Dear Joshua,

I’m not sure if I can get help on this issue but I’d like to try! My beloved dog passed away yesterday and I’m missing him terribly. I feel like I get it that there is another level/ place that our souls all go to once we leave the physical. I guess I’m wondering a couple things. First, will our souls meet again once I leave the physical? Do animal and human souls get to reunite at some point? I’m almost afraid to ask that question as I hope very much that we do.

My next question is did he choose the style of death that took him from us suddenly yesterday? He was seemingly healthy, although slowing down a bit, but did he decide on some level that he had enough and needed to get back to where he came from? I imagine that he and my other dog are together now, running free, where ever it is they have gone. Is this what really happens? Is he free and happy now? And finally, does/ can he visit with us if he chooses? In other words, are they able to be near to us if they choose to “check in”? I miss him terribly and am grieving and would love to hear any thoughts you can share on the matter.

Thank you so much!!

Dear Tasha,

There are three things that you believe to be true but are not. They are death, loss and separation. Living beings cannot die, for they are eternal. There is no death, simply the transition from this physical realm that seems so real to the nonphysical realm, which is real. There is no loss, for you cannot lose one you have come to know. You are eternally bonded with everyone you know and that includes all the animals you have ever known. There is no separation, for you are eternally bonded and whether you can observe your dog with your physical senses or not, your dog is with you at all times. Whenever you think of him, he is there.

When you make your transition to the nonphysical, your dog will be there to greet you. You will be able to communicate with your dog in ways you cannot imagine. However, you need not wait. You can communicate with him now if you like. You can think of him and ask him how he is, what he’s doing and who he’s with. All of these answers will come to you in the form of thoughts. They may feel like your thoughts, but they are his thoughts and this is how you can communicate.

All beings choose when to make their transition to the nonphysical. All death is suicide. The method by which one makes their transition is not so important. It is usually the method of least resistance from the nonphysical point of view. Those who transition quickly have less resistance. Those who linger need more time to resolve their resistance. Either way, it is always the choice of the individual.

There is a universal law called the Law of Continuity. This law states that what you love in the physical carries forth into the nonphysical. You are tied to the things you love. When one transcends to the nonphysical, one still maintains close ties to everything they loved in the physical realm. That means that your dog is with you now and in every moment, watching you live your life and fully supporting you every step of the way. Your dog, and all those you’ve loved who have transitioned (as well as countless others) are supporting you and keenly aware of you. There is no separation. That is why we say “You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.”