In Depth One on One Q&A Sessions with Joshua


Participants embarked on life-changing, extended one on one conversations with Joshua.

They asked many questions over an extended period of time, and Joshua helped them achieve a new perspective on their lives and key areas of resistance.

They were able to start to elevate their perspective and release resistance.

The end result of this process is an enhanced experience of life as you adopt a radical and authentic new approach to life.

You simply see yourself and everyone else from a completely new level of consciousness and awareness.

Read each individual's unique questions and Joshua's answers on a very wide range of topics – including relationships, abundance, spiritual journeys, material possessions, what you really want, manifesting, health, universal laws including the law of attraction and much, much more.


Kate Questions 1 to 100

Kate Questions 101+


Steve Questions 1 to 100

Steve Questions 101+




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