and ideas right, have fun, make money, enjoy my wins and my time and my expansion. I would end my day at 4 or 5 and go about all the other activities I love: meetings, a bit of tv, cooking, decorating, and looking forward to the next day of adventure. Feeling secure, confident, successful and free, since these are all choices where I can skip a day if I want, but most of the time I am happy to be doing everything I’m doing. I want to be up in the morning loving everything I’m learning, giving, and doing and feeling blessed to be able to do all of this because it is an amazing, fun and exceptional life.

Scenario 2: (A bit more realistic but still ideal)

I would have a similar schedule to the one I have today working with the stock exchange (maybe start a half hour later – and use that time to meditate).

I would be in sales or investing and I would have about 20 clients, who are super faithful, 10 based in Paris, 10 in London (for the occasional travel and language) and this would be enough. These clients would have complete freedom to give me orders and they would pay me very well which would make me a top performer, with very little work on my part because I am inspired by my inner being, intuition, to get them consistent outperforming stocks which would make their funds prominent and successful.

If I went to meetings or read up on something, it would be more to get the feel of a story rather than use my intellect to try and figure something out. I would be fully confident and know my level of accuracy. I would have fun knowing that I am making money for everyone. I would be in high demand, but choose only those people to work with who I enjoy working with. My clients would trust me, quite rightly. My bosses would leave me alone, and on the contrary, pamper me to keep me. I wouldn’t care because of the fun I have. My bosses wouldn’t feel threatened, and if they did, I wouldn’t care because, thanks to my level of accuracy, etc. I know I could go anywhere else.

We would work on a floor in the building with daylight and a view and I would have my own software and computers and not have to share. My clients would follow me if I moved. My work day would end at 5 or 6, having made money for everyone, once again, all thanks to my intuition. I might even have an assistant or trainee to do all the grunt work. We would have a gym in the office where I could work out. I could invest my own money more freely, and I would have fun, making money and talking with clients easily, with fun, freely. My own wealth would increase as I increase that of others and look after my own investments. I would enjoy watching the stocks go in the direction I knew they would. I would enjoy calling clients and giving them one or two rational reasons just so they think there was work behind it, when in fact it was higher power guiding me.

As you can see, it is all about ease, and fun, and freedom, and connection, and success, and with things I already have, but am not aware of, or know how to exploit, or maybe it’s more ……

I have left out the relationships outside work etc. because I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

Let see what we can extract from that ….. lol.

With love

Dear Kate,

We see that you are on the right vibrational track. Most of what you have written describes a life of ease and interest. Most of it is looking to what is wanted rather than trying to escape that which is not wanted. We also see that all of this is easily within reach right now. The only things stopping you are your beliefs and expectations. You have crafted your preferences quite eloquently. They are all there waiting for you. Why is you life different than this right now? Why couldn’t you have all of this right now?

Can you see that your desires exist right now? No? We can. They are right there in front of you. They are yours for the taking. The reason we can see it and you cannot is because we are a vibrational match to all of it and you are not quite there yet. You are extremely close. It is all available to you if you could see it. The day you describe exists for a version of you right now. All you have to do is move your vibration to that frequency where all you want exists.

Do you know that you could travel to any destination in the blink of an eye. A destination has a vibrational frequency. You could be in New York in an instant if you knew its vibrational frequency and if you could match it. Do you know that you must know the vibrational frequency of the location of your office in order to get there. You could get to your office in the blink of an eye if you knew its vibrational frequency and if you could match it. However, you do not understand that this is how travel works.

If you want to get to your office, you must take steps. You can match the vibrational frequency of the first step, then the next step, then the next and so on until you reach your office. You move your vibration with each step, one after the other. It is in this way that you gradually move your vibration so that it comes to eventually matching the vibration of your office and before you know it, you’re there. It’s just a matter of steps.

You see you are moving from one vibrational point to another with each step. You think you are simply walking, but what you’re actually doing is moving your vibration to a new place. It is the same with anything. You could get to the new vibration instantly if you knew what the vibration was and how to alter your own vibration and if you believed you could do it and expected that you would do it. You believe you can take one step after another and you expect to eventually reach your office. Therefore, it is easy for you to come into alignment with the vibration of your office when you take the proper steps. You could just as easily (actually more easily) shift into the vibration of your office and you would appear there, but you don’t believe you can and you don’t expect it to happen this way.

Gary did not believe he could be a channel. It took several steps. He saw John Edwards speaking to nonphysical entities and his beliefs changed. He saw another medium who brought forth his uncle and his beliefs changed. He was led to Abraham and his beliefs changed. He started meditating and his beliefs changed. He felt a presence in his body during mediation and his beliefs changed. He wrote two books in sixteen weeks and his beliefs changed. He could have gotten to where he is now instantly, but he needed to change in order to do it. The universe created events which gave him the opportunity to change if he allowed it. He did and he changed. It was a series of small steps.

You can create the life you desire and the universe will present you with all the opportunities you need to change. If you allow the changes to occur, you will move from where you are now to where you really want to go. When you resist the change because you think it’s not headed in the right direction, you cannot change. You must allow everything to be as it is and look for the signs of resistance or allowing. When you feel resistance, you must look for and analyze the limiting belief. It is not enough to simply feel sorry for yourself. If you want a different experience of life, you must become a new version of you. You must do the work. If you want something different, you must allow yourself to be different. If you hold onto this version of you, you will create similar versions of your life.

So then, you must look to take small steps rather than trying to shift into this new reality all at once. Since you do not believe you can go straight to the new life and you do not expect to wake up tomorrow in a whole different reality, you must move your vibration gradually. What is the first step you wish to take on the road to the life you desire? Write down your first step and let us know what it is.

You are loved.