Dearest Joshua,

May I firstly say thanks again for my previous guidance. It was life-changing regarding my relationship with my husband and children. I now have new challenges regarding my work.

I have found my passion and am following it. I am a homeopath and work is finally flowing in and I am loving it. I have been given, I believe, guidance, about taking my work further, which I have followed and it is working. It’s new and would be perhaps considered odd by many. It has been a slow process for me to put it out there, I have been fearful I am just crazy, yet the results have been amazing.

I have been guided to people who are helping me grow in confidence, yet at the same time they are saying I need to be careful who I tell exactly what I am doing as not everyone is trustworthy and I need to protect my ideas. I understand that drug companies really don’t like alternative cures, so in that way perhaps I should be wary as they have such power. So perhaps I am right in my fear and I should not continue? But is that just my ego?

If I’m meant to grow this new way providing health, will spirit protect me and my family and allow this idea to grow? If so, should I allow it to grow organically, just by word of mouth, or should I go all out and get this on the internet and just see where it goes? I try to trust and not fall into the fear, your books and guidance have helped me so much so far, but I would really love your amazing insight on this.

Much love to you and Gary,
Victoria xxx

Dear Victoria,

You have found your passion and that is very good. You have been given inspiration and you have taken action. That is very good too. You see that the action taken from inspiration is powerful and effective and it brings you the feelings you want. You are enjoying yourself, happily involved in your passion and you are receiving the feelings you wanted. This is the definition of bliss. So now, what is the next step?

The reason your received inspiration and pushed through the fear that pooped up (when you perceived that it might be seen as odd by some) and took action, was to bring forth a nonphysical idea into physical reality for the benefit of mankind. Now you are interested in where this could go. Before you take your next step, you must come into alignment with what it is that you personally want and work out your fears around this new desire or path.

You could pursue this idea while quietly helping those who have also come into the vibrational vicinity of this idea. While you do this, you could be living in bliss, helping people, earning money, and feeling satisfaction. But you think there might be something more to be experienced and this brings up all sorts of fear. Fears that you have never really experienced before. You are at a new level and as you ponder how to go forward, you attempt to picture an outcome. On one hand, you picture this cure going viral with thousands of people being helped, on the other hand you see the scrutiny that could come from this. The first thought is one of love and the second thought is one of fear.

Before doing anything, you must think about what makes you happy, what gives you joy, how you can continue to feel good, and what you personally want. Do you want to enjoy helping people personally, being intimate and expressing your love for your patients, and living your life in bliss as you follow your passion, or do you personally want to have a huge impact on the world and deal with everything that may entail? This is the question you must always ask yourself.

There is no need to do anything more than you are doing unless you feel the burning desire to grow it exponentially. Word of mouth will spread and it will grow. Gary has the same issue with what he is doing. He believes that many people view what he is doing as odd. He has not really done anything to promote it. It grows organically, and while he may perceive the growth as slow, he is building momentum that he cannot see yet. He is spending this very important time building the foundation and framework for something that will one day be very large. He is simply living his life pursuing his passion and allowing the universe to take control. He takes action when inspired and thinks of a time when these teachings will be exposed to more and more people. Until then, those who resonate with these ideas, those like you, somehow find the teachings and gravitate to our message and that is a wonderful thing.

Gary has fears about how he will be perceived, about how people will perceive the teachings, and about what his life will look like when these teachings are exposed to millions of people. When the time comes, he will be prepared because he has taken this time to build a very solid foundation and he has exposed himself to fears at this time when the stakes are very low. When the stakes get bigger, he will be able to handle the fear and manifestation events that will arise at that time.

We would suggest to you that your fears are an indication that you are not quite ready yet. Take the time to fully enjoy and explore what you are doing now. Build your base. Allow it to grow organically. Allow the Law of Attraction to bring in those people who are within the vibrational vicinity of your idea. Learn how to use what you are doing to help only those who are receptive to it in a vibrational way. There will always be resistance around something new. There is no rush. Let the universe bring you everything you want by just being easy with it and by doing what you want to do in each moment, free from strong thoughts of fear.

With our love,
We are Joshua