Dear Joshua,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a question for you!!

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Bootcamp!! Emotionally I’m feeling good and I’m processing stuff like it’s my job!!

On the flip side – physically I have had a migraine just about every night – this is overwhelming. I realize there must be some resistance going on and I just can’t get clarity on it. Do you have any thoughts for me – direction to look to help me see where this resistance lies? I’d greatly appreciate any insights you can offer!

With great Love and Gratitude,

Dear Wendy,

Your resistance has always been around being the fullest version of you that you intended to be prior to your birth. You are being called to something much greater than you can imagine right now. You are still believing in the limited version of Wendy. You do not yet see the magnificence that you must see. You do not understand who you really are. You have not yet reached the vibrational vicinity of your soul’s purpose and so it has not yet been revealed to you. Until you understand who you really are and who you must become, you will face resistance. Who you are being is limited compared to who you are becoming.

If we were to describe the version of you that you intended to become, you would not comprehend that version of you. It would not make sense to you. If you could spend an hour being that person, you would understand how limited this version of Wendy is being. And while you have certainly progressed so much over the last couple of years, there is still a chasm between who you are now and who you will be when you reach the point where your soul’s purpose is revealed to you. Your migraines are the physical manifestation of your resistance to becoming who you really are. It all has to do with your decision to see yourself as worthy of that aligned, higher, freer, easier version of you.

Who you really are is a great spiritual leader and teacher. You yearn for this. You are being led to it. But you go kicking and screaming as you hold onto your self-imposed limitations. As you are reading this now, you believe that we are mistaken. You believe we are talking about the wrong person. We are not. We are talking about you. You were led to these teachings in order to come to know who you really are and why you came here. You have made great progress, but that movement is now being accelerated by the work you are doing in our bootcamp. You are moving faster than you are used to because you are engaged in a physical process where your thoughts are focused more than ever before.

We have some thoughts for you. You are a magnificent and great spiritual leader and teacher. This is where you are being led. This is what is evolving in you right now. You cannot see it yet, but you will soon enough. You have doubts, but they are of no use to you now. Let go of your doubts and embrace that idea. When you finally arrive at the conclusion that you, Wendy, are a great spiritual leader and teacher, you will exist in more ease than you have ever experienced before. You will understand why you are here. Your entire life will make sense to you. Your doubts will be eased. When you engage in your soul’s work, you will be set free.

Imagine that you have no idea how you are going to become who we say you will become. Imagine that you cannot even see it. Imagine that you will understand it all when the timing is right. For now, simply know that there is something wonderful waiting for you. Do not resist those thoughts of your own greatness any longer. Do not allow doubt to linger. Do the work and process your limiting beliefs. They run deep and they are rather intense. That does not matter. You will be able to diminish their intensity and when you do, you will move closer and closer to becoming who you must be.

The idea here is that you have been called to become who you must be and to discover your soul’s purpose. That’s simply the fact of the matter. You look around you and you see all these inspiring leaders that you look up to. Now you must imagine yourself as equal among them. None of them are greater or more spiritually tuned than you are. They are all operating on limited information. That is not true of you. You possess information that eludes them because you have reached a vibrational level where there is more specific information.

The details that we have provided to you are out of the reach of most humans at this time. In the near future, more and more people will reach for and integrate this information into their lives. You reached this level before they did and that can only mean one thing: you are here to guide others to a new approach to life. Your journey will inspire others. You will make that journey one way or another. If you feel you need to make it a difficult journey and to resist becoming who you are so that you can show others how difficult it was for you to make it, then very well. However, this need not be the case. You can move forward in joy. You can let go of all the minutia and needless fear and you can go forward in the faith that it will all be revealed to you when you are ready. Let go of your self-imposed limitations and irrational fear and become who you must be.

With our love,
We are Joshua