Dear Joshua,

One of the over-arching desires you hear across the Law of Attraction circles is the desire to attract a soulmate. It seems that the main goal or purpose in life for most people is to attract that “one” person into their life. Once that happens all of life’s problems will be solved. Dating sites make money hand-over-fist capitalizing on these desires. How do you in the non-physical view romantic love?

Is the euphoria you feel in the first few months of an exciting relationship as close as it gets to what you experience in the non-physical being connected to Source?

Thanks and Regards

Dear Matt,

While we agree that most humans have a desire to find a mate, we must also point out that a lot of this desire has to do with societal pressures and the survival instinct. You are born into a family and you have a mother and father. Were they soul mates? Most people have an ideal version of love and that idea revolves around the notion of perfect, lasting and fulfilling love with one person. This does not match reality. It is an abstraction of the mechanism of physical reality. It is not natural.

In a natural world, free from the influences of society, you would love all. You would be primarily focused on loving others rather than focused on finding another who will love you. You would not need to be validated by the love of another. All you would care about is expressing your love to others without the need for reciprocation. You are a being of love and you would not pick and choose who to love, you would simply love everyone.

So now you find yourself in a society which demands that you find one person to love and then refrain from loving anyone else. You are pressured to pick wisely for there are consequences for making a poor choice. What if you find someone who you love more than the one you’ve chosen? What if the one you’ve chosen finds someone they love more than you? Since you only get one, you live in fear of making the wrong choice. In a natural world, this fear would not exist.

The only reason you fear the infidelity of a mate is because it is so difficult to find another who will chose to love only you above all others. In a natural world, where everyone is naturally free to love whoever they like, there would be no jealousy. How could there be? If the one you love chooses to love another, you would be overjoyed because you love that person. Love means acceptance. When you love in a natural world, you accept the ones you love unconditionally.

There are no soul mates. You are a being of love as is everyone you know. You are only masking your true identities out of fear. Without the presence of fear, you would love everyone you know. Some of those you might love romantically and others you would simply love. Romantic love involves certain chemical functions having to do with breeding and the survival of the human race. However, love is love.

Living in your society, you adopt certain beliefs about mating and the people you choose as your mates. You create preferences and desires partly from personal experiences and partly from societal standards. You might choose a mate based on attributes you and/or society feels are beneficial and appealing. However, most of your preferences are based on limiting beliefs about yourself and those you meet. You block yourself from finding a mate because your limiting beliefs are very strong. However, they are false.

All limiting beliefs are based in fear and are therefore false. You have the ability to be, do and have anything you want. The only thing holding you back is your decision to believe in your own self-imposed limitations. You are an unlimited being living in a limitless world. There are no limits placed upon you other than the ones you choose to erect. Remove the fear and your limitations will fall away. It is fear that shackles you to a life that is less than what you prefer.

We will say that the initial feeling you feel when in love is close to what we feel because in those early stages you have not allowed fear to dip in and ruin it. The early stages of love are the times when you suspend fear and get a glimpse at what it’s like to live in the world without the feeling of fear. However, there is always a little fear mixed in there and so it’s not quite what we feel. We feel no fear in the nonphysical.

There are other feelings that match how we feel as well. The feeling of exhilaration is present when you overcome fear. That is a good feeling. The feeling of relief is also another good feeling we feel here in the nonphysical. Anytime you release fear, you feel what we feel here in the nonphysical realm. We wish for you to feel as we do while you’re here on Earth. Release a little fear and you’ll begin to see what we mean. Love others whether they love you or not. Don’t concern yourself with how they choose to express or suppress their love. Simply choose to love and the world will open itself to you.

You are a magnificent being of love.