Dear Joshua,

Is there such a thing to be able to feel people’s vibration (high and low)? Last night I was with a small group of family members that I see a few times a year and we all had a pleasant time. Within 20 minutes from when I left, I felt weak at my knees, then my stomach hurt, then I felt faintish, and then I felt like throwing up, so I laid down. I do my breathing exercises and go into a meditation which always helps. 30 minutes of that and I am fine.

I have had this same thing happen before when being with some people and I just came to the conclusion that I can’t be around those people for the primary reason, it doesn’t feel good after being with them. I only realize my illness after the fact. I am trying to figure out if I am judging these people that cause this sick feeling after being with them and I really don’t think I am doing that. I do however feel relief when I leave these people but do not know why.

Can you shed any light on any of this type of situation? I get the same type of symptoms if I am around someone in a lot of pain. For an example, if someone near me starts screaming in pain, I do my best to see if I can assist them in anyway, and then my knees go weak, stomach hurts, I feel like I’m going to faint … lol… and thank goodness the people who get sick around me know not to count on me to be their nurse! Maybe this one I cure with raising my perception of ill people?? But I am clueless with what I can do different on my first dilemma. I appreciate any support in this matter.

Love and Blessing,

Dear Stacy,

All unwanted physical conditions stem from resistance. You are simply resisting what is. You are just attached to your judgment and your limiting beliefs. You are looking at things from the limited perspective and this quickly translates into unwanted bodily conditions.

Most people see something or someone they judge as wrong and feel negative emotion. You seem to be unaware of this step. Negative emotion precedes any negative manifestation. You feel negative emotion and if you ignore that you will receive the feeling of that negative emotion in your reality. In your case it’s the feeling of being sick. The thoughts were the first manifestation and your body made you feel it in more precise and physical detail. Simply remove your judgment of others and you will no longer feel bad, either emotionally or physically.

You allowed others to cause you to dip into a low-emotional state of being and your body responded physically. You are very sensitive to your feelings, not to the vibrations of others. You can tune to their vibration when you learn to control your own thoughts and feelings. Until then, your body will be the representation of how you are feeling and thinking. When you take time to breathe and come back into alignment, you feel better and your body responds very quickly.

No one can create in your reality, but they can and do influence you. They do not make you sick, your judgment of them makes you feel sick. You must allow everyone and everything to be as they are knowing that they are doing the best they can with what they have. Everyone is on their own journey. Everyone’s journey is valid. There is no right or wrong way to travel the path that each intends to take from being limited to being limitless. Everyone is unique. When you think they should be different, you call them wrong and your body sends you a message. There is no wrong. Everything is right. As soon as you integrate this concept fully into your life, your body will no longer need to send you these very important messages.

You are loved. You are love.