Good Morning Gary.

I was thinking about Joshua’s message and had this follow-up questions on mind for a while. Not sure if I can ask him again, if not no problem. Two questions I have:

1. The sentence where it says ‘there is simply not enough room on the leading edge of creation’. I find it contradicting, since if there are ‘infinite possibilities’ and our universe is infinite. There wouldn’t be a limit on who can be at the leading edge. If he can explain more, it would be super helpful.

2. Last thing, can he elaborate more on what it is I am resisting? Because I do honor all my experiences and not judge them. I want to move into to a better life but that doesn’t mean I am not appreciative or resisting my ‘current’ life. Thank you!! As I said its ok if I am not allowed to ask follow up questions. Thank you either ways. Have a great day.

Kind Regards,

Dear Suma,

We are a group of nonphysical teachers and from our vantage point we can see your reality from a higher and broader perspective. We can see what is difficult for you to see. We see all, while your perspective is limited. What we try to teach you is how to see your world from our perspective. We ask you to stretch your way of thinking to see the bigger picture. This is an exercise which takes practice.

Now, let’s imagine that most of humanity is unaware of the depth and intricacies of physical reality. They do not understand that you create your own reality, that the universe is governed by the Law of Attraction, that you are an eternal being, that physical reality is actually just a bunch of vibrations giving you the illusion of physical and that every being existing in physical reality is both absolutely worthy of receiving anything they want and completely unique. Would you agree that most humans do not understand all that we have stated in that sentence? So then, it stands to reason that while everyone on Earth is capable of this level of understanding, very few do understand this. That’s because these concepts are on the leading edge of thought. They are just beginning to be understood by a very small group of people. While more will come to understand and incorporate these concepts in the near future, right now there are just a few who are on this leading edge of thought. You are one of them.

There is no limit to the number of people who have the potential and possibility of coming into vibrational resonance with this information. It’s just that right now there are few who are ready to receive and comprehend what we and others are teaching. The vast majority of the population is just not vibrationally up to speed. They are working towards this in their own way, but the illusion of physical reality is quite powerful and they are working out things within that space for the time being. Until you can come within the vibrational range of something, it cannot exist in your reality. The mere fact that you are one of the very few who communicate with us is proof that you are on the leading edge of thought.

Regarding resistance, we did not want to imply that there is anything wrong with resistance, we only wanted to point out that resistance is what is keeping you from what you want and where you want to go. If there is something you want that you do not have, then you can bet that you are not quite ready for it just yet. The thing is right there in front of you, but you cannot see it. The reason you cannot see it is because of some level of resistance to it. That is fine, for without resistance, everything would manifest instantly and you certainly would not like that to happen. You want manifestations to evolve over time and come to fruition when you are ready. You become ready by releasing your resistance. Your resistance is held onto, often unconsciously, by certain habits of thought or strongly held beliefs.

We could not tell you what you resist because 1) there is lots of resistance to many different things which indicates that you are not ready, and 2) you wouldn’t believe that certain beliefs are resistant in nature. You would argue with us because you don’t view these as beliefs, but as facts of life. In order for you to give up resistance, you must become a little more flexible in your beliefs. You believe you’re already flexible and you are compared with many others you know, especially older people in your life. However, you still have certain beliefs about life that are inconsistent with who you really are and what you really want.

The best way to understand your resistance is to notice your emotions. When something happens and you feel positive emotion such as excitement, joy, love, happiness, pride, etc., this is an indication that there is no resistance to what you want. When something happens and you feel negative emotion in the form of fear, disappointment, anger, resentment, etc., this is an indication that there is resistance around this event and the resistance is keeping you from getting what you really want. When you believe that something is wrong and should not be that way, you are in a stance of resistance. When you come to understand that everything is okay, that in fact everything is right just as it is, that you can move around or reduce your attention to anything you consider wrong, then you have adopted the stance of least resistance and things will flow to you easily and effortlessly.

If you want to know what you’re resisting, think of anything that you consider wrong and it will uncover some fear. It is the fear, which is a natural part of life, that keeps you from whatever it is you say you want.

You are loved more than you can imagine and we are happy for you to ask us questions anytime you are inspired to.