Dear Joshua,

From your teachings, I’ve learned that the Earth is primarily a “feeling” reality. Well last week I was having “feelings” and while driving I punched and cracked the windshield of my car in an outburst of anger. This was a major wake-up call for me because I have been considering myself a spiritual ninja and by that I mean that I see things from the higher perspective and I don’t get riled up by the the “drama” of my earthly life. Well obviously this was not the case in this instance. On the positive side, I have launched an intention to be a master of my emotions and stay in a positive frame of mind. But then it also got me to thinking – maybe this why I came to this earth ride – to experience intense emotions – both positive and negative. And if that is the case, then maybe my life is richer for it and negative emotion is not something to be avoided. Maybe even explored more fully! I would like to know your perspective on this matter.


Dear Steve,

Yes, you certainly came for the vast array of physical experience and your wide range of emotions are among those experiences. From your position in the nonphysical, you cannot experience what it is to feel lack, fear, shame, unworthiness, or anger. You can conceptualize what these might feel like, but you cannot know until you’ve experienced them yourself. Therefore all experience is interesting and beneficial. However, once you have experienced pain, do you need to experience it over and over? You have defined your preferences and for you there is no need to experience anything you do not prefer.

Your emotions are your guidance system and this system is guiding you toward what you prefer and away from that which is not necessary for you to experience based on your vibration which holds the answer to all that you want. A person may be born into this world with an intention to experience poverty. Poverty is an unknowable experience in the nonphysical. Once here, the person who has experienced poverty may now decide that it’s not very interesting after all and a desire might be created for something more. The great joy in life comes from birthing a desire and seeing it manifest into reality. Once you have experienced something, you choose to experience something more. Are you saying that you enjoy being angry every once in a while?

Your emotional guidance system is based on your feelings. It was thought that man would move away from negative feeling emotions and toward positive feeling emotions. The premise is that one would notice a bad feeling emotion and realize that he was thinking a thought that was opposed to who he really is and what he really wants. This is just how the system works. It was not imagined that man would enjoy the negative feelings or even tolerate them, but this happens to be the case all too often.

This stems from your societal influence to be strong and brave. You, as a man, are not supposed to be bothered by your negative emotions. You are not supposed to cry. You are not supposed to show your emotions. You are supposed to go on without even noticing them. This does not make sense to us.

We would think that you would feel a negative emotion and then stop and ask yourself “Why do I feel this way. How am I perceiving this situation in a way that is out of alignment with who I really am and what I really want?” In a natural environment, free from the pressures of your society, this is indeed what you would be thinking. So while you came here for the experience, you can now choose which experiences you want to have. You do not need to experience anything unwanted.

Anger is an indication that you are not thinking about something in a way that supports who you are. It is an indication that you are off-track. It is a message that you are holding on to some limiting belief which is based in irrational fear. In order for you to become the version of you who will receive all that you want, you must make certain changes to your belief system. Your anger indicates that you are resisting this change. You have set up your preferences, you have asked for what you want and now the universe is bringing it to you. You are the one resisting and your anger is an indication of this resistance.

So, of course, anger is good. There is nothing wrong with any emotion. You need all of your emotions. You can’t go through life without feeling emotion. That would mean you’ve stopped asking for things. That would mean you’ve stopped expanding and this is not possible. However, you’ve noticed that your negative emotions feel so much worse than they did before. You’re noticing that they are more intense than ever before and this is a very good thing. Because you have tuned yourself to feel better much of the time, when a negative emotion pops up, you really feel it. In the past, you were so used to negative emotions that you ignored them for the most part. Now that you are used to feeling good, negative emotions are so much stronger than before.

If you ignore the message that the emotion is sending, you will receive the message in physical form. If you did not notice the feeling of anger on the inside, you will notice it when it comes calling as a real-world physical manifestation. It might be a rude comment, a dent in your car, or a chest cold. If you don’t stop and take notice when you feel an emotion, the universe will get your attention with something bigger. Ignore these messages long enough and chronic conditions will begin to manifest into your reality.

As you begin to feel better and better and continue to see things from the higher perspective, and continue to go with the flow, and move into the state of allowing, your negative emotions will become infrequent. But they won’t stop and when one shows up, it will be intense. This is a very good thing because you will have to stop and pay attention. You will get the message and you will change your thoughts. This will allow you to shift into the reality where what you want already exists.

You are doing incredibly well and we would call you a super-spiritual ninja!