Hello Joshua,

In my search for spiritual understanding and connection, I continue to feel that there’s an untapped space in my existence. Sometimes that space feels like a large gap and other times it feels so close to total transformation into the light, energy and love that makes up my inner being.

What is the resistance or distraction that is keeping me from transforming into the divine being that I am? I accept the desire to be one with the light, love and divine energy within me, however I want to experience the physical transformation (maybe as confirmation that I am complete). Seems silly now that I have expressed my thoughts in this manner.

Thank you for this release and I look forward to an even greater release from your response.

Regards, Vivi

Dear Vivi,

Who you really are is a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is who you are in the nonphysical. That is who your inner self is. You, in your quest for spiritual understanding, are moving from who you are being now to who you really are. You will return to who you really are once you make your transition to the nonphysical, but wouldn’t it be nice to experience that level of understanding, love, and awareness while living in the physical plane?

So then, what is the difference between who you are being now as a physical being on planet Earth and who you really are? The difference is fear. Who you really are is one without fear. Where there is an absence of fear, there is only pure positive love. Where there is an absence of love, there is fear. To become more of who you really are, simply release fear.

If you have been listening to us for a little while, you have heard about the “art of analysis.” As a physical being, you will face fear. Part of being alive and living in physical reality is the concept of the survival instinct. Without it, you would leave physical reality before you had time to explore that which you wanted to explore. The survival instinct invokes fear. The fear of something that could cause death or injury is a rational fear. The fear of steep cliffs and lion’s mouths is rational. The fear of expressing your love for someone, or saying something silly, or speaking in public, or asking for a raise,or any such thing is an irrational fear. If the thing can’t kill you, then the fear of it is irrational.

You have many irrational fears. As you identify a fear and understand that it’s irrational, you reduce the intensity of the fear. When you realize that the fear is false, because it is irrational, you can push through the fear and move closer to becoming who you really are.

Judgment stems from fear. In the nonphysical there is no judgment because there is no fear. As an eternal being, you have nothing to fear. As a human, you have some things to fear, but most of your fears are irrational and therefore they are false. False fears are limiting because they keep you from experiencing life the way you intended to experience it before your birth. Identify the irrational fears and label them false and you will become less limited. As you become less limited, you move closer to the limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance that you really are.

Judgment begins with the concept of good and bad, right and wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything seen as wrong is done so from a limited perspective caused by fear. See everything as good and right and you move away from fear and closer to love. It is this approach to life that will keep you on your path of growth and expansion toward that which you truly desire. That which you truly desire is to become who you really are while living in physical reality.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.