Dear Joshua,

I’m just loving the new book “the Joshua Diet”! I plan on reading it again once I’m done, there’s so much to absorb.

My question has to do with the nearby building of a compressor station/power plant in the near future. I am part of a group sharing the awareness of this company that is planning to build this without any sort of a vote by neighbors. I understand it is a high risk for pollution, toxins and extremely loud noise. Overall, nothing good for those nearby. My question do I hold this sort of issue and be in a place that attracts a positive outcome. It’s only a benefit to the gas company and of no benefit to any of us for it has nothing to do with lower prices or safer conditions, just the company’s interest. It’s a beautiful country-like setting where people choose to live due to its quiet and peaceful scene. I’d appreciate your higher perspective on this.

Love you lots!

Dear Sue,

This is a subject we really love to talk about because it illustrates two different approaches to life. The normal approach to life accepted by most humans is the one where the outside conditions affect how one feels. If the outside conditions are good, then the person feels good. If the outside conditions are bad, then one feels bad. How one feels is not up to the individual, it has to do with the conditions that are present in his or her life. This is the old approach to life and it does not work given the laws of the universe as we know them to be.

The new approach to life says that how one feels creates the conditions that are presented in the person’s reality. The individual has complete control over one’s reality, because he or she has control over how they feel. The feeling (or vibration) and the perception of their reality creates their reality. In other words, you create from the inside out, not from the outside in. You choose how you want to feel and let the universe do the rest. You create an environment that allows you to feel good and then you will be inspired to action that causes you to make the internal changes necessary to receive all that you want.

The old approach to life says that everything happens to you, while the new approach states that everything that happens is happening for you. The old approach requires that you control the conditions so that the conditions will make you feel good. The new approach says that the conditions are already good, however, from your perspective, you may not see that right away. It’s your work to figure out how the conditions are for you.

As you know, this is an attractive universe. You attract things to you. You cannot attract bad things, you can only perceive things as good or bad. The things are neutral, it’s just that your judgment determines whether something is good or bad for your specifically. If you deem it good, that’s fine, however, if you consider something to be bad or wrong, you must be aware that this stems from a fear of some kind. Identify the fear, analyze it for what it really is, and then determine if it is a rational or irrational fear. If the subject of your fear cannot kill you, then it’s an irrational fear.

So then, let’s look at your current situation. You and your neighbors have attracted a power station and your fear is that it will be noisy and toxic in some way. It may spoil the scenery and reduce home values. All terrible things, right? Maybe yes, and maybe no. One thing we know for sure is that the more attention you give to it personally, the more it will negatively affect your experience of life. You think it’s wrong and so you dip into a lower-emotional state of being. The thing hasn’t even been built yet, and yet you are feeling negative emotion. The nonphysical idea of it is being used by you and your neighbors as an excuse to feel bad. Guess what? Some of you were feeling bad anyway and now you have your excuse.

If you fight against this idea, you will surely make it worse on yourself, as you already know. You cannot fight against anything you consider to be wrong, because this is bringing the incredible power of your focus onto the worst aspects of this thing that has not even been created. What you focus your attention on grows. That’s the Law of Attraction at work. From your limited perspective, you think it is a bad thing for you personally, but it is not. It is for you. It is always for you. If it is in your reality (even the idea of it), then it is for you. Imagine that this power station never gets built, yet the idea of it is a real thing. This idea is for your benefit and if the power station gets built, that will be for your benefit too. It’s all for you.

You have the preconceived notion that you are one of several billion people living on the planet. This is not the case. You are the center of your universe. In your universe, there is only one and that is you. All others who surround you are simply playing roles in your universe. Your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else are like satellites orbiting you. Everything is happening for you. Everyone else is just a different aspect of you. You are all one. You will see this easily when you transition to the nonphysical, but it might be helpful to adopt that perspective right now.

We are speaking to you in a highly-advanced form of communication because we know that you are able to understand what we are saying. You have two choices: create your reality by fighting against what you do not want, or create your reality by focusing only on what you do want and forget about anything unwanted. If you personally do not prefer it, leave it alone. Let others fight against it if they must, but do not allow them to influence you away from what you want. You must focus only on that which you want. You attract based on whatever it is you are focussing on. Focus on the wanted, not the unwanted.

You do not control the conditions that exist around you by fighting against them, you control them by perceiving them in an empowering way. How is something beneficial? That’s what you must ask yourself. Be curious. Be proactive. Choose your thoughts. Figure out how to feel good. This will allow you to receive inspired thoughts. Do not attempt to protest against what you do not want, only move toward whatever it is you do want.

Turn the other cheek. That means look not toward that which is unwanted, look toward that which is wanted.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.
We are Joshua