Hi Joshua,

I have a weird question, but can you explain more about thoughts? I want to know where my thoughts come from if they are attracted by me. How can I look at thoughts in order to raise my vibration.


Dear Tina,

Imagine that all thoughts exist simultaneously. All ideas, all inventions, and all the thoughts that have ever been thought or will ever be thought exist right now. If this is the case, and surely it is, then your brain is not a thought factory, it’s a receiver and a transmitter. What are the ramifications of an idea like this? It means that you have access to infinite intelligence.

In an attractive universe, you attract everything. You attract things, experiences, people and events. You attract the physical conditions in which you exist. Nothing can be repelled, it is all attracted. And this is true of your thoughts. Nothing can be pushed away. Everything is attracted. Try to push away a thought. It cannot be done. When you attract a thought, a belief, a friend, a thing, it always exists with you in some form. So then, how would one use the power of attraction to attract thoughts with the intention to raise one’s vibration? Well, it certainly helps to know how the system is designed. In an attractive universe, where you can have be and do anything you want, but one in which pushing away has the opposite effect, then what would be the best way to leverage the thought process? It would be to have the basic mindset that everything is right, that you and everyone else is perfect as they are, that there is no possibility for improvement (although you will always be expanding), and that you exist in a loving and supportive universe. Now, with this idea in mind, how would you approach your life? You would pay attention to only that which you personally prefer and you would leave the rest to everyone else.

You are an abundant being living in a reality where everything you need to explore whatever interests you is provided to you at the exact right time. You can either go with the flow of what is happening or you could perceive that what is happening is somehow wrong. If you have those thoughts of wrong, you will attract more thoughts of wrong and those thoughts will become limiting beliefs. However, if you constantly question your own doubts and fears and you look for the right in all conditions, you are now focusing the power of your mind on what is right and you will be given more and more of what you personally consider to be good and right. These consistent thoughts of good (as determined by you and you alone) will develop into a set of very powerful beneficial beliefs.

You see, you are on a journey of self-discovery. As you go with the flow of what is happening with little resistance, your life will be a delight. If you stop this unnecessary desire to try to feel worthy though outer conditions by trying to validate your existence, and just be, well then, everything starts to get a lot easier, a lot more interesting, and a lot more fun. It all begins with a thought and the thought is “this is right.”

With our love,
We are Joshua