Radically Raise your Vibration


Joshua’s course “How to Radically Raise Your Vibration by Uncovering and Processing Unconscious Limiting Beliefs in 7 Days” is an immersive and expansive 7-day process that includes the following:

    • Video Tutorial – How to use the Manifestation Event Form
    • Guide – Step by step guide to filling out the Manifestation Event form
    • Daily Spiritual Practice – A daily process of applied appreciation, gratitude, affirmations, Joshua quotes, inspiration and intentions that will create a pathway towards daily alignment.
    • Meditations – Seven Joshua guided meditations are included with this course.
    • Joshua Daily Messages – You will receive one message from Joshua each day of the course.

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Product Description

By the end of the course you will:

    • Understand why you are feeling negative emotion.
    • Realize when you are in or out of alignment.
    • Have the tools to process your limiting beliefs forever.
    • Move from victim mentality to creator mentality.
    • Understand the urges that come from fear and the inspiration that comes from alignment.
    • Know exactly what’s happening when those in your life are having their own manifestation events.
    • Transmute your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs which will, over time, enable you to live the life you truly desire.
    • Begin your journey to intentional self-discovery.
    • Feel better and better in every aspect of your life.

    Once you are enrolled, you may take this course as often as you like over the next 12 months.

    This course comes with an unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not receive more than what you expected during your first 7 days of the course, we will gladly refund your money immediately.

    You have nothing to lose and only joy, love, bliss, excitement, abundance and freedom to gain.
    Please take the next step and start your journey.