Dear Joshua,

Thank you for all you are doing to help us grow in Love! I am learning much from reading on this website and the book A Perception of Reality. I believe a lot of what you say as Jesus has told me much of the same, but in a different way or form. I am still in the process of grasping it all. My primary question is; Is there more validity in Astrology/ numerology over LOA? What I mean is that I had a reading done with my name, date of birth, etc. and it actually made sense to me.

I am supposedly reaching the end of my 28 year cycle with a year to a year and a half left. I then start a new 28 year cycle of which I am told I will thrive in numerous areas of my life. I greatly look forward to this new cycle! If there is validity in this numerology thing, can you share some inspirational thoughts that will increase my faith and patience during this interim period? I’ve been told by my guardian angels (spirit guides) that I try too hard. I do believe I am blessed with numerous powers as Jesus has shared these profound magical feelings to me. They are so wonderful, I want them all the time.

Many spiritual people say they are happy to have these blissful feelings just once in awhile during their lifetime. I am happy, very happy to have had these feelings, but I believe we can have them most of the time, like living here on Earth as it is in Heaven. I just need to figure out how and maybe this information you are offering will help me get there, you think? 😉 I send you my love, blessings and gratitude and thank you sincerely for your inspirational feelings you send back!

Love Stacy

Dear Stacy,

It is true that you choose the time and place of your birth for specific reasons and we will agree that there is something to your belief in numerology and sstrology. However, we must say that you have free will and you can choose anything you like from this moment on. There is no doubt that cycles of life play an important part within this physical reality. There are many cycles occurring simultaneously and you have the ability to easily flow with these cycles if you allow yourself to. This is the basis of our teachings. You must learn to allow yourself to flow gracefully with the cycles (or flow) of life. If you can do that, everything you desire will come to you.

However, you do try too hard. You try to coerce the conditions around you. You are not always flowing. Sometimes you are fighting against the flow. Sometimes you are arguing against what is. Sometimes you are resisting what you want by trying too hard to make it happen. Our advice is to relax, understand that everything is right, have faith that it is always working out for you, know that what you have asked for is coming, and have a little fun while eagerly watching what comes next. This is the graceful state of allowing.

Imagine the feeling we feel while existing in the nonphysical realm. We feel ease. We feel bliss. We feel extraordinary love that you cannot imagine. We are happy and aligned with our true selves. We follow whatever interests us. We see no wrong. We are allowers. We allow everything to come to us when we want it. We are manifestors. We are eagerly watching you as you move through life. We hope that you will allow what you want to come. We are thrilled for you when it does come. We see you resisting what you want from coming and we know that when you allow everything to be right as it is, you will allow more of what you want to come to you. Those feelings you receive which are so wonderful are the feelings of alignment. We are fully aligned with who we really are. You, while living on Earth, can also be aligned with who you really are. The more aligned you are, the more often you will experience the feeling of alignment.

You do not need to know anything about numerology or astrology to feel aligned with who you really are. You do not need the stars to line up in order for you to get whatever it is you want. You are self-contained. You are the center of your universe. You are not one of many, you are one of one. Everything you want you may create. You choose what you want and then you figure out a way for it to come to you. You can go it alone and effort your way to it and try very hard to make it happen, or you can relax and allow the universe to bring it to you. When you are easy, you engage the forces of the universe. When you try too hard, you disengage the leverage of universal forces.

You are a limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is who you really are. You need not be anything other than that. When you are being that, you receive good feelings. When you are not being that, you are out of alignment. Feeling good means you’re in alignment and when you feel negative emotion (frustration, impatience, anger, sorrow, etc.) it means you are out of alignment. Be in alignment more. Feel good more. Don’t worry about the stars or the numbers. It is moving in the direction you want. You are going with the flow of these cycles. Things are improving for you. Now you can ride that wave or swim against the tide. It’s all up to you.

We are thrilled you asked this very important question. You are being guided. You are being supported. Everything is always working out for you.

With our love,

We are Joshua.